It is by no means the most user friendly spoke calculator I’m going to suggest, but works great and many professionals will swear by it. Auto will flip your rim to the strongest orientation. ACS Front 36H is 242mm 4 cross, Your email address will not be published. Awesome! Every fill-in-the-blanks spoke calculator I’ve shown you is based on the application of these concepts, so it might be respectful to look at them for just a little while and contemplate the effort put in by gifted people, (the smart mathematicians who figure out these equations, and the clever computer programmers who wrap them up in the software code,) so that us more mechanically inclined individuals can feel like we are actually good at something too. No database of pre-measured hubs and rims, (I prefer not to use other peoples measurements to determine correct spoke length, but there may be cases where you need to order spokes when you don’t have the physical rim or hub on hand. Spoke Length Calculator – Apple iTunes Store, My Spoke Length Calculator Preview | BikeFAT, Compare Bet Calculator Mb 24 V | Bet Calculator, Great Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Mountain Biker, Tech: How to Adjust the Shimano Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur Clutch, Congratulations Stevie! Australia's Fastest BMX Store! I contacted the web developer to point out this one problem with the app and he returned my email a day later to say that I had a good point and he will correct it ASAP. I will keep looking, but I have two questions: 1) How precise do the spoke lengths … Easy Pay with Credit Card. ACS Cassette with Envy 24 Rear 3X is 234mm or 240mm 4 cross Thank you for sharing such a nice article. The user only needs a program compatible with Excel spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Libre Office. A calculation is only as good as the data used to calculate it, so do your homework and remember to measure twice. The beauty of the spocalc program is it makes a great offline alternative if you ever find yourself, (gasp!) The complete package was expensive, costing $300-$400, and was not exactly intuitive to use, but it was a necessity at the time, and was able to get the job done well until the day the program on the calculator got corrupted or erased somehow and nobody seemed to know how to fix it! 28T. The main advantage of this spoke calculator comes if you are building a wheel using DT Swiss’s excellent components. $50.00 (+$0.75) The kit consisted of a ruler, a pair of rods, and a pre-programed scientific calculator for measuring the parts and running the calculations. Registered users benefit from having a saved database of their own wheels on hand for future reference. This site includes a page on how to measure the hub and rim to get the numbers you need to enter into a spoke-length calculator. Effective Rim Diameter (mm) Flange Hole Circle (mm) Flange Spacing (mm) Thanks, If your brain is capable of handling it, some more details regarding the math involved in determining the spoke length of a wheel can be found here. Regarding d: For a symmetric wheel such as a front wheel with no disc brake, this is half the distance between the flanges. Independent left & right values. Pick out the hubs,  rims, spokes and nipples you desire and we can do the wheel building for you. CALCULATE Result : Spoke length: mm: Caution ! The ability to save the wheel afterwords is a great feature. One of the fields reads: “Center to flange distance.” You would be forgiven for assuming that meant exactly what it does on every other spoke calculator, the distance from the center of the hub to the center of the flange. Hub Style Center to Drive Flange Center to Non-Drive Flange Drive Flange Diameter Non-Drive Flange Diameter Mini BMX […] Wheel building is priced per wheel at $20.00 per wheel. Doug MacmMakin. (back ordered!!!). $8500 (+$115.00) Does the equation and diagram above mean anything to you? The DT Swiss online spoke calculator is very popular with wheel builders, and I don’t have a hard time seeing why. ... We're working on a brand new spoke calculator. None If those were defined it would make sense…. Add Signature Required (+$6.00), None Your email address will not be published. Keep sharing. I know that there are some smart people out there that we’re lucky to have around. If you know the specs you can use this website, examples ), Looking for some new custom build wheels? What does this mean for bike mechanics? Our list of products The formula I use for three cross, 32 spoke wheels with 12mm nipples is (ERD/2) – 9mm. Should Mountain Bikes Share The Trails With Motorcycles? Pros: Ability to measure both front and rear wheels on the same page and print the results. The Park Black or Green Colored spoke wrench will fit the best with the nipples we use. I’ve started using one that has been working really good, and happens to be free. Spocalc has a pretty good sized database of hubs and rims that you can change or add to yourself. The reason calculator no 5 ‘Nature’s Calculator’ doesn’t make sense is that variables a and d have not been explicitly defined in the drawing. specify the number of spokes andcross pattern to calculate spoke length, A positive value will move left nipples to the left or right nipples to the right. I think it is still to difficult for normal riders. This caclulator should not currently be used to calculate spoke lengths for straight pull hubs. Whether you’re a professional bike mechanic or just an adventurous tinkerer looking to build your own bike wheels, finding out how to measure a hub and rim, and learning to calculate spoke length is crucial to building a wheel that is strong and reliable. We stock the Mission brand spokes mainly so choose these as they are the best for the price. A positive value will move the entire hub to the right of center. Get it wrong, and all you’ll have is a real mess! Add Free Stickers The version I’m using to write this post was uploaded on September 27, 2013 so hopefully by the time you read this article, the correction has been made and the app is perfectly user friendly. $10000 (+$145.00). At the first bike shop I worked in, we used the Wheelsmith spoke calculator. Brass can get tighter without stripping and also last much longer than alloy nipples. $1500 (+$18.99) Our wheel builder has over 30 years bike shop wheel building experience and can do custom bmx or other types of wheels in any size. BMX 20″ Inner Tube (+$5.99), None There is also a version named SpocalcExpress that does away with the database leaving you with just a simple set of fields to generate spoke length one side at a time.

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