Larger snakes take more tanning. The remaining color will Pop out somewhat but it will never cone back as pretty as the original sorry to say. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my new tanned rattlesnake skin. Work fast and keepntje hide as cool as possible. The next day when you’re satisfied enough with the soaking, remove the extra solution by simply patting it dry with a rag. Just a normal bathroom decoration… don’t mind that. He fleshed it and just pinned it out in the sun. It’s dang if you do and dang if you don’t. let the hide soak it up over night, and if you like add some more and let it soak, but when you are satisfied get a wet rag and clean all of the extra solution off, its okay to get your hide wet, and it will get very flimsy and floppy. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have one that I particularly love the colors and pattern and when she passes I will be using the tanned hide to make a hat band. you want to get it on and let it soak but wipe off any that stays on as residue. Cut the rattle section off with your knife. 2. the one bottle is plenty for dozens of snakes 8. salt I had removed all the flesh and made sure it was all clean before submerging it. I kept the jar in the closet (away from light and curious cats) for 2 1/2 days, stirring the contents once or twice a day. Rattler—- make for sure your cleaning ALL THE MEAT off up to the rattles or it will rot! When I did the same process with a larger skin, a 3 foot Cottonmouth, even after the final rinse and glycerin application the skin stank something awful, and it still does to this day, three years after the fact. Pressing: In this step, dry the skin by putting in some clothes over the skin. The Material List. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After lunch I went over to another buddies house who I had seen tanning various hides. The flesh should be completely removed from the skin. Do not press to hard or I guarantee you it will eat a hole in the hide. I turned them inside out so that the scales were facing outward (I completed the entire tanning process with flesh side out) and found that they look just as beautiful as they did when I first saw them. This is the method that I learned from Dr. Ron Hood (, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, lay your hide out with the outside of the snake facing down, take some thumbtacks and line the sides of the hide with them, stretching the hide, and be sure to keep the scales straight, the way it dries is the way it stays. I have some unskinned rattlesnakes that have been in the freezer for years (some 10 years!). Anyone know how to revive the color on a previously tanned rattlesnake skin? On most snakes, there is a smaller belly scale covering the cloaca. I guess I can get it from Amazon if I can’t find it locally. .also neglected to mention that during the glycerin solution process when soaking the hide for 24 hours it is not to be left in direct sunlight . Then you can place in small Baggie to protect the skin. Any suggestions? Asked him what to do with the skin. I have read that it’s normal to have shedding of the scales (which I already experience when I handle the hide), so I’ll need to report back on how this plays out over time. Don’t overdo it and just put the amount that is required to soak up the entire skin. Simply follow these steps and you will be extremely pleased with the end result. I don’t want that stink again and on such a beautifully patterned skin. And this guide will exactly teach you how to tan a rattlesnake skin! Make an incision down the centerline of the belly, through the skin only, all the way from the stump where the head was attached to the base of the rattle. lay out the basic shape with maybe 10-20 tack then when the shape is good, add more and more tacks, see pictures below for an easier description. Rattle snake, which is one of the most poisonous kinds, can be used for such purposes. You could make a hat band for your cowboy hat… if you have one. Did you make this project? that just went into the solution about twelve hours ago. We simply dry out the removed rattlers. Boards wider than 6-8 inches are sometimes hard to find!!! Free the uppermost end of the skin from the fleshy membrane and then gently pull down on the skin. I have had to keep the skin in a bag not only because of the smell (which started directly after the solution dried off the skin) but also because the scales keep flaking off. Peel all the scales to give it a uniform look. (by weight) or 2/3 a cup of TASCO/RITTEL’S Kwik-Tan (KT-10), per 1 lb. is there a specific type of glycerin that works best or that you recommend? When we kill an animal, it is very important to us to use as much of that animal as possible. of borax and 4 oz. Asked him if I could keep it as I was curious about how it would taste. About 20 years ago I lived in Montana and we got several large rattle snakes. I personally never soak my hides in the solution. I like using the alcohol, denatured or other, and glycerine. Tanning solutions, which is pretty easily available in online shopping portals. And while catching a snake is pretty dangerous, tanning the skin also involves few important steps. After several days I brushed the Borax off and removed the staples with a knife point and then trimmed the edges off. ", The way I do it is to soak the hide 2 to 3 days in urine the uric acid will break down the fat left on the hide. thank you ron, If you’re referring to the scales that kinda look like shed material and fall off easily, I always remove them. I rinse and repeat until I no longer get soap bubbles in the rinse water when I wring the skin . Never tried tanning snake skin... rubbing it down real good with salt preserves it well enough for wall hanging or hat-bands. Is this the correct way to tan Rattler hides? It’s dangerous and I’m only telling you how I do it, it’s uo to you if you want to try it on your own. It looked a bit like I had made pickled snake. Skin out the snake and make sure that all the meat and fat are removed from the flesh side of the skin. So, finally when you are set to tan, you need some preparations beforehand to do the process in a perfect way. The skin should be coated with borax when you are done. When you separate an animal’s skin from its meat, there will be some flesh still adhered to the underside of the skin. Remove the snake skin from the tanning solution. Just little patience is what it needs. You issue is there is meat left somewhere on the hide… on your next one salt it with non iodized table salt 24 hours prior to fleshing. The skin will stretch some when scrapping flesh off!! When the skin is dry, brush off the excess salt or any extra pieces of chunk if left. This process is intended to draw all moisture from the skin. Board, wide and long enough to fit the skin. So, what should you do here? Thank you for posting this article. It’s creepy, but no more than that. Another hint to try is not use any salt when you skin the hide. Whe fleshing dont fool around. That killls the bacteria and makes the fleshing process much easier. I would tack the skin to a board and then do the fleshing process. for those who havent seen my work, im going to show you how to tan snake skin to use in craft projects, that can look amazing, most everything you need you should already have 1. scissors, or a knife (scissors are better for this trust me) 2. thumbtacks (plastic heads are nicer but the flat metal ones will work 3. See that yuk? Cloud Jaguar. Well remember when you’re killing any particular creature, it is essential to utilize every bit of it and with the right set of tools and supplies, the process can be carried out effectively. be extra careful to put lots more tacks on the tail section! at this point I wash the skin in fresh cold water agitating it by hand often . I also chose not to make any unnecessary cuts — my approach is to preserve the original structure of the animal as much as possible until I know what I want to do with the hide. Pull it out the next day and the meat will have firmed making it much easier to flesh. It may work better to carefully get your knife underneath it and peel it away. Only put in the fridge (or ice chest- directly in the ice- in a ziplock) if your skinning it in the next 12 hours otherwise Freeze the snake whole. of skin weight. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I have made bracelets, hatbands, wallets, and belts. Pin out the snakeskin on a board, flesh side up. ... Also, if we find a rattlesnake near the house or barn, we will kill it. Scrape the salt and any dried pieces of flesh from the skin. This flesh needs to be scraped away and discarded. When you are ready, you can take the preserved skin out from the freezer and defrost the skin by putting the ziplock bag in a pool of cold water. Now I just have to decide what to make with the hide!

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