Update: Rajdeep Sardesai's new venture is named Broadcast News. "I had a dream of doing something on my own. So that bloody Commie is quitting the bloody Commie mouthpiece NDTV to start his own Commie mouthpiece?? It is upsetting to see that people continue to dig out dirt on a celebrity's life, but Radhika is more than a mere "celeberity". This, I felt requires some clarification, addressed not to the vile ecosystem that has risen to defend Mantri, but to those who, while appalled by the Mantri tweets, may not be entirely conversant with the facts. It's a loss for NDTV but I think temporarily. no, nobody is indispensable. The controversy on EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) tampering has actually taken the focus away from an older, more urgent issue of voter privacy and the flaws in the present system of counting votes - an issue that's got little public debate, but is being heard by the Supreme Court. That can't compensate for the loss of Rajdeep. Who is this Nidhi Razdan, does she even know anythin of politics, guys seem to be impressed by her physical assets than anything else, the whole debate on this site about how good nidhi is and how abt rajdeep is is in real bad taste. Oes Tsetnoc one of the ways in which we can learn seo besides Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa. Every day I face a stream of bile on social media which I ignore. Seems like war for news has everyone's attention but I want to know what a lot of you guys have to say about these channels. If we can't save the honour of Ma Padmavati how do we save ours? Three men transporting buffaloes who were roughed up last night in posh South Delhi, allegedly by activists of an animal rights group, were arrested by the Delhi Police today. She could be with a little better grooming. Radhika Bordia is on Facebook. Liked this story? But then, these are the times we are in,” writes Sreenivasan Jain. Several men have been picked up from such areas and they face serious charges. The legal response was a reaction – a rarer than rare reaction – to a gratuitously terrible comment, from a platform of some influence. Please give credit where credit is due. She is a humanitarian and someone who gave up on a chance to study at Oxford to go back to her home land. Also best of luck to Peranoy Roy who revolutionised the scene of TV journalism in India. Rajdeep Sardesai, in this modern world, his art of Management has become a part and parcel of everyday life, be it at home, in the office or factory and in Government. This is the comment which according to my father irked Brajesh Mishra and set the stage for his recall. His skills are very high. He was NDTV's Mumbai bureau chief from 2003 to 2008. To connect with Radhika, sign up for Facebook today. A VERY GOOD POLITICAL ANALYST. Now, what will Nidhi Razdan do? Vajpayee immediately recalled him - today his son propagandizes at a TV channel for the “secular” forces. Given the long and unimpeachable arc of my father's public life, which has its origins in India's freedom struggle, I find it somewhat odd that I have to rise to his defence. But free speech does not mean you can defame a man who is no longer alive. I think she is fab. St. Stephen's College, Delhi. best of luck to him and his new venture. Sreenivasan Jain Sends Legal Notice For ‘Certifiable Traitor’ Slur, Now, Retweeting a Defamatory Tweet May Land You in Legal Trouble, an undated piece in The Telegraph by KP Nayar. Off-topic, Rediff could have put a better picture of Sardesai! Rajdeep is a fine journalist. I wish all the best. I was wondering for a long time what had happened to Rajdeep Sardesai. Specifically I think his interviewing skills are bad. Just recently something on Iran which was an eye-opener. what do you guys think of radhika bordia. Rajdeep lights another sky. who cares ,even after leaving ndtv ,the channel has not stopped working, overall it has been a boon to barkha dutt and other senior members who are now only going to gain.this the world of media nobody cares ,till people see u on tv u exist ,u r known and if they dont then u r totally an obselete thing ,who no one remembers. It is for your description of my father - who is no longer alive - as a 'certifiable traitor'. Nidhi Razdan might be in media because of her dad but her credentials as anintelligent journalist should not be questioned. posted by Anand @ 4/15/2005   No Pages to show. Radhika is fabulous and completely underrated. he just