Still, you’ll need it as filler every now and then, mainly for the purpose of resetting Leaping Slash outside of Ragnarok. Otherwise pick yellow lines. In sequence 1, I’d do BF before LS, GS. i kinda lack points to do so.. :F. Any help on a keybind setup for the valkyrie? The best ways to do this are: Bloodflower and Bloodflower resets (Bloodflower -> Evasion -> Bloodflower). Valkyrie. Save yourself the trouble and the boredom! Valkyrie’s DPS heavily relies on Shining Crescent and Ragnarok. Alrighty, got to 65 in NA and have some questions for you!

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Typical Evasive Roll, but can be used twice within 4 seconds before cooldown is applied. There’s also very rare chance of not seeing crit in priest party as well. So that leaves the question: What do you use to generate 1 extra runemark in sequence 4 since neither Charge nor SD can be used? Leaping slash and ground bash have moved up in priority and Runeburst is almost completely absent from the rotation. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, WS, SD, RB Also skills Spinning Death and Dream Slash reset Leaping Slash. The Valkyrie class is a slow moving “tank” class that can do a lot of damage with high AP. The most diverse character in TERA, this class can be one of the easier ways to accumulate gold.

No one has documented it explicitly outside of the discord chat and the change is described with "more or less" as a qualifier. 5. Never go below +42 crit factor. It is not unusual to see Valkyrie with crit factor jewelries or crystals. When you have a bunch of mobs following you, simply using these two skills can clear them up easily: This works thanks to the broken combination of Avatar Weapons granting high chance to crit, and the passive [Rune Carving], which generates Runemarks on minions and normal monsters. I’ll list a few: You can also obtain it rightaway with 300 Supercede Token, but I’d rather open crates to get it. That, on the other hand, is a perfectly valid thing to do, and should be slightly higher DPS. F1 > 1 > 1 > 1 > Shift Mouse 2 > F4 > F4 Also, Leaping Slash resets only when the conditions written on the left have been achieved.

Its playstyle may appeal to players who enjoy Warriors and Slayers, but it will not fail to draw attention from almost anyone.

Expanding a bit on what Obsie said: Glaive Strike has a ridiculously high innate crit modifier, while Dream Slash has none. In order to maximize your results and get the most out of fighting these creatures, what follows is a simple guide to the ones most worth your time and effort. Your email address will not be published. Based on those two, you can make the following rotations as well: [Maelstrom] will leave 6 marks on target, 3rd cast of [Spinning Death] will give 1 mark (total of 7 marks). Powerlink glyph that increases base damage of next hit by 30%. Any way you look at it, this is your valkyrie and you should be able to play your class however you deem fit. That makes mini rotation: Leaping Slash -> Ground Bash -> Windslash -> Leaping Slash -> Glaive Strike. The guide is still useful for the time being and it will likely be passed on to another Valkyrie player from the discord and updated later. Information provided will include gear rolls, crystals, etchings, accessory choices, and tips!

This skill heavily determines your DPS, so you must use this as much as possible. The Valkyrie class draws on many different combat systems similar to Warrior’s edge system, Brawler’s perfect block mechanic, and Ninja’s chi resource to create a new unique playstyle. However, this may depend on player’s style as it can be seen as DPS loss during cast somewhat, but I’d say the outcome pays off. Pick a playstyle that works for you, work out the kinks, and then worry about damage. When I usual run on my slayer which is full crit built I have nearly 90% crit on BAMs. Initially a party buff skill at the price of your own, but it was later changed to be more useful for the caster. [Windslash] can no longer be canceled with [Evasion] due to “infinite [Leaping Slash]” abuse.

My guess is start the boss, build points, and reset it (or, I guess with the second boss of RM you could attack the eggs like brawlers and ninjas sometimes do), but I feel like you couldn’t really do that on bosses like Lachelith, and that your party might hate you and not want to stand around waiting for you to build points. This skill does quite a bit of damage when it crits which can improve your DPS significantly, so you want to use this as much as possible too.

