Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one willing creature, or a creature that is grappled by Strahd, incapacitated, or restrained. But my point is that Strahd's supposed to be a brilliant military strategist who has access to all sorts of powerful magic and centuries of time on his hands; his first line of defense against someone throwing Radiant spells at him shouldn't be "Bet you can't pass a DC 17 Wisdom save.". Strahd regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn. Instead of giving Strahd 50 extra HPs to play with I decided in most of my games to make the Heart of Sorrow restore all of his HPs he may be missing at the beginning of every round regardless of whether he is in direct sunlight. It really means that the Sunsword and Symbol of Ravenkind aren't nearly as overpowering as they seem, until the players can take care of the Heart. It gets its own full-page art in the book. He hit the Heart of Sorrow twice and, as he dealt damage to it, the whole tower shook, causing everyone on the stairs the roll dexterity saving throws or be thrown off. What I've digested from the statblock and book is that Strahd is smart (int. Nor were the vampires who slashed and bit at the surrounded rogue. But, from the ground, we didn’t know that. While in sunlight, Strahd takes 20 radiant damage at the start of his turn, and he has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks. The Heart of Sorrow is a 10-foot-diameter red crystal heart that floats near the top of the tower. They could also kill him normally, but he would return a decade or so later. The Rug of Smothering, not content with defeating Baräsh, now began wrapping itself around Gimble Timbers, while Victor and Brundle stood mesmerized by the charming portrait of Strahd’s deceased brother. I like this one a lot. The third and final seed-gem was transformed through dark magic into this living construct. From the book, we know that she fought Strahd and at least made him work for his victory. Issue 3 - May 2011 9 years ago New Fish In An Old School. And he held the Staff of Frost. There was yellow lichen on the walls and piles of bone and debris scattered along the passageway. May 18, 2020 19:02. And while Sacred Flame is easily avoidable, Divine Smites (which against Strahd have a floor of 3d8), Guiding Bolt (a 1st level spell that scales impeccably), Spirit Guardians, and potential late-game additions Wall of Light and Dawn sure aren't. No damage threshold. There are few accomplishments greater than destroying that which protects Strahd most. Firing one last firebolt at the portrait, he teleported down to the elevator and joined the rest of the Associates. Our DM must have been feeling kind because he let us get in three whole hours sleep for monsters started banging on the doors. Ever-obedient Brundle decided this was a good idea and, grabbing Gimble Timbers, he threw himself down through the gap. Give the Heart of Sorrow the following upgrades: Neither of the above stops Strahd's regen, Up the HP max to 75 (optional, but leave the HP of the Heart itself the same), Let Strahd shunt off his connection with it using a Reaction (optional). Move. Strahd just happens to be a night owl. Meanwhile, in the room above, Gimble Timbers was struggling with the Rug of Smothering. I love it! Attaining more gems increase its hp buffer. Strahd makes one bite attack. Which (I think) will not be to hard as he can use greater invisibility before shapechanging into a tiny bat before flying away. That just left Victor in the room above. In his youth, Strahd was a prince and a conqueror. Charm. The first time Strahd no sells a Guiding Bolt or the Sunsword for the first time is probably going to be a massive "Oh shit" moment for the party, and I wanted it to be impactful without being all the way deflating. This is exactly what I did; which allowed me to buff the Heart's HP to 100 and then 150 HP, as Strahd acquired the other gems. This thread is archived. HEART OF SORROW: Strahd can afford fo be bold in his tactics, for he has additional protection in the form of a giant crystal heart hidden inside Castle Ravenloft. On a related note, what made your combat with the heart so memorable? Your email address will not be published. Ireena, Baräsh, and Gimble stayed on the floor with the gnome shooting arrows at the Heart of Sorrow. Their ally is Victor, so between his teleportation circle efforts, van Richten & Ezmerelda's travels between planes, and the Mad Mage, they'll have enough opportunity to piece together how to forge the planar connection. Furthermore, I'm going to require the party to take a Dark Gift from the Amber Temple, just to be able to damage the Heart itself. Next week may well be Kosef’s last session. So we woke the rest of the slumbering party and ran away. He is resistant to necrotic and non-magical weapons. Question about the Heart of Sorrow. