Even though the pandemic protocols have thinned the herd somewhat this season, they still manage to create a very loud presence to distract the visiting teams. “I really enjoy watching live football It’s going to be a different game day atmosphere," Stein said. For less desirable games, the ticket range falls between $60 – $200 depending on the seat location. That’s less than 20 percent capacity. Concession stand supplies and furniture are also stored there. Gates open two hours before kickoff. They’ve gotten rid of paper tickets, and there’s no tailgating. You should limit your pod to family or other people you know very well. NRG Stadium offers some Texas-sized features, including two huge end zone scoreboard displays, a 360-degree LED light display on the front of the upper deck and 196 suites on four different seating levels. At halftime, there is no on field entertainment, so highlights from the other NFL games underway are shown on the big screens. ft. & securely fenced-in space for staging. Be sure to take a walk around the exterior of the stadium prior to the game. All seats are sold in pods of 2-4 tickets, with the pods socially distanced in the stadium. send. Turf used inside NRG Stadium for college and high school football is housed inside on large shelves. The Bud Light Plaza offers pregame entertainment, although this has been limited in 2020 due to social distancing protocols. Texans have added hand sanitizers and mobile ordering. Even though the crowd size is only 20% of normal, you will want to get to the stadium early. NRG Stadium offers excellent accessibility, especially with the limited seating measures in place this season. NRG Stadium was the first stadium in the NFL with a retractable roof. The Texans offer some great traditions that are still in place despite the pandemic. The stadium is conveniently located off South Loop of I-60. The uniqueness of NRG Park is apparent in the flexibility of its facilities, each offering the opportunity to host large exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, conventions and meetings. The most hardcore fans are known as The Bullpen and are seated behind the north end zone. Ticket prices will depend on who the opponent is, as most tickets this season come through the resale market. Couple this with our professional staff dedicated to achieving the highest levels of customer and guest satisfaction and you'll clearly understand why NRG Park is a leader in the event industry. In a non-COVID season the lots are filled with the aroma of BBQ and other Texas-sized pregame meals, but tailgating is not allowed due to safety measures in 2020. You will have no doubts that you are in Texas when you see the concession offerings at NRG Stadium. “I’m going to take my regular precautions," Stein said. pin. The 350-acre complex with 26,000 parking spaces is uniquely comprised of four facilities: NRG Center, NRG Arena, NRG Stadium and NRG Astrodome where adaptability, hospitality and distinct service all meet to provide a world-class experience. The cost of attending a Texan’s game is highly variable this season. NRG Stadium, originally branded Reliant Stadium, broke ground March 9, 2000 in order to be ready for the Houston Texans' inaugural season in 2002. sms. Only players, coaches and referees are allowed on the playing field. tweet. “There's just a few friends that you go with, and there’s empty seats all around you, which is very comforting to know," Debbie said. HOUSTON — It's a big weekend for Houston Texans fans.

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