Though it does get ouclassed, its speed isn't slow, it's second fastest against all T5s and T6s. The in-game ship tree can be accessed by hitting "Esc" or clicking the button marked with 3 lines in the top-right corner of your screen. This tier also contains the largest number of ships out of any tier at 8 ships. Sure, it's as massive as the Pioneer, but it has the largest hitbox out of the level 4s. Until we get a better(probably digitally done) version of this, mind if I stick it on the sidebar? Kleinem Enhanced Ship Tree is a mod made by Kleinem. I'll change the first ship's name when I make a digital version, thanks! Instead of making a completely new ship tree, this mod adds to the vanilla tree. Request to be friends with someone. X-3's pulse shot is actually one of the fastest travelling pulse shots in the game. The ships here become a bit more varied in terms of stats, and have 4 slots for secondaries. The TRUE problem from this thing comes from its godawful acceleration and turn speeds, being some of the slowest in the game, meaning you have to predict retreats, enemy paths, and cant chase through asteroid fields. Not the fastest, but it can pursue enemies with ease while firing off nonstop, and an excellent miner as well. -When you move your cursor over another player's ship, you should be able to see his name more clearly (maybe shown in the corner of the screen). U-Series is a modded version of Team Mode developed by Finalizer. Condor is probably one of the better mining ships in the game. not upgrading damage makes the mining more effective since the pulse has a 1/1 energy damage ratio. I think some ships could be swapped around in the tree so they make more sense, like, depending which side of the tree you're on you go more for low fire rate high damage, or high fire rate lower damage etc. It's the slowest ship in the game, but its powerful pulse puts it in low-A tier.B - the Bastion. I dont think it is good for unskilled players, delta has better energy regen. S - the U-Sniper. My world record with using odyssey is probably 26,980. Takes practice though. Just don't. This will be the ship the player will start with in most game modes. Aiming it isn't actually a challenge at all since the projectile size and speed make it easy to predict and land the hit, unlike the odyssey and aries. Too slow and tanky to be more than a high-B tier, but incredible shielding for any ship of its size and power.The FuryStar. It's likely one of the worst ships, but all of these low-level roadblocks lead to better ships eventually. Every ship here would be considered a heavy hitter, with all but the Rock-Tower, Barracuda and the Marauder sporting a pulse. S - the A-Speedster. A entire ship tree designed by Goldman to look like various sea creatures. It's bigger and more powerful than the Speedster, but far slower and less maneuverable. Shadow x-3 is really deadly because of its projectile speed and pushback, which lets it do hit/run better than anything else in t-7. It's a good miner and can stun enemies fairly well, but doesn't have such high shields as the Howler, which is what puts it lower on the list.B - the Aetos. With the most powerful blast in the entire shiptree, a single shot from the Odyssey can disable most ships' shields. Big, slow, with 2 slow-firing cannons and not-so-good maneuverability. These ships come with 3 lives except for t7. Quick disclaimer. Would avoid confusion when talking to one another. Tier 1 ships have only one secondaries slot. A good miner, but not so good in combat due to its size and spread of lasers.The Crusader. An upscaled, bulky Pulse-Fighter, this huge ship packs the heaviest punch among level 6 ships. shields, mining speed, lack of steady DPS, etc. It's very well-rounded and balanced, making it the one of the best ships in the game.The Odyssey. It has impressive firepower and shields, but its huge size and low agility places it in A-tier instead of S. All level 7 ships share the same issue of being large and unmaneuverable, meaning that none of them can maneuver their way through an asteroid field quickly.A - the Aries. Ships are the vessels piloted by each player in Its single-blast makes it fairly low-threat for enemies, and it has such a low energy capacity that it's often exhausted after a mere 2 blasts. Definitely not a ship to stick around on, as games progress quickly, and players using a low-level ship like this will quickly get overpowered.C - the Delta Fighter. Ships are the vessels piloted by each player in Loveship's Shipyard Ship Repairs, Sales, and Engine Tuning For Btw, you have listed side-fighter as both A and D. Side fighter defo an A class ship and most powerful tier 3. NOTE: Kleinem Enhanced Ship Tree includes all vanilla ships, with the exception of the H-Mercury replacing the Marauder, and the Toscain replacing the Howler. B - the Trident. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The list below is a list of removed ships from the entire vanilla ship tree: These ships are inaccessible through normal gameplay means and are only accessible in the Battle Royale mode, a weekend event showcasing three ships designed by community shipbuilders. Stars: On. Essentially the same as the Odyssey, puts out a bit less damage and focuses more on defensive stats.The U-Sniper. It contains ships that specialize in firepower, in speed, in agility, and some in shields. Condor is s-tier in my book, it tosses a-speedster 8/10 times, and matches up against any other tier 6 pretty favorably. Pick your targets wisely, stay away from ships that counter it, and you're basically invulnerable. It has less shielding and mass than the Aries and Odyssey, but it regenerates its shield faster than any other ship can, and it can move fairly quickly compared to the bulkier A-tier level 7s.D - the Shadow X-3. Please, return to the game to validate your ECP before using our ship editor. There are currently 32 ships spread out across 7 tiers on the vanilla ship tree. X-2 is a-tier in my book for being just as scary as x-1 but bigger and badder.

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