does not have a pleasant disposition required for a TV presenter, besides being dominating and interrupting while conducting interviews. He is also an Op-ed columnist for the Business Standard newspaper. On another note, it is rather sad to see Rajdeep leave. For the last a few months I was really worried what happened to Rajdeep Sardesai.I feel very sad about that he left NDTV, becuase NDTV has become my favourite news channel after Praanoy and team left Star plus. Looks are not everythiing but Nidhi Razdan's add to her presentation. Why I Must Defend My Late Father’s Reputation: Sreenivasan Jain “I find it somewhat odd to rise to his defence. For those interested, the facts are as follows: my father was indeed appointed High Commissioner under the Gujral government, and was recalled by the Vajpayee government in October 1998. Find Radhika Bordia Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Radhika Bordia and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. I don't quite like the name though! Nidhi looks and sounds good. His understanding of political nitty-gritty, style of questioning/interviewing and passion for his story is simply great. Sign Up. Take, for instance, this very month - packed into one lunar cycle are three moon-rich concepts that allow us to revel in being Indian. And seriously, as for channels, the more the merrier. (Screenshots of the relevant passages from the book below; am summarising the key points for convenience.). She can not take his place. Barkha or Srinivasan or for that matter the cute Nidhi Razdan cannot take his place.I now don't feel like watching NDTV. I AM A EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL AND AND I LIKE TO WATCH ENGLISH NEWS CHANNELS. i think zakka jacob is the best....he has good interviewing skills too....he is gr8...n has all the things which a newsreader shud have... Hi,The best television jounalist in India is Barkha Dutt.And the best news presenter is Rajdeep ofcourse.Kerala has one of the largest number of regional news chnnels here.We have excellent news readers like Nikesh Kumar of India Vision, Shanni of Manorama, Venu of Asianet, Anuja of Kairali. Iam not worried about how much he got and how much he will make in his new role. NDTV. To find more information about Oest Tsetnoc please visit my Oes Tsetnoc pages. NDTV has a strong 2nd line of back up. I suspect –  though I have no way of knowing – that the assertions in the Nayar piece would have originated from 'sources close to Brajesh Mishra'. This article was first posted by the author on his Facebook page and has been republished with permission. ", राजस्थान के मेवाड़ में भारतीय ट्राइबल पार्टी की सेंधApr 20, 2019, Suheldev: Medieval King, Modern PoliticsJun 22, 2018, इंडिया मैटर्स : सरकारी स्कूलों की बदलती तस्वीरJun 9, 2018, Have Sustained Efforts To Improve Delhi Government Schools By AAP Borne Fruit?Jun 8, 2018, The Gurgaon Row: Not About Namaz?May 19, 2018, The Lingayat Factor: Karnataka Elections 2018Apr 13, 2018, Karnataka Elections: Inside The Siddaganga MuttApr 5, 2018, Missing In Action: India's Maternity BenefitsMar 10, 2018, 1 Year Of Yogi Adityanath's GovernmentFeb 23, 2018, Bhima Koregaon: Behind The ViolenceJan 13, 2018, 2 Suburbs, 45 Arrests: In Mumbai, Fear After Bhima-Koregaon ViolenceJan 8, 2018, Hindu Group Leader, Named In Pune Violence, Hiding On Police Tip, Says BrotherJan 7, 2018, Art Matters: Lives Of The Mangniyars - Musicians Of The Thar DesertNov 11, 2017, India Matters: A Manganiyar's MurderNov 10, 2017, Tracking The #MeToo Protest Through ArtOct 29, 2017. I never liked this guy much. He said "Gandhian or no Gandhian, no one in world can be comfortable with a nuclear device. If we can get more channels with good stuff it us as citizens who will benefit. Anil Bordia was an Indian educationist, social activist and former civil servant, widely respected for his contributions to the Indian education sector. They were later released on bail and a case of cruelty to animals, which carries a five-year jail term and a fine, has been filed against them. but went so low for creating news recently(Shakti Kapoor incident).Journalisim is or requires lot more things than these people have.hence it appears he will also end up like other ordinary journalist/tv news readers.Ask him to remember list of such people who have disappeared from the scene. No one can get the participants riled up the way he used to.

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