He’ll ask you to deliver a special bug into the vents, there. I see. Now is the time, for next level. I'm new to the game and I've restarted a bunch of times, trying different approaches. Sneak up to an enemy who is ideally already in a lit area. We get +1 STR here and that allows us to pick up the Full-Auto feat. Blinding Poison Caltrops reduce PER and make gun enemies deal a lot less damage, which is pretty cool. Also i've forgotten a few things mechanics-wise so any general info would be helpful. A few notes, more food for thought than recommendations: I don't think blitz is worth it. Head the only way you can (the one with no red-cursor doors) and deliver those documents to the ambassador. Mutated Dog Leather Again, try to work toward getting the house and also joining the factions you want. I will support this, thanks. Speaking of, let’s get back there and speak to the guy at the entrance. In just 5 Levels we’ll be able to access their upgraded inventories (3 for Blaine and 4 for Kevin) which will let us begin collecting high Quality goods for our endgame crafts. Boop. After you handle the Faceless at Rail Crossing problem, you have to find a missing train – that’s what triggers the choice between these two factions. There are some plenty evasive enemies, that said, especially in the Expedition DLC. That’s kind of a positive in Underrail, since most of the rest of the journey is that way. You can also just head to Foundry on the train and pick up a Jackhammer from the mine for free, which will be able to remove Rocks one at a time at the cost of batteries and also 20 lbs of weight that you have to carry around. Kfc Font, Don't forget about the overpower combo of locus of control + enrage available to both build as well. Specialization. Neural overload is a silent stealth kill on a stealth character. There are other drugs we can make, but they’re either for Psi users or just less useful for us. In this area are many traps that we can’t disarm (but can see), and three robot sentries. We barely meet that criteria, so we’d be quite inaccurate with them at the moment… That goes double because we’re using Burst, which has another accuracy penalty on top. We now have enough Tailoring to make Infused Rathound Leather Armor, which needs The Beast quest to be done. But you’re not, really… There’s still a lot to do around Junkyard. Adrenaline is from Adrenal Glands, which drop from all animals. Mk II Haxxor/Lockpick Stealth psychosis psi is much more powerful late game than stealth tranquility psi but will struggle a bit early game. If they aren’t in a lit area, activate your Night Vision goggles. It involves Abram and Jack Quicksilver’s Core City quests and doing them in a specific (kind of ‘perfect’) way. There’s nothing stopping you from beating the hell out of this quest, and we need to soon. It is a THOUGHT CONTROL neural overload build. No one saw you do it, though they will come investigate the noise, and thus you won’t get in trouble. The cargo is on the exact opposite side of the island from where you start, and there’s also an Oddity in some rubble here. That said, our best method for handling them is just to completely ignore them. Dagger We will get more PER later via  Veteran Feat, two more in fact, but this is it for personal investment. Psi builds got rather fucked with the update, although im guessing you know about the reserves, that giga-brain you put psi abilties in (i forgot what it was called). For reference, most difficult enemies have 400 or 500 Health at maximum on Normal and Hard and the final boss himself only has like 2,000. Pig Leather Psi build seems like the best one for me.

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