used browning shotguns for sale. Lighter trigger pull! Available in .556 NATO and 300 BLK the Virtus is the result of consultations with Special Operations units throughout the world that provided feedback on the original MCX rifle. The MCX Virtus rifles have redesigned upper receivers, handguards, barrels, and bolts which are incompatible with prior MCX versions. Ergonomics: (5/5) Light-weight and savage. Friday: 11AM – 7PM SIG’s standard Virtus/MCX folding stock folds to the left, allowing the SIG Sauer MCX Virtus to be fired in the folded position, if necessary. Browse Collection. Please scroll down for a complete list of all parts available. Die neue MCX Virtus: von Grund auf leicht und für sportliche wie jagdliche Zwecke konzipiert. Accuracy: (4/5) Mechanically, it’s capable of better groups. Barrel Length: 16″ Mid-2017, Sig Sauer announced the new MCX VIRTUS. fn rifles for sale. Sig Sauer MCX Deployment Bag. We asked, and SIG delivered. Beinhaltet ein zuverlässiges, indirektes Kurz-Hub-Gaskolbensystem. MSRP: around $2,000. The op-rod carries a pivoting, spring-loaded, firing-pin lock, which the hammer cams out of the way just before striking the firing pin. $205.00. More accurate, more modular (over 500 different configurations), and more durable (a service life of more than 20,000 rounds all without a single part replacement), this new rifle is ready for any possible need or mission, says SIG. At 50 yards, my groupings are at a 4-inch spread. Sig Sauer MCX Handguard, PDW Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Wide Handguard, PDW Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Wide Handguard, Rifle Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Handguard, Carbine Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Handguard, Rifle Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Wide Handguard, Carbine Length, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer Vertical Foregrip, Keymod, Black, Sig Sauer MCX Cal-X Kit, 5.56 NATO 11.5" Barrel, Sig Sauer MCX Cal-X Kit, 300 Blackout 9" Barrel, Sig Sauer MCX Cal-X Kit, .300 Blackout 16" Barrel, Sig Sauer MCX Cal-X Kit, 300 Blackout 6.75" Barrel, Sig Sauer MCX / MPX Collapsible Pistol Stabilizing Brace, 1913 Interface, Black, GrovTec .630-.675" 2pc. This makes it impossible for the firing pin to move forward if the Virtus were dropped. springfield m1a socom for sale. SIG’s lightweight, thin, folding buttstock or its collapsible variant can replace the standard folder. Differing from the SIG MCX, virtually none of the components of the SIG Sauer MCX Virtus’ bolt group are interchangeable with it. $148.00. Firearms Rifles-Pistols SIG MCX VIRTUS. The SIG MCX will probably come to mind, but, while the Virtus is based on the MCX, it is substantially more. A trigger upgrade is much needed. “Virtus” is a name pulled from ancient Rome. I was fortunate enough to be able to test out the MCX pistol with SBX brace, chambered in 5.56×45, sadly in semi-auto. With the handguard removed, the gas-block components are identical to those of the MCX. Sig Sauer MCX Rifle Bag. The firing pin has a return spring and even the bolt and charging handle differs from the MCX, but the Virtus’ bolt group operates with glass-like smoothness. Their goal: a lightweight firearm that’s as quiet as an MP5, as deadly as an AK-47, and more modular than anything ever designed. The magazine-release button is longer top to bottom, but the hardened-steel implant on the left side of the receiver has been maintained to prevent the cam pin from contacting the inside of the alloy receiver. While its accuracy is more or less the same with rifles in the same price range, it exceeds its competitors’ functionality and modularity. Quickview. henry 357 rifles for sale . At 5, 7, 15, 25 yards it’s spot on. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. Monday: Closed (Special Events Only) However, the Virtus’ bolt will not remain locked to the rear when this stock is folded. Balances well and fits just right. It means virtue, courage, bravery, and excellence. At approximately $200 more than its predecessor, the MCX VIRTUS continued to improve and upgrade the already ergonomics and engineering.

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