|   The arch of the backstrap and the contour of the triggerguard’s untextured undercut appear the same, but there’s more purchase area at the frontstrap due to the longer grip. It is no longer noticeably different than my original 365. It could still be much better. There’s not a single holster out there that’s going to work for everybody any more than there’s a single gun that works for everybody. Obviously, the 43 has a shorter slide and grip and the trigger reach is also a bit shorter. Subscriber Services. The curved trigger on the standard P365 measured 2.61 inches.
(The standard P365 rear sight is dovetailed to the slide.) For being flat, the XL trigger actually has a longer length of pull from center at 2.7 inches. In May of last year, Sig released a version with a frame-mounted, ambidextrous manual safety. Install wasn't too bad but I did get several failure to fire with Win 115gr 9mm. In January of 2018, Sig Sauer rescued us from this endless tedium with something that was actually a little bit different: the P365. If we rotate the Sig a few degrees to adjust for the atypical grip angle of the Glocks, then you can see an even bigger difference. It’s not like the miserable little nub of a safety you’ll find as an option on the Smith & Wesson Shield. I was an early purchaser of the P365 and absolutely loved it but the features of the new P365 XL intrigued me enough to trade my P365 for the XL. *Includes patented optic cut technology designed by ZEV Technologies. Texturing surrounds both grip modules and will wear down with use. If we look at them from the back, the 43 is significantly slimmer. Then they’ve got this thing here called the TuckStrut and that levers against your belt to help keep the gun close to the body along the other axis. Browse by individual sku to find the right product for you. I’m about to pour a lot of love all over this gun and talk about how amazing it is. [gravityform id=1 title=false description=false tabindex=0],