He then set his sights on the rest of Star-Lord's team. [91], Ultron returned to battle the Avengers on Christmas with a horde of robotic Santas. [10] Shortly afterwards, in Avengers #170–171 (April–May 1978), the Avengers, with Ms. Marvel's aid, battle and defeat Ultron-8.

After escaping with the scepter, Ultron recruits Wanda and Pietro Maximoff (Scarlet Witch and Quciksilver) to help him in his goal. Roll With It!

[8], A crossover story between Avengers #127 (September 1974) and Fantastic Four #150 (September 1974) features Ultron (as Ultron-7), recreated by Maximus with the body of the android Omega, attacking the wedding of the Inhuman Crystal and the Avenger Quicksilver, and battling the Avengers, Inhumans and Fantastic Four before being destroyed once again. Beyond that, on his return to Earth and trip to Titan Ultron created his own unique strain of Techno-Organic Virus called the Ultron Virus. With that, the episode of "The All-New It's Amazing" ended, Ultron gloated of the Avenger's impending troubles at his hands. Gender [87][88][89], In the alternate universe of What If? 007 2020 digital Son of Ultron, Teen Titans Go! During this exchange, Tony Stark's Iron Man armor unexpectedly began a metamorphosis, the end result being a new being all together. Ultron appears as the main antagonist of the second half of Season 2, voiced by Jim Meskimen. His mother told him his father was a U.S. Marine that died during the Panama Invasion. Victor has had complicated relationships with many of the other Runaways: With their similar sense of humor and intellect, Victor was one of the few Runaways to develop a friendship with the, Before learning the true identity of his father, the Runaways postured that Victor could have been the son of.
[90], Some time later, a Quinjet, coming in at a very fast speed, crash landed on the Avengers Mansion. Ultron hits Tabula and suddenly he begins to remember how to fight. program whom is integrated into the computers at Luna Prime (a habitable version of Earth's Moon). Vision felt again, and he resigned from the Avengers. After Ultron's death, it is later revealed that many years ago, the Avengers had managed to defeat a past version of Ultron by trapping him inside an unbreakable Vibranium Quinjet, and then launching him into space. In this reality, Ultron was destroyed by Deadpool some time after he merged with the Venom symbiote. Eventually his signal was picked up by an outlying group of Phalanx , attempting to contact their parent race, the Technarchy. To Camp 015 (2020) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire, Teen Titans Go! His first name is the masculine form of Natasha, after Natasha Romanoff, while his middle name is a homage to Pietro Maximoff. Ultron-11 participated in the Beyonder’s Secret Wars.

Ultron-12 Wolverine and Sue then travel back to the past, where they inform Pym of what will happen in the future. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community.
[1] He liked the robot's malicious looking smile, showing this to Buscema. Hulk actually dented Ultron but he blasted the Hulk's leg knocking him down. Warlock manages to use the resources available to him to defeat Ultron, by having Wraith use his powers to trap Ultron's consciousness inside his current body. Instead of being assimilated, Ultron took control of the Phalanx through sheer will, bending them to his dominion.

After Stark experiences a premonition of the Avengers being defeated by Thanos and the Chitauri, he uses Loki's scepter as a processing computer to help him and Banner complete Ultron. Ultron Pym [30] Afterwards, Jocasta adventured with the Avengers for a brief time, but never felt accepted, and left them just before she, unbeknownst to her, was to be made an official member. Before the wedding could begin, the Alpha Primitives attacked the guests, and Crystal was captured by what appeared to be a revived Omega. Alkhema allowed Hawkeye to kill her and her creations in order to destroy Ultron, although Ultron's decapitated head survived with his mind intact. [98], Ultron then took over and crashed a S.H.I.E.L.D. [16], A new version, known as Ultron-12, enters into an alliance with the Grim Reaper and the villain's allies (Nekra; the Erik Josten Goliath; Man-Ape and the Black Talon) in a bid to destroy Wonder Man.

Ultron did not want to hurt his fellow robots and hoped to bring the age of machines. Avengers: Son Of Ultron. Unbeknownst to Stark, the scepter actually contains the Mind Stone, one of the legendary Infinity Stones, which inadvertently brings Ultron to life with intelligence and self awareness spanning far beyond Stark's goals and grants him sentience. Astonishing X-Men, the Danger Room got a body of her own and betrayed the X-Men. [32] This version first poses as "Doctor Doom" before revealing itself, and is defeated in a battle against the Runaways and Excelsior.

Later, "Dr. MacLain" is revealed to be Henry Pym in disguise, he used self-hypnosis to convince everyone he was MacLain and when Ultron attempted to steal "MacLain's" knowledge, all he absorbed was the phrase "Thou Shalt Not Kill. known as Danger sent out a distress call in the hopes that a fellow A.I. They also decided to have Barton's middle name be Pietro after Pietro Maximoff, who sacrificed his life for Clint during the Battle of Sokovia. Ultron-11's head is dropped and forgotten by the Thing when there is an attack by the alien Dire Wraiths. [43] While ensconced in Galactus' base, Doctor Doom sent Klaw down to give new orders. When the Avengers arrived at Clint Barton's Homestead, Laura informed Romanoff of this situation, causing her to jokingly call the unborn child a traitor. The character is an expert roboticist and strategist. Using the coordinates of their last encounter with Warlock and his allies, Ultron was able to follow them to the hideout of the High Evolutionary. Next, he appeared in Mighty Avengers, having taken a form resembling Wasp, after seemingly killing Iron Man when he took over his armor. It was a reasoning (robotic) air, land, and sea militia driven by a single mind. Afterwards, Earth became a paradise for artificially intelligent lifeforms. Ultron kidnapped Dr. MacLain in order to force him to build an army of robots to help in his conquest of Earth. Vision appealed to Ultron for he and Jocasta to fight Tabula while he fights the Anti-Vision. Ultron was featured in the battle between the Marvel and the DC Universe. Ultron surrendered, refusing to risk Iron Man using the separator on him and prove the prospect that, like the humans he used to make cyborgs, the real Hank Pym was dead all along. Roll With It! Later, they all accompanied Clint to the funeral of Tony Stark to honor his sacrifice in the Battle of Earth.[1]. Ultron then collaborated with the High Evolutionary into transferring his mind into Adam's. Even though he had it all, he was unsatisfied, even questioning his own motives. [27], Victor Mancha explaining that Old Lace is Deinonychus not a Velociraptor, Eyes and mouth occasionally glow blue and discharge sparks. Although both robots were rejected by Nick Fury, the Ultron Sentries were used helping the Ultimates fight against the Liberators. Doctor Doom had Molecule Man ram Ultron into Galactus. [74], In the Marvel Adventures alternate universe, Ultron is a highly intelligent "neural network" that controls a section of the United States defense forces. Using the Vibranium, he creates a device that will lift the city into the sky and then cause it to crash down, creating an extinction level event that will decimate the human race. A resurrected Barton reunites with his father, Five years later in 2023, Barton was resurrected, along with the rest of his family, by Hulk. A viciously contagious new strain which has the ability to impart and graft its core programming and A.I. Both are blown through the wall. In the present, the Quinjet had crashed in Titan, after years of isolation and being consumed by only one emotion: rage. He has mentioned to have acquired a digestive system. He reconciled with Dr. Pym (his "father") and renamed himself Ultron-mark 12 or “Mark”.

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