/ Sorry you never made it / Your flash in the pan career faded.”, Track Review: Track Review: Die Antwoord, ‘Fat Faded F**k Face’, “What you want from me? “They were no longer just on the evening news. There’s also any number of famous, beloved tracks from this era that are claustrophobic and avant-garde. Read up for some fun facts and little-known info that will score you maj points. “Something about the dreadful mismanagement and the shocking waste, needless waste, I thought about it a lot and it really affected me, because to me it had such resonance with the wars that are going on today.” That feels like as fitting a soundtrack today as it was in the ‘80s, even within a different context. The message: The song was inspired by the book Johnny Got His Gun, in which a soldier gets his limbs blown off on the frontline. Mostly, these history lessons are defensive: Remember what’s happened before and stay vigilant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLYEy7yqysA, 7.) Every part of this song, especially the main synth line that anchors it, is a danceable earworm, but all of that is a propulsive delivery mechanism for a meditation on nuclear war via historical context. But what we deserve is the paranoid, airless qualities of the best ‘80s songs about nuclear anxiety. The ambient, ghostly “Subterraneans” from Low was inspired by the bleakness of life in East Berlin; “Warszawa,” from the same album, conjured the remaining desolation of Warsaw three decades after WWII. Another one of the famed Cold War works, Sting’s “Russians” is one of those songs from a perspective between that of the Americans and that of the Russians. The video for Time Zone — aka, the project headed by Afrika Bambaataa — and John Lydon’s “World Destruction” opens with, like some of the other videos on this list, a bit of footage featuring one of the beloved world leaders of ’80s. Are you the "music guy" on your trivia team? 1.) 2. If you think a good song with bomb in the title is missing from this list, go ahead and add it so others can vote for it too. The message: “Vietnam was not war as we knew it in the conventional sense,” Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone in 1995. “F**ked My Way Up to the Top” is by far Lana Del Rey’s most controversial song. Sometimes, it primarily provokes that simmering anger, that aghast frustration that the people in charge seem to be so willfully oblivious to history. Solo projects by band members are listed separately. / Am I in love? An enraged, visceral collection, it finds the band honing their sound (and chops) after the album’s occasionally wide-eyed predecessors, and it finds them taking on the sort of big topics the group would become famous for tackling with such skill during their prime. Musically, “99 Luftballons” switches between like three different immortal grooves, which paired with the German might’ve obscured the dire nature of its narrative. Though ABBA’s final LP is known as their divorce album, its title track is allegedly a protest song about USSR’s mistreatment of dissidents in the late Cold War. Also, if you have any little comments about why you've picked the song, that'd be great :o) / You f**k me up.”, “If you never gave a f**k about me / Then tell me why I should give a f**k about you?”. As opposed to some of the more straightforwardly political tracks on this list, Bush’s take was a more impressionistic and imaginative one, using a fittingly nightmarish song to convey the idea of nuclear war from a perspective of innocence, and the ramifications of current events on future generations. “Or the rise of the far right in Germany and France. Despite being anti-world, Jeezy and August Alsina find solace in “a beautiful girl”: “When these streets is all you know / it’s hard to tell who’s a friend or a foe / all I need is a beautiful girl / so me and her, can f**k the world.”. It all builds up to the grand finale: a caustic, maddened repetition of “Paranoia in America.”. You Dropped A Bomb On Me. 21 Guns - Green Day. I am a dance director and our team name is the bomb squad... and I am looking for a few songs with the word "bomb" in it.. any genre it doesn't matter, we just have to be able to dance to it. Popular music’s archives are littered with songs rising up against conflict, pleading for peace, and simply depicting scenes of battle throughout history. We’re at the brink of complete war and complete pleasure, at all times, every day.” ‘13 Scrumptious Songs About Candy & Dessert’ features music by BAEKHYUN, JoJo, Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez, and Trey Songz. “Come, Armageddon, come!” Morrissey sings at the end of the first verse in “Everyday Is Like Sunday,” a track from his 1988 solo debut Viva Hate and still one of the high watermarks of his career. Notably, it’s one of the songs on this list that reacts to nuclear culture as a whole, as important a strain in ’80s psychology as nuclear war. Gary Numan’s late ‘70s and early ‘80s robotic futurism sounded like the end of humanity in more ways than us being supplanted by androids. Diving into the explicitness headfirst, what is more fun than constructing a playlist of songs that feature the f-bomb within their title? The song is a sort of striking out… a feeling of what can you do?” He later added that the track was supposed to be “pacifistic” rather than anti-war. The message: As on ‘American Idiot’ as a whole, Green Day criticise the Bush administration’s decision to re-enter Iraq, accusing them of doing so for oil. What is it about. It would be very easy for our generation to forget the true horror of war, without the likes of Harry to remind us. / I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it / F**k apologies / I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it.”, Track Review: Track Review: JoJo, ‘F*ck Apologies.’, “Last night I woke the f**k up / I realized I need you here / As desperate as that sounds…”, “F**k it up, west side n***s know we f**k it up / Dubs up, how you know we thug it up / If you don’t get no ends, you cannot f**k with us / You cannot f**k with us.”, “F**k it, F**k it, F**k it, F**k it / I ain’t scared to go to jail.”, “I know you feel salty / You wish you could be over me / You see how I lie, see how I lie, whoa / ‘Cause you know a n***a he ain’t broke.”, “Now every night this wolf / comes a peeping through, through filthy glory holes / he’s pounding on a rubber bat and a big old jelly roll / I said, ‘look to the skies I think I saw a spaceship ready to feast’ / but all they had was jizz on the walls / and bones of a mangled priest.”, “Oh, I’m tired as f**k / Dry my eyes on the back of my sleeve and do my coat up.”, “F**ked and drank all night / Acted all alright / Had no need to fight / Tonight, tonight.”, “Cuz I’m a bad motherf**ker. A Knife In The Ocean - Foals. We talk about the ‘80s a lot. At the end of the video, a commander accidentally puts his cigarette out on a trigger button instead of in his ashtray, and the other military men all react by plugging their ears and waiting for what comes next. “I feel like the song is also for me and other family members who have to watch the news every night and hear about the dead soldiers in a place we will never know but where our family’s blood may spill,” Armstrong once wrote on the band’s MySpace. What's that Paul McCartney song that goes like, "Ohhh, I think I'm going dowwwwn?"? There are always concerns about certain countries reaching nuclear capability; the topic is never too far from our headlines or our minds.

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