He kissed the ice, making his lips stuck to it, but he was able to get free from it and propose to Francine. With that, Sid, still tied up at the ankles, hopped off and left the scene, still tangled up in the vines and looking for a means of gaining respect. Granny later comforted Sid. The next morning, Sid and Manny still continued walking on through trees, Sid eating an apple and relating to Manny about how he preferred not to mate for life: Manny remarked that if Sid ever found a mate he should be loyal and more importantly grateful. #slothgirl Shangri Llama was extremely mad at Sid, for the crystals gave them the power to stay in their youth. May 7, 2020 - Explore Frank Baptista's board "Sid the sloth" on Pinterest. Manny and Ellie ended coming back to the surface as Sid, Diego, Crash, and Eddie cheered that they made it through. Sid, exclaiming in panic as he was about to be thrown, insisted that if Manny let Ellie go, he was letting his species slip away as well, which Sid deemed selfish. The two Mammoths started to argue and ended up going separate ways, Ellie taking Crash and Eddie, and Sid and Diego going with Manny. Later that night, as Sid slept, he was carried away on the bark that he was sleeping on by a number of mini-sloths back to their camp, where Sid, as he was being carried, woke up as a branch hit his face and looked down to find himself being carried by four mini-sloths. She placed him with her babies. Sid rushed forward to Manny, standing on his trunk by mistake, and was elated to see that Manny was otherwise all right. As he ran, arm outstretched, a number of the dodos ran into him and nearly surrounded him before he leapt in the air with the melon, crashing back down to the ground with the fruit, after which he did a small victory dance and threw the melon hard onto the ground, smashing it. With a few stomps on the ice on which they stood, Sid mistakenly loosened the way and the three mammals slid straight down the Eviscerator. Sid ran after the possums and fell headfirst into a burrow, getting his head stuck in the hole. Manny is also known to be sarcastic with Sid, like in the end of Ice Age: The Meltdown, when he tells Sid that he likes Diego more than Sid. Sid, not discouraged, stated they’d talk more in the morning, when the hail came down, pelting Sid with small pieces of ice. Which sloth are you today? As the group continued walking on, the ice suddenly split and a giant pliosaur burst through it, flinging Sid into the air and directly into the waters of the lake. Just then, in the bushes ahead, a melon appeared which Manny picked up and held before a dodo, emerging from the bushes, took it away and left the scene. original sound - sidthesloth. This, therefore saved the herd from drowning. He found some kids playing, but they got scared and hid. The camp, however, was abandoned and Diego quickly turned up on the scene to remind them of it. his uncle, Fungus, his brother, Marshall, and his grandmother, Granny. The glyptodons kept moving on with Sylvia in their path and Sid, about to leave the scene, accidentally stepped in some of their leavings. Born into a family of sloths that went on to abandon him well into his adulthood, Sid met a mammoth named Manny and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego as the three of them made a journey through a tundra to return a human baby named Roshan to his tribe. After their lives are saved, Brooke kisses Sid and they have to leave each other. Sid attempts to save them, but is knocked unconscious when he dives head first onto a block of ice. Calling out in disgust, Sid then watched as Manny, feeling glum, walked off to be along for a moment. He got shelter because of the rain and thought he didn't have what it took to be a parent. Further on, Sid and Manny found a place to stop for the night, the mammoth carrying a number of heavy logs with his trunk and Sid dragging a single stick with much effort. After hearing that Ellie was having her baby, Sid rushed with the rest of the crowd of animals, only to find out it was false alarm. Sid then offered to join up with him south to the migration but Manfred was not interested, preferring instead to keep wandering further north. Manny and Diego came over to watch the game at his den, but Sid was too busy making his business come together. Seeing that his friends are in danger, Diego jumps into the water trying to forget his fear. The swatting stopped the baby’s crying and Manny swatted Sid on the head a few more times before Sid handed the baby to Diego, who also swatted him in annoyance. The group moved on, reaching a vast cave filled with paintings done by humans of various animals, among them a painting of sabers attacking a herd of deer, Sid explaining to the baby that they were just playing tag with their teeth, prompting Diego to dryly remark to Sid that they must play tag and that Sid was "it". the baby dinos tried to eat it but Sid threw it on the back of another dinosaur. Manny called Diego out on his sourness, which Diego dismissed; at that moment, Diego led them away to a covered area, stating that there was an ambush nearby. The younglings cheered at Sid’s