the toll for thy beach in the late 40s was 25Cts-parking was another Q-one of the origianal booths on the Meadowbrook was demolished by a tank going to the beach from Camp Santini during WW11. Cool stuff for sure, I so remember the first time I saw that scene and as a 7th grader I had to keep telling myself It’s not real- End of story. There used to be buildings out there on pilings, I don’t know if they were fishing shacks or what they were but there were many. That’s is why we don’t have motorcycle-Arty, The fact that no one has ridden a motorcycle in this series yet is fucking cruelty. Perhaps, it was shot in more than one location. Appreciate the info, any information is good but I think we are more in agreement on that part of the debate than the other, where it was depicting. Sonny is furious at the decision, and he berates his brother for risking his life "for a bunch of strangers." Take time for yourself and remember to sleep. Part I « Cavs: The Blog,,,-73.5508346,3a,75y,50.72h,62.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_pD39v1kNKpz-AefIlxVvw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656. There are remnants of that Nike base still there today. No way he traveled all the was east from Atlantic Beach to go to the city. He personally took me out behind our house to see the filming on the runway adjacent to Perimeter Road. Santino "Sonny" Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather and its 1972 film adaptation. Since the family lived in Long Beach, the quick parkway route to the city would be via the Loop parkway to Meadowbrook to the city, which is the way author Puzo depicted it in the novel. did you live near sonny or vito, vicki or is it victoria? You can see the small structure in this 1953 aerial shown below. If at one time a toll was there I have not been able to find evidence of it. how would i find the exact location from stewart ave. Sonny was driving to Manhattan, not Brooklyn. Irish Thugs during the Pacification of New York. While the Don does not want to enter the drug business, Sonny shows interest in the deal. Yep, I’m almost there, I’m sending you the route.” outloud. It’s one of the most famous death scenes in movie history. Susan, I also don’t remember paying the toll returning back onto the Loop Parkway, just going from Lido Blvd north to the toll booths. Some time in the late 1950s, the toll plaza was rebuilt, with more than one booth for peak traffic. It  appears the toll both itself, as well as the killing, was a work of fiction. He also appears in flashbacks in The Godfather Part II. Let’s not forget the fictional character was traveling from LONG BEACH, not Atlantic Beach. Avoid wearing headphones if you are alone on an empty street. We as kids watched them film the scenes. The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum was under construction at the time the Sonny Corleone shooting was filmed. For God’s sake, someone put a Shelby on a bike! Sonny races off from his families compound in Atlantic Beach and leaves his protective body guards behind, drives up to a Long Island parkway toll booth and is killed in a horrific but spectacular murder. I remember my Dad telling me he saw the filming, he was a Nassau County cop at the time at their testing site. Additionally, despite his well-known violent streak, Sonny is reluctant to kill a policeman; it has long been a hard and fast rule in the American Mafia that law enforcement officials are not to be harmed. We were sitting on a large hill of dirt by the NCC security lock up for their vehicles that were damaged or inop with Hofstra at our back. Anyone know which ones and when? There were other tollbooths beside it, but they were staffed only during the day, for heavier traffic. I was able to duplicate the camera angles which were used. Sonny Corleone is lured into a trap by Barzini with the help of his shifty brother in law Carlo. However, Michael eventually talks him into it, arguing that since McCluskey is serving as Sollozzo's bodyguard, he is fair game. Sonam Kapoor did a justice to her character! Not positive that it’s still there today, but whenever Google photographed it, the same stretch was there. In a fit of rage, Sonny leaves the family compound unaccompanied and heads for Connie's apartment to kill Rizzi. Santino 'Sonny' Corleone, Sr. is a fictional character from the novel and movie series The Godfather, where he was the eldest child of the Corleone family, known for his temper, compulsive aggression, and rash decisions. Your email address will not be published. When they refuse, Sonny orders the death of Bruno Tattaglia, Don Philip Tattaglia's son. Was there for years 69-76. Hell, I may take a ride out there tomorrow and lie down on the same spot James Cann did. girls have to learn to view the world like international intelligence agents just to be safe walking down the street. Mitchell Field is correct or exactly where the Nassau Colliseum is today off Hempstead Turnpike. I saw the spot with my own eyes and read an interview with Coppola where he mentioned that scene. Help your sisters. It is east of Mitchell field, west of the Meadowbrook pkwy, north of the Nassau coliseum. Add text replacement words in your phone if possible. For years I was always under the impression that the scene was shot on the old Jones beach cause way. With his father in the hospital, Sonny formed his own crew and took to the streets, showing his hidden genius for urban warfare. Unfortunately, Sonny revealed, how he had seen Fanucci's murder and Vito was helpless to protest for fear he would seem a hypocrite. It was absolutely shot at Mitchell Field. I f ing hate that we need to reblog this, people suck, but this will save lives. As Sonny approaches a toll plaza, a number of Barzini's men emerge from the toll booths and car ahead of Sonny's with submachine guns and viciously gun him down after spraying his car with lead, forcing the wounded Sonny to make an attempt at a hasty retreat, but he is shot in the head whilst trying to escape. My father was President of Nassau College from 1965-1979. I have many friends who had their cars in the movie.. Vito used the situation as a test for Sonny, but was displeased with the result; his eldest son had the workmen beaten before forcing them to repair the damage. Sonny and Trapani also engaged in a war against the Cuneos, attacking a distribution racket run by Artie "The Moose" Manzanero. 0.00 s. SD. Your email address will not be published. If she follows along, proceed with the previous tip. Haven’t watched it but from all that I’ve read about her, she truly is an inspiration to thousands. His godfather, Peter Clemenza, had brought the matter to Vito, and Vito was far less than pleased. This will most likely intimidate the predator. Sonny had recently inflicted a particularly vicious public beating on Carlo, after finding out that Carlo was abusing his wife Connie, Sonny's little sister. Sonny races off from his families compound in Atlantic Beach and leaves his protective body guards behind, drives up to a Long Island parkway toll booth and is killed in a horrific but spectacular murder.

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