! copyrights, trademarks, service marks belong to the corresponding owners. 4, Simple Tickets Commands Prefix: Ticket Tool - Ticketing without clutter. For an easy start, run ?setup to get Simply Tickets to setup the Support Team role. ! archive: Sends a ticket too the selected archived category. Gooimeer 8, 1411DD Naarden, The Netherlands. !new > Opens up a new ticket and allows people with the Support Team role to see and reply. ?add (#channels) (@users). information: Shows information about the bot. Simple Tickets Commands Prefix: - (Changeable), Visit Copy/Rename the config_example.js to config.js and fill out the values: TOKEN = 'BOT TOKEN'; PREFIX = 'BOT PREFIX'; Features. ?setcategory (Category Name) to set the ticket opening category. premium: Shows what premium gives to your server. ! Support Server. Support Server. You can see the message-log/history of a ticket! Join The commands only the administrators of the discord server can do !close > Closes a ticket that has been resolved or been opened by accident. Create a Ticket. A customizable and simple ticket bot to better communicate with individual users. ! messages: Lets you edit some of the messages the bot can send. copyrights, trademarks, service marks belong to the corresponding owners. Looks like there are no reviews for this bot yet. help: Shows this page. See ticket in Web Interface. 0001, A simple yet fun ticket bot coded in discord.js, i had the idea to make this when making a bot for a server im staff in and boom out popped Simple Tickets, if you need any support feel free to join our support discord server and we will try help you with any issue you have with our bots. rename: Lets you rename a ticket to whatever you want. Resources > Scripts > Premium - Scripts > Style So, again holy fucking shit I finally uploaded about creating a simple Discord ticket bot using Discord.js. For an easy start, run ?setup to get Simply Tickets to setup the Support Team role. Support Server, Created By: discordbotlist.com is not affiliated with Discord, Inc. Ticket Commands

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