Latest outage, problems and issue reports in San Diego and nearby locations: Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media. I have school work I need to do please. What's the problem? It is the second largest cable operator in the U.S. serving over 26 million customers in 41 states. Get on the phone with the provider’s customer service department. @Ask_Spectrum it's been two hours in the Mathews, NC area where the no internet. Is there anything more annoying than an internet service outage? Page last updated by It is a very "strange coincidence" that you guys are having MASSIVE outages, ON ELECTION DAY!!! Charter Spectrum offers internet service across 44 states with the greatest coverage in California, Texas, and New York. You have to understand that weather conditions are mostly regional, so they could only be affecting your market while the rest of the country still gets regular service. @Howard12488239 1.5 hour call with Support today and no help. What I HAVE HAD is consistently crappy internet for the entire year I have been in this house and with spectrum. Come on! Literally glitching so bad I can’t understand what they’re saying. You guys should invest into making an alert system that will notify all customers ahead of time about scheduled maintenance on mobile/email. I’m in 42420, @Ask_Spectrum I have been having so many issues with my internet the past two days. I don’t want that **** open to espn the channel I closed out of the app on, @Ask_Spectrum never received the call back I asked for when service was restored. And it goes silent for extended periods. Update, 12:30 p.m. Internet service has been restored to Spectrum customers throughout San Luis Obispo County, according to Spectrum communication director Bret Picciolo. Been down for a while now. I was told I “have no connection” on your end but I am connected, albeit poorly... please explain? NYC still has loads of people who work from home. Of course, when all else fails to give you a concrete answer, there is always one failsafe. Another day, another internet outage with @GetSpectrum @Ask_Spectrum ?? @GetSpectrum is trash always messing up. @ErinBrayley I have to keep turning to @MSNBC. A recent software upgrade may be causing glitches. Why is the spectrum app the ONLY service I don't have any problems with? @Ask_Spectrum when will the outage in Carmel, IN ZIP46032 be resolved? @IndeMende If I can't connect, I have to waste PTO until I CAN connect. @Ask_Spectrum I'm calling you guys out. @duceman30 Thanks. Spectrum has become one of the most popular suppliers of cable and internet services in the US, with the company now operating under the Charter Spectrum name. @Ask_Spectrum Why has my service been so bad since we HAD to do the "Upgrade"? I have to keep turning to @MSNBC. I have been using it everyday without issues until today. How am I supposed to find out who the president is?! @Ask_Spectrum I rebooted the cable modem as you asked for during lunch @GetSpectrum How am I supposed to find out who the president is?! hey @Ask_Spectrum why do your routers have a shelf life of 2 years? Cable & tv service has been out for 5 hours now... @Ask_Spectrum what is the issue? Constantly on loading screen and then it fails to load. @JimmySlice I reset the router here two days ago and then had you guys reset it yesterday. @Ask_Spectrum any internet outage in NYC upper East side? Got an answer for your customers? (Also I’m working from home and it’s a problem). @Ask_Spectrum what’s with the internet outage in NYC? If there is a major service outage, the provider will usually alert you to it via both a text message as well as an alert on the app. ?? @MeAShrew i love when my internet goes out so i go onto my spectrum but i can't access my spectrum bc i don't have internet. @Ask_Spectrum I did call spectrum and they were unable to provide me with a timeframe as to when the outage would end.

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