This build is quite unorthodox and would be very impractical for ordinary use because of the glyphs that it has taken.

[1] Requires to be chained from [Leaping Slash] and the damage isn’t very significant despite being quite decent. 3. F2 – Charge (gap closer)

When those skills above are on cooldown, you will have to use these as fillers: [Spinning Death] should be off cooldown by the time you use it again here. Chaining this from [Spinning Death] is a good idea as its cooldown isn’t very long, so it will be available to use often. Iam with you that i should use charge as a movment skill, but i don’t have a solution for this yet :/. However, in the process of localization from Korea to North America, Valkyrie seemed to opt out of the Korean lunar theme and instead, gone with a more Norse ancient divinity theme. ... 7/21/2020 11:29:11 PM Valkyrie Maintenance Guide - Angelfire Page 1/5. Ground Bash (1%~). I'll be giving it to Dreaming after my edits.

That really sucks. Please log in again. Dash forward and attack a target within 20m.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Fixed issue causing camera shake on other player’s screen.

This skill's main purpose is to stun opponents in PVP and give them bleed debuff. Dec 10, 2019 / By, Dec 08, 2019 / By, Dec 06, 2019 / By, Sep 23, 2019 / By, The most current source of information on Valkyrie is the. Even with disregarding those from the data, the chart above seems to match most of the time. This is a 3-hit combo skill that must be used consecutively within 5 seconds of each other. Once you do Bloodflower in sequence 3, Dream Slash + Leaping Slash is the fastest way to stack 2 runemarks. F1 – Maelstrome (high priority skill) I wanted to go deeper with rotation but it would’ve been too much to explain and I felt that people would be lost from wall of text like Broken Prison guide so I’ve omitted the entire thing. Charge, BS, DS, LS, GB, BF, DH, WS, LS so this class will focus on building power instead.

TERA Valkyrie Class Guides | How To TERA Honda Valkyrie Maintenance Manual Author: Subject: Honda Valkyrie Maintenance Manual Keywords: honda, valkyrie, maintenance, manual Created Date: 7/21/2020 11:29:11 PM Valkyrie DIY: Carburetor maintenance, Part 1

Balder's Tears will let you take 3 ticks of damage with 80% damage reduction. Leaves 6 Runemarks when successfully landing all hits. However, you still need some crit factor to avoid the slim possibility of not critting on the most crucial skills. You can pre-build ragnarok before the fight. This build is quite unorthodox and would be very impractical for ordinary use because of the glyphs that it has taken. Windslash has a 10sec cooldown. Maelstrom + Spinning Death + Backstab + Shining Crescent Having Glyph of Persistence and Opportunity on [Evasion] along with Glyph of Ardency and Carving on [Bloodflower] makes these two skills stand out a lot. Sure you can get items for free in-game. Each orb will disappear when you receive damage after it absorbs 70% of the damage. With Ground Bash doing almost as much as Glaive Strike at max, we can now invest into Dreamslash to do even more damage at around 70% crit rate. How To TERA Valkyrie Maintenance Guide - Angelfire Valkyrie – Xena Support Black Desert Online Valkyrie Overview (Guide) Updated 2019!

Use one red circled glyph and one yellow circled glyph. There are additional glyph pages on the source page from Grey. You will feel huge difference in building Ragnarok Points if you don’t have the chest top line. with the 28 points I have in , its at +450 attack modifier, so you may indeed get better results putting about 20-30 points in , , and than all into ". Sure you can get items for free in-game.

Sure you can get items for free in-game. Since February 2020 patch Elins can also become Valkyries. An example rotation outside of Ragnarok would be something like Bloodflower (1) > Leaping Slash (2) > Glaive Strike (4) > Windslash > Leaping Slash (5) > Ground Bash (6) > Spinning Death (7) > Dark Herald > Runeburst.

You can use Balder's Tears to take a massive hit in certain dungeons while continuously attacking the boss and survive (examples: Lachelith's Swing in RMHM and RK9's S-Bomb in RK9NM). It’s quite broken for mobbing with the combination of [Dream Slash] and [