fall and started to hit him with sticks, among them a young beaver named Ashley, hitting the sloth hard enough to knock him out of the snare and onto the ground. Diego explained, to Sid's and Manny's displeasure, that he was ordered by his pack leader to lead them to Half Peak, where the sabers in Diego's pack would ambush them. Sid quickly turned to joy and rushed forward to hug Diego, tackling him down and roughhousing with the saber in joy. Momma was about to eat Sid, before her children protected him. A slovenly ground sloth, Sid was lazy and unmotivated but cared greatly for those that he considered close, though he sometimes proved a nuisance with his excessive talking and lack of self-control over his words. Sylvia meant to entice him to migrate with her but Sid tried to talk his way out of it, stating that he'd rather hibernate through the winter, Sylvia calling his excuse by stating that sloths didn't hibernate. Sid and his girlfriend, Francine, went on a 14 minute date, and later, Sid got a ring and put it in a clam shell. At that moment, Crash, who had been playing a game, asked Manny if he might pull back the tree that Crash was standing on so as to shoot him into the pond. The vulture then proclaimed that the waters would hit the geyser fields and become much worse, before he flew off, leaving a frightened silence. Diego, unconvinced, cut the vine that Sid was using to illustrate his point, bringing the sloth down: with that, Diego left the scene. Community Contributor. Once the group reached the riverbanks after escaping the sea reptiles, Sid pondered on what the two reptiles were and quickly shifted from fear to his annoyance of Manny, whom Sid thought liked Ellie after complaining of how narrow-minded she was. They survived through storms and harsh waves and even a giant crab. Sid and Diego stood near the fire that Sid had started up, when Manny came along, hesitantly stating that it was going well with Ellie, when Ellie came along and crossly stomped by, splashing some water onto the fire that Sid had started up, demanding that they would move along with her and her brothers at night. Just then, Sid and Diego had a number of pebbles shot at them from two opossums in the trees, who shot the pebbles out with a pair of reeds and fled as Diego climbed up their tree to get them. Once they reached the edge, Sid, carrying the baby, stated that they should be certain the humans saw their baby, which Sid pushed up the edge: Manny, to make sure of it, threw Sid over the ledge, which Sid protested before he was thrown, landing on the rocky ground, calling out for the humans not to spear him. One egg started sliding down a mountain. The others took every chance to dupe him or to pull a prank, at which point catching the sloth in a snare as a piñata. As Sid jumped, he was caught by Manny, who flung him backward over his shoulder: with that, Manny and Sid slid backward, knocking into Diego, who was flung backward as well, sliding along a body of water. Which sloth are you today? Manny, annoyed, then stepped in, taking the baby back so that Sid left the mud crater and chased after Manny, leaving the female sloths alone for a moment. Only Diego was uneasy about taking the baby back, expressing that perhaps they had better not take the baby back, for someday the baby would grow to be a hunter. Characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company. Diego, who was sliding down upper-level tunnels, landed also on Manny, clawing the mammoth with his claws by mistake. Sid and Diego are close friends. The following morning, Sid awoke before Manny and Diego did and took the baby away to a hot mud crater, where he lounged and met two female sloths named Jennifer and Rachel, using the baby to impress them by exaggerating that he saved the baby from a pack of saber-toothed cats and wished for a child of his own, going on with his conversation, not noticing that the baby was sinking into the mud until he pulled him out and was splashed in the face with mud. Sid placed his neck in Diego's mouth and played dead, holding his breath when Sylvia came, but running out of air once she saw that he was not really dead. At once, Manny stopped running and Sid, losing his grip was flung forward towards the source of the trumpeting: a single chalicothere named Cholly sat on a log, breaking wind directly into Sid's open mouth by mistake. Soto hit a rock wall, jarring loose some icicles, which came down, impaling him. Once in the Dinosaur World, the baby dinos protected Sid from being eaten by their mother. Sid prepares to jump from the Eviscerator. The Geotopians agreed to give up their crystals to a volcano. The baby slid on, with Sid in hot pursuit, laughing so as to amuse the baby as they slid on, finally reaching him before falling into a hole in the ice, releasing his grip on the baby. Manny then decided to call it a night and put the baby to bed, and as he did, Sid remarked to Diego that Manny was not as tough as he seemed and that Sid himself had never had another friend willing to risk his own life for him before settling down for the night.

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