-SMIM'd commontablethin01.nif which I somehow missed all this time. This mod showed me just how amazing freckles can look and how much natural redhead characters look with such a mod installed. The two grey chandeliers are yet to be SMIM'd. Now uses SMIM tankard. Go figure. to be more detailed and use custom high-quality textures. Changed the Akatosh symbol on the Large Imperial Tent (largeimperialtent01.nif) to use the high-quality main-menu logo mesh. See Credits page for full list of credits. Made BAIN compatible, added Wizard.txt so hopefully BAIN users can use the archive directly with a nice install script. What’s a mesh? New marble slate texture added, 2048x2048, now used on all Nord Ruin furniture items except for the throne. -Added separate folder for Dwemer Animated Lifts for Special Edition since the original Skyrim meshes don't work right in SE without being optimized. This uses my UV fixed Farmhouse meshes but makes all the ugly flat ropes 3D. I really outdid myself, haha. You are welcome, friends! This adds about 500,000 more polygons to Riften docks area, which is no big deal for modern GPUs. UV improvements to the Nordic Pot 3 meshes (ruinspot03.nif & ruinspot03static.nif) to improve inner soil UV. SMIM'd the Cave Lantern meshes to have proper 3D ropes, more curved basins, and better texture mapping.
Also fixed about 10 mistakes in the mesh, bad developers!
KJ Tattoos. Bethesda for creating awesome games with irksome flaws that we modders obsess over.

More customization options added. Now uses the highly-detailed skeleton creature mesh and texture. The pure red, modern look is still available as an install option. Fixed the barrel01.nif meshes to be lower on the top to precisely match the vanilla dimensions so items don't get hidden by the lid. If you like things that look vanilla while also completing what’s missing then this mod is exactly what you need. I thought it would do this automatically...the unfortunate trials of working with a mostly undocumented file format. Also reenabled the original SMIM Dwemer Lifts for the original Skyrim since they work fine on that version. Eg. 01 - Loose files needed for FaceGen creation in the Creation Kit (, 08 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Male edition (, 09 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Female edition (, 10 - adds high poly vanilla hair as optional replacers (optional). One vertex was light gray and should have been dark gray. You may work from a clean folder somewhere. Now the installer script makes sure Special Edition versions install the new "21 Dwemer Animated Lifts SE" folder.

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