Wants a gun to play like the big boys but is dumb as a brick when I comes to real shooting let alone safety. I just said that, with the shit-ton of marketing money they’re spending on this product, I was expecting something a little more worthy of all the noise they’re making. Somebody’s been reading Chaucer. I, for one, would not have. Also, LOTS of them we’ve had to reinstall the gas block pins that drifted out. Each writer would be shooting two of them, each in a different configuration. I realize I can’t exactly speak for smaller, bonier folks, but I put over 700 rounds through this rifle in 24 hours wearing just a light t-shirt on top and my shoulder was unbruised and undamaged and perfectly fine. It’s not an issue to me since it LOOKS BLACK IN PERSON, but some (at least one guy) returned his upper to Springfield because of it. An AR with an adjustable stock and soft butt plate would be an ideal gun for teaching women basic rifle skills. Looks like it was a tremendous amount of fun, but another AR-15 (albeit well-equipped at a decent price) hardly seems worth all the build-up and hoopla. Any visible issues or scars from the outside if it reassembled without any issues post-meltdown? I know they had to hit a price point and tradeoff costs carefully, but I think that particular tradeoff is going to be an issue. On a 16″ barrel, the bayonet lug is only there because the sight/gas bloc is a molded unit which includes it. Also worth mentioning is that, although TTAG received access to the SAINT prior to its public release, Springfield firmly assured us that the guns we were shooting were production guns. It has a hardened, durable, and just overall solid feel to it. Which is tighter than expected from the SAINT, and it’s fair to say that the Sandman helped the cause. One tidbit y’all might find interesting is that Springfield chose this demographic and mindset and such, but then went and found real people who embody it. GMM in .223 is either 69 grain or 77 grain . So shout out to Chad for being an entertaining lunatic and to Springfield for actually making his nightmare vision a reality for us to shoot at. a weekend-long, high-round-count tactical carbine course) that if Springfield didn’t specifically put us in a situation in which we mag dumped 240+ rounds I kind of doubt if the market would have ever become aware of this potential issue. Basically nothing in or on it needs to be upgraded. However, like those above, I’m concerned about a gun that has major parts melt off after a couple of hundred rounds of fairly rapid fire. Screw on the break and slap on his SOCOM556 and suddenly the rifle get’s it’s best groups with this Aguila stuff my buddy runs. Everybody grabbed an XD(M) OSP with a Trijicon RMR, and we ran drills from a holster. This may be just part 1. All those extra features for about $100-150 more. Sounds like a trigger problem (I’m going to guess that the disconnector isn’t catching). Oh LOL, yeah. She’s a bit tainted since she thinks an assault rifle has a massive wood stock with a helmet-smashing steel butt plate and and a proper bayonet mount on the fore-stock. From a social science perspective, its interesting that guns are receiving the same marketing strategies as other mainstream products. But an AR is an AR. The worst thing about buying this rifle has been the craziness it’s caused me with upgrades and additions and the ensuing cost of these. I’ll start. The carrier is M16 profile, the hardened gas key is very cleanly and properly staked, and everything is hard chrome lined where BCG things get hard chrome lined. Springfield Armory is embarking on a bit of a corporate re-branding. If I had to choose one of those two it’s definitely closer to the ashy side, but I’m sticking with saying that it’s a correct matte black. Built to equip those who wake up every day determined to protect what they have, believe that safety is their responsibility, and are unapologetic and uncompromising about defending their legacy, the SAINT™ is what an AR-15 should be. Springfield Armory is embarking on a bit of a corporate re-branding. Meh. It shoots and feels like a well-sorted, quality AR-15. What grain and brand of ammo will you be running in your saint. I also bought a waterproof Plano Tactical Case because my Saint was issued after they stopped shipping with hard cases and instead shipped with soft range cases (still was nice with sewn legacy insignia and sold for more $$ than the Plano Tactical I replaced it with). Yes, the marketing for this rifle was just silly. After firing a good 700 rounds through them I believe it’s a well-executed product, too (but am definitely not done testing). Coffee or not, another AR that doesn’t suck. Mid-length gas system? so compared to other AR 15s, does the Saint get hotter than it should? Yes!! It’d be fun to pair it up with my Spike’s Crusader, if only for the names. I’d have no criticism at all if they hadn’t been building expectations so high for what is just a slightly-better-than-entry-level AR. I’ve run M-16s until their barrels were a light red/yellow in the dark and NEVER had a hand guard melt off (I own 12 AR-15s and my first was one was purchased in 1978). I like the idea of the PD10, but I’d feel a lot better about it if it had SA’s name attached instead of this unknown Avidity Arms. It’s a mindset, a realization that one’s protection is one’s own responsibility, that one cannot rely on third parties to provide that protection, and that training plays a big part in being prepared to, well, defend one’s legacy. My PSA build with the same barrel profile weighs about 8.4 pounds with Magpul furniture and a Streamlight TLR-1. “Over 300” zombie garden gnomes, each one holding a half-pound container of target explosive. But would alone time with the Springfield SAINT change my opinion? They sent me a waybill, and I shipped the rifle to Springfield. The trigger weight was perfect too- I actually like it better than my S&W shield weight- I am sure that is comparing apples to oranges but it is how I feel pulling the tigger.

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