That’s good, as are the 2 main pole guy points as opposed to one guy point on get gen. 1 version. It rained two nights and I stayed dry, and I expect I’d stay dry in the protrail even in a monsoon, as long as I didn’t pitch it in a creek bed or bog, of course. The ProTrail is quite spacious for a one-person shelter with plenty of extra space to store gear inside the tent or under the front vestibule. I am an older AT section hiker who’s not very mechanical. Breezy in cold weather. Question. Backpacking the White Mountain 4000 Footers Guidebook, Osprey Skimmer 20 Hydration Backpack Review. The front door is strangely flat, not beaked and pointed outwards as one would expect to help shed wind. A mid side tab has nothing but fabric to pull against and all that does is distort the canopy. Nothing is perfect, but this tent is quite good. You may need to reposition your stakes: the goal is to spread out the corners as widely as possible in order to stretch out the tent sides, including the bug netting which connects the floor to the walls. When hiking at times of the year where bugs aren’t a problem, I tie the net doors back and access to my gear is even easier. Compatible with fixed and adjustable length trekking poles. Is the vestibule of this tent big enough to cook in it or not? In hindsight, I would have kept the flaps at least partially open, as I had heavy condensation. I like double wall ents so I have the TT Notch Li. Easy to pitch, highly refined, and simple design. I really wish that all these companies would list the actual carry weight of their shelters. No Trekking Poles required. It is ideal for trekking pole users who want the ultimate lightweight and protection. I’m wondering if the magnet is near enough or powerful enough that it might affect those with pacemakers or hearing aids. If you’re trying to decide if the ProTrail Li (or the less expensive silnylon ProTrail) is right for you, consider the climate where you plan to use this tent, the size, and characteristics of the tent sites there, and if you prefer a front-entry or side-entry tent. Just to be clear, there are two perimeter hem tabs per side. My knees were thrilled and I barely felt it in my pack as I climbed 4-8 mountains a day in Vermont’s steep terrain. Get your 15.3 oz DFC ONE ($539) or 20.8 oz DCF TWO ($589) while supplies last! I bought one, just haven’t had it out yet. The Tarptent ProTrail Li is a single wall Dyneema trekking pole tent that weighs 15.95 ounces. Saying the tent is under a pound and then you have to add the weight of the stakes, stake bag, tent bag, etc. Appropriate for use in arid and more humid forested environments, the ProTrail is easy to pitch and has modest footprint requirements, making it easy to find wild, stealth campsites to set it up. The ProTrail Li also has a mesh-backed back window which can be closed with solid panels or left open for ventilation. However, the ProTrail must be seam-sealed before being used in rainy weather. The pole can be slanted off-center to make the entrance more accessible. BUT… if’n I wuz a-lookin’ fer a single wall tent it would be the AEON Li. It also uses the same magnetic tie-tieback system as the front door, although you must be inside the tent to configure it. As a Pacerpole trekking pole user, I also really appreciate that trekking poles are inserted into grommets in the ceiling, tips up, so that the tent can used with any style of trekking pole handle. All silnylon tents do this. Just my two cents. Easy setup everything it needs to be setup was with the package. © Copyright 2007-2020, and Fells Press LLC. but I don’t recommend that. This shelter was designed to be used with trekking poles. We only ever used 6 stakes and never had issues with durability. Hoping to acquire a new tent before then but will look forward to your review none the less. Required fields are marked *, Choose pictures (maxsize: 2000 kB, max files: 2), 3D rotation with 6 ft/ 1.83 m scale human. The One sounds really sketch to me with 7D materials. Cannot recommend this shelter enough, it held up great throughout the west and midwest, in rain and hail storms. Just give us the weight of the shelter that includes what you need to carry it & set it up and let the chips fall where they may. I made a ground cover out of window film that’s a couple inches inside the outer dimensions of the tent and vestibules so all my gear in the vestibules is kept off wet ground. While this is less aerodynamic, it provides more usable storage space and makes it much easier to get in and out of the tent. I’m looking for something that packs smaller (stuffable) for multi-stage ultramarathons where pack sizes are small, and I was thinking of the Protrail (no struts, packs small, 2min pitch).

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