not summer, Christmas, or Holy Week. My Spain travel tips for vegetarians and vegans are to cook for yourself as often as possible and seek out vegan specific restaurants in the main cities. Most people in Spain eat a small breakfast – if anything at all, usually just a small cup of coffee – and then eat their biggest meal of the day, lunch, between 2-4. Close. She is a leader in the field of professional public speakers, professional motivational speakers, and international keynote speakers. If someone goes above and beyond to help you, it’s honestly not for a tip and you’re not expected to leave anything. In Spain, it’s considered rude to rush a group out of a restaurant, so you may “served” as often as you are used to in, say, the US. Circles Of Excellence provides Corporate Training, Executive Coaching, and Professional Keynote Speakers for companies of all sizes and in all industries, including over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Using the “come here” gesture like Americans do when you stick out your index finger and curl it in, have a much different meaning in Spain. Your support helps me keep the site going.”, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Spain never ceases to surprise me and this is well illustrated by the above picture sent to me by a friend of mine, Graham Hunt, which he took as he was driving to Valencia. Affection is a common nonverbal way of communicating in Spain. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Well, as I have written before – sex in Spain is certainly not a taboo. Meal times in Spain go a lot later than other countries. Happy traveling! The Camino de Santiago is one of the most famous walks in the world. Types of food, cultural events, and more will vary widely as well depending on the region, and I’ll cover specifics in my other Spain travel tips. 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication’, which is available on Amazon as a Book, eBook, or Audio Book. Yes, Madrid and Barcelona are epic and deserve a spot on your Europe backpacking itinerary, but there is so much more to Spain than these two major cities. Then they eat dinner around 9 pm or later! And speaking of the Camino, which often starts in the Pyrenees, Spain is home to more than just beach towns and cities. Most people do not eat much, if anything, for breakfast in Spain, though Madrid and Barcelona will still have some pretty good brunch spots from my experience. Good, wine, and especially the food or wine of the regions in Spain you are visiting. The best paella I’ve had in Spain was in Madrid, though it still doesn’t top my mom’s (a recipe given to her by her Spanish friend I’ll add). It’s easy for time to escape you in Spain, and an early night to turn into a 4 am walk home. Eat seafood in Galicia and churros con chocolate in Madrid. Architecture, music, art, culture, and anything related to the country or region’s beauty. We work with companies of all sizes and industries, including 50 Fortune 500 companies. The Spanish business culture is extremely hierarchical, and only bosses, known as “el jefe” or “el padron,” have the authority to make decisions. I studied in Spain for a few months, and punctuality was extremely important to my professors. (For more information on the best and affordable hostels in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, and Valencia, see the links.). This is because smoking is common-place in Spain and so. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The excruciating summer weather I just mentioned definitely explains why everything closes down in the afternoons for what tourists know as siestas. When you suspect that someone is avoiding those three (well, in Spanish they are two) tercultural-differences-retire-mexico-loaning.htmlrible words, the best course of action is to go and ask someone else. Looking for Pamplona hostels? Even in Granada, a city that sees quite a few tourists, many tapas bars’ idea of “vegetarian” is tuna. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Of course, the sex industry in Spain undeniably has its dark side and this became very apparent to me when I wrote a further article about prostitution in Spain (Clubbing Together). After a successful negotiation, gifts are sometimes exchanged to mark the happy occasion. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. As in many Asian countries, you must do everything you can to prevent yourself and others from “losing face”, so be very careful to avoid any kind of criticism or embarrassment. Recently, she spent several months exploring Africa and South Asia. Heaven alone knows what the experience of girls working the streets must be like…, Clubbing Together, Spain as a Brothel Nation, Sex in Spain and the biggest Brothel in Spain, Pingback: Confessions of a Call Girl in Spain » Culture Spain – for all things Spanish. (UK and European residents: make sure to use Interrail.) Make the effort to adapt to the Spanish business ways, because it demonstrates your respect for their culture and shows that you are flexible. Don’t expect to discuss business at the start of any meeting. When it comes to cultural taboos in Spain, here is one of my most important Spain travel tips for tourists. Unfortunately for you, they mostly target naive tourists. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below! Be sensitive to regional differences because making misinformed comments about a Spaniard’s region of origin is considered an insult (for example, mistaking a Catalonian for a Basque). It’s important to keep in mind that as we homogenize as a ‘global culture’, cultural tendencies change and evolve as well. Change ), Nonverbal Communication and Social Taboos of Spain, Indirect v.s. Furthermore, it is polite to kiss on the cheek when greeting acquaintances and friends alike. Decision-making and negotiations in Spain can be slow, and various levels of hierarchy are consulted as aspects of a proposal are analyzed. Extend a brief but firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. It isn’t so much that people are getting wasted, Spaniards just like to eat and drink over quality conversation and time with their friends. Traveling to a neighboring country or one halfway around the world requires a little knowledge and insight into that countries way of life. All rights reserved. A taboo is something you shouldn’t do, this could be a gesture of something as simple as a handshake. Trust me, sightseeing in the brutally hot summer afternoons is not fun. Each day there is a running of the bulls where locals (and tourists) do as the name suggests, run with – should I say from – the bulls. Do a bit of research before showing up to Spain, and show some respect to the regional differences. When I lived in Barcelona, they would poke fun at the dialects down south. But yes, eat tapas in Granada and paella in Valencia. Consequently, it will be in your best interests to refrain from airing any criticisms about it. Feelings are strongly relied on in the Spanish business culture. and one thing everyone seems to have in common is socializing over drinks, whether it’s coffee or something stronger, and food of course. I’ve never heard before the superstition of the salt shaker. The Spanish business culture is extremely hierarchical, and only bosses, known as "el jefe" or "el padron," have the authority to make decisions. The way you stand and give your message can sometimes have more meaning then the actual words you are speaking. Travel, places you’ve visited, and your home country. Cue the controversy.). Temperatures in Seville and Cordoba regularly reach 100+ F (40 c) degrees during July and August, so unless you’re hitting a beach town, island, or the Costa del Sol, I suggest planning your Spain trip for another time if possible! Spanish people typically stand closer to each other and touch each other more in conversation. Don’t be concerned if you are interrupted while talking, and don’t take it as an insult. Summoning a person by curling your index finger is considered rude. While most of Spain consumes quite a bit of jamón, it’s Andalusia that still serves free tapas. Speaking of the different regions in Spain, there are 6 official languages in Spain.

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