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. The Heart of Sorrow regains all its hit points at dawn if it has at least 1 hit point remaining. While Alton cackled madly on the floor, Teacup circled the room, lighting all of the invisible witches on fire so that Galinndan, Apollo, Vladimir, Danny, Drull, Jarly, and Kasimir could target them with attacks. At first the monsters on the other side of the door weren’t able to break down our barricade, but we knew that wouldn’t last. The Heart of Sorrow. It's conceptually evocative. My own plan is that they would have to break his curse before killing him, meaning that if they kill him, he is dead forever. Strahd does not have Sunlight sensitivity if the heart is alive (even if it can't absorb any more damage), Strahd can turn off the connection at any time. We were sure Strahd would have regenerated by now and so our plan to catch him before he healed wouldn’t work. I must dispose of that awful tool! Last night was the 76th session in our ongoing online Curse of Strahd Dungeons & Dragons campaign and, after a confrontation with a carpet, we discovered Strahd’s Heart of Sorrow. We all do at some point. After that is dealt with, or the connection with the heart stopped (Strahd can do this voluntarily as a bonus action) then Strahd really starts taking damage. Victor is dead. I've decided to take this one step further, and say that skirmishes with her are what prompted Strahd to consider his vampiric weaknesses and begin work on the Heart of Sorrow. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise, the effect lasts 24 hours or until Strahd is destroyed, is on a different plane of existence than the target, or takes a bonus action to end the effect. Unless you’re a DM with years and years of experience and thousands of hours of play under your belt, no one is expecting you to remember every single rule for suffocation or falling damage or anything else. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have studied much since then. LEGENDARY ACTIONS I agree on both counts: players love feeling powerful and accomplished, and yes, removing the weakness to radiance makes for a much tougher fight. He was a sharpshooter, so he had a 600-foot range with his bow. Like a murmuration of crows they rippled and swirled. Eventually they were joined by Victor and Gimble Timbers, after they had teleported out of the elevator. Hit: 7 (ld6 + 4) piercing damage plus 10 (3d6) necrotic damage. A hideous marionette named Pidlwick II helped Teacup find and kill Evandur. Unarmed Strike (Vampire Form Only). I can't wait to reveal this to my players. As far as I can tell, there's no explanation in the book for where the heart came from, or how/why it was made. Would you have Leo break free if the "heart" is brought to 0, or does he just die? Well, I'm not sure the exact circumstances are what you would call replicable, but let me see if I remember the outset... We were in the castle at 9th level (party of 4 plus Vasilka the Ally plus a homebrew 4th level NPC warlock we adopted during the campaign, but that's a different story), Just found Gnome!Van Richten (grabbed himself a gift basket from the Amber Temple and reincarnated into a Gnome, all "off-screen"--nice touch by our DM), Traveled with Gertruda and the shoemaker's daughter in tow (DM modified her to be a regular human, I think in hindsight so we had someone to babysit Gertruda), We were Sunsword-less due to an away game loss outside the Amber Temple against Strahd. Your email address will not be published. The swarm turned its attention to Kosef as two vampire spawns jumped out from alcoves either side of the rogue and ran towards him. Things did not look good. I have mine as something similar. For my game, I said that the heart was a gift from Baba Lysaga, the witch of Berez, made out of her own heart. Would it even be possible to sleep inside the castle at all? We spent the next ten minutes trying to decide on our next move. Other location for Strahd to take advantage of is the top of the tower in K20, where the Heart of Sorrow is. Run while you still can. Oh, I really like the bit about radiant and sunlight. Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. I'm using someone else's idea of having the Tome reveal further investigation with Investigation checks during spare time. Only Kosef passed—being a rogue was coming in handy—and Brundle and Victor fell 15 feet to the floor. But his resolve was strong. I also don't like how easy it would be to destroy the heart while fighting Strahd. Half of the party was sent careering upwards while Kosef and Brundle tried to race up the stairs, desperately navigating the castle’s twists and turns hoping to work out where the elevator ends up. Later, that same Fighter got Strahd in a grapple and jumped down to the bottom of the tower with him. Each time Strahd or his companions do anything harmful to the target, it can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.

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