Looking for a tier list for Tales of Crestoria? Rating: 6/10 only due to no reason for insane defense at this time. 1016. Still, for one of the very few Wind units, he’s quite good. Vicious is amazing. Poison, Burn, and Curse could not be inflicted on bosses (obviously, or everyone would just burn them down). Guides; Tales of Crestoria – Tier List. OL cost of 140 for a high multiplier hit, and average artes with powerhouse tier turns? This is a long grind, but at the bare minimum you’ll gain a lot of power and still be able to have a full elemental grid with max dupes just through farming. This means you need a total of 10 dupes to fully Limit Break both a character and a Memoria Stone. Note – this is the PvP tier list. However, being one of the only dark units, he’s actually quite strong in his element. Misella has High HP and above average defense, but low Attack. Rating: 10/10 if used well enough; Without proper boosting and actively using him correctly, 5/10. There was an in-game notice that said damage calculation would be different for raid bosses, which means they will at least be usable on them. Tales of Crestoria Tier List – Tier S. Tier S are very overpowered and great characters, very close to the best characters. Velvet has one of the highest attack stats, but also the lowest hp and defense. By. Chronos is one of the other very few Martial Arts units. This tier list evaluates these certain criteria that these units offer: How well does the character perform in raids; How strong it is in PvP; How well does it synergize with other characters (same element and weapon) SS Tier. His MA gives him a WHOPPING 38 hits, and his 2nd Arte gives 14 hits. However, fully limit breaking a character actually only equates to roughly 25-30% of their total stats at level 100. In regards to substones, this really depends on the stone, but it is somewhere between a 30-45% power increase (however, this does not account for the MA and Artes boost that a character LB would give you). His MA hits decently hard and has an OL of 210, which is above average OL cost. For a balanced team, you would want attacker+ tank + healer. But having a strong hit count unit alive is great. This generates 48 hits on a full PvP encounter, alongside his second arte, pushing him to 52 hits (1 less than Yuri). Essentially, you break these down for Rainbow Crystals, and 10x Rainbow crystals = 1x Universal Character or Stone dupe materials to limit break any Character or Stone. Overall, a very strong, solid, earth unit. Her only real current downside is that she is a Longsword user. Tales of crestoria tier list below Tales of Crestoria Dupe system. She is one of the few Light units, and for a Light unit she is quite strong. When you perform a 10 pull, the 10th pull is guaranteed to be SR+ in the general gacha. So while he may be weak, he’s a huge boon if used correctly. Wildfire (Sorey): Any damage you do to an ally of the inflicted enemy will in turn do x1.3 that amount of damage to the inflicted enemy. 4. Reid hits hard with a high MA multiplier and 11 hits, if only weakened by the OL cost. I just compare him to Vicious a lot as the only other dark SSR, and much prefer Vicious. Since we don’t have enough currency in the pocket in the early game to build the team with all top-tier SSR characters, it’s OK to add SR characters in the team at the beginning of the game. Kanata is a fairly good unit. However, his second arte has a high cooldown. by archefayte on reddit. The rates for the general gacha is 5%. The Stain of Guilt is a mark that appears on body part of those acknowledged as sinners, thus becoming a “criminal” chased down by enforcers. It is Expected to released globally on 30th June 2020. Strength – Improves  DEF of all the characters. You can use this on bosses, which makes Sorey a boss killer when there are multiple enemies. So these are the top-tier Tales of Crestoria characters in PvP content. Introducing Tales of Crestoria Database (Tier List, Calculator and more!) WhatsApp. Reid – Element: Fire – Type: Sword – also Perk: Fire element characters recover HP and reset cooldown; Ludger – Element: Dark – Type: Dual Blades – also Perk: Buffs allies Attack (+ Dark); Milla – Element: Light – Type: Sword – also Perk: Light Element +HP The answer is no, it casts a second status effect that starts from turn 1. He hits hard. It does nothing if the inflicted enemy is alone. His 1st Arte is an AoE though has a 5 turn CD and his 2nd Arte is decent. Sometimes the character may be bad, and sometimes the stone may be bad. 25% MORE defense on his passives. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. Cress is one of the best units for Earth. Memoria Stones that are of rarity SR an SSR via gacha, will come with a character as well. Poison (No SSR’s had this, I used SR Zaveid to test): Does damage equal to 10% of the enemy’s max HP. Heroes with the Highest Stats Highest HP: Vicious (39K), Estelle (36.7K), Asbel (33.5K) Highest ATK: Velvet (3.99K), […] However, note that you do not need to Max Limit Break both the character and stone. Leon has lower than average HP, kinda low defense, but extremely high base attack. However, his OL damage is alright, and OL cost is alright. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party... Child best weapon Definitely a strong unit for PvP, but no place in PvE. Twitter. Do you have any suggestions? Now, let’s check out the best SSR characters –, This Tales of Crestoria tier list part showcases all the SSR characters and their tier ratings in PvP and PvE game modes in four major tiers where SS tier is the best, S tier is good, A tier is average, and B tier is bad. His artes have powerhouse tier cooldowns. But one of them is a 45% hp heal for 1 target. Check it out. Note – you will have to strategically adjust the squad based on the enemies you are against to – pay attention to characters’ key roles; attackers, healers, tank, etc. In this section, we have listed the top-tier attackers, supporters, and tanks that you can use to build the best team.

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