He also has got nothing against knowledge: When Martha of Bethany criticizes her sister Mary for not helping her with cooking and sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to his teachings, Jesus says that the woman made the right decision. Designed more for ease of movement than protection. Enter Sector Eridanus. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Obtain Night's Liquor (夜魔の甘露酒) and Ex-material:Gru (EX物質:Gru). A ring that interfaces with equipped weaponry to increase Ice damage output. Main’s Flame Shot is powerful so it will be a detriment to our attack when he has to heal though it is inevitable. To fuse Asura you just need Fallen Orias, Jirae Knocker, and Spirit Pisaca. Everything fits. Several black pits in this area. Mission 20 (Continued) Mission 23. I have the Hydro Apple and Ice-10, just need one more. South and west, up the stairs to 2F. “The apple has been set before all of you. Take the northeast elevator from here, to floor 4. Take this along with a Gate Search type b door and to the east you should find a Rare Forma, Goetite. Augments the Demonica's defense systems to reflect Magic while nulling Expel and Curse. They are tough, competitive battles and is good experience with your main character. Pistol that can rapidly fire Elec rounds. There is a pit to the southwest in this room; ignore it and go north, along the east wall. Then north and west through the dark area to a staircase leading back to 1F, and then the strange red device is just north of you. The enemy will use Asurarouga the first turn, defend to avoid the mad status ailment. Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. High-powered pistol that can fire Charm rounds. Equipment colored in dark blue is only available in Redux. Download SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI D×2 and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All Beast race fusion results are converted to UMA race results, All Genma race fusion results are converted to Fiend race results, All Deity race fusion results are converted to Enigma race results, If possible, fusion accident result will always be a Zealot demon, When fusing, result demons may be of a higher level, When fusing, result will take into account demons' current level. It allowed me to reach level 42 so I could fuse Asura. Take the stairs going up just west of you. North and look east for a Gate Search Type b door. With Main at 43 and most of the demons in the high 30’s low 40’s, this battle was very hard. You will go north a bit to a dead end and fall through. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Profile 3.1 Megami Tensei II 3.2 Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE 3.3 Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse 3.4 Persona 3 FES 3.5 Devil Children Red/Black Book 3.6 DemiKids Light & … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). (Not available on Impossible difficulty). Fornax (フォルナクス). Machine gun that can fire Paralysis rounds. There are 3 types of Forma: base, assist and rare. var els = socialspan.getElementsByTagName("a"); Find a bunch of Agi users. [Auto Commander Skill] On activated turn, all allies can move before foe. Pistol that fires Flame rounds or binding rounds. You will gain a bit of EXP for this and you can now fuse Tree Yggdrasil. A ring that interfaces with equipped weaponry to increase Gun damage output. Apps are the main software programs of the Demonica armor, responsible for the suit's visor and navigational capabilities. Follow the path to an AT Eridite II x1 forma. Defeating him means you can fuse Tyrant King Frost afterward (level 40+ characters only though). Follow the path for stairs going down to the northwest part of Eridanus 1F. While you are on 1F, check that room Mastema took residence in. Advanced Primes now commonly drop after any battle. Some scenes with the Main, Zelenin and Jimenez. New EX Mission: Tales of investigation. Append content without editing the whole page source. A large sized sword that slices up demons. Only 1800 HP but it takes a while to get down at low levels. This nets you Dis-Para x4. Scythe-shaped weapon that infects enemies. A ring that augments the Demonica's support system to regain 10% of your HP after battle. 1 year ago. Since we can’t do anything else in Eridanus, the mission is suspended. On the west end we have Koumokuten one of the pillars of the Four Devas. Find out what you can do. Tree Yggdrasil also has Hell Thrust that can do to one ally. The south room has sleep spots but if you take that Gate Search Type b door you can avoid many of them. Go to the TOP floor of Eridanus again. After you defeat them, the presence goes away in this area. North all the way for a Gate Search door you cannot open and a strange sequence. Check the west door to see a Goblin. Turns out with Yggdrasil recovered, the three Dis’ turned into Norn Goddess of Time. beginning data ds game home item journey list map megami mission nintendo scan shin smt stats strange tensei update walkthrough. You can find the [Hydro Apple] needed for the main objective here. Fornax (フォルナクス). If you want to first, you can go to the southeast part of Eridanus 1F to get Recovery Core x5 forma. Look south for a Gate Search Type C door but again, take the east door for a Miracle Core x2 forma before continuing south. You will find all sorts of nice Forma now. A shotgun that comes with Cat Punch shells. This battle gimmick involves having a very limited amount of spirit. Into the black pit to return to the previous room. A giant ship is ahead of you in this room. However you may be better off with three physically strong demons for a more powerful group melee attack. Beautiful katana that charms evil spirits. SubApps are secondary programs intended to improve the performance of the Demonica, its user, his demons, and his interactions with the Schwartzwelt and other demons. -demiurge in Strange Journey. [Auto Commander Skill] Increase allies' Attack, Defense, and Agility. At the Lab, that Paper Sheet x1 and Abacus x1 from those previous ‘test’ battles will net you numerous sub-apps (all of which relate to leveling up demons). Take the left staircase > Fallen Mithra (堕天使ミスラ). It is not the Gigantic but instead of a prototype model of the Red Sprite. Nothing in here though. Nornir Ring x1 is your reward and we can also fuse Megami Norn. Scan through that Gate Search type B door. South for a pit that sends you to a Hydro Apple x1. Go to the east end of this area. Yes, seriously (本当に引く)/ EX Mission: Before the holy battle I is complete, and your reward is Paper Sheet x1. E2: Receive main application Gate Search C from the Jack Army. The Red Sprite then heads through the Vanishing Point. Sophia can be seen as several women: Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene or if you want to Mary of Bethany (who shows affection for Jesus in the Bible since she anointed Jesus not Magdalene). Three more different areas to go through here. Base Forma are used in the development of weapons, armor, accessories and items. Snake Ouroboros Maia awaits within that door. This means the Demonica can use any seven SubApps, regardless of size, but necessarily including the 7-Card Hand SubApp. North for a Gate Search type B that allows you to connect with the heal spot and Terminal. Slightly lowers damage and probability of ailment from trap floors, Lowers damage and probability of ailment from trap floors. Use ice-based attack to trigger Devil COOP. Enter Eridanus and take the stairs up just west of your starting position. Sure enough, check the center of the room to see Yggdrasil hanging around quietly. Standard-issue armor for the strike team. Take the first south you see, and hang to the southeast. Dual-chambered shotgun that can fire Ice shells. E3: Conversation with Colonel Jack (ジャック大佐) >, 1F-E8 > Up through 15 > 2F-Pit fall at 12 > Up through 21 > 2F-Pit fall at 21 > 1F-E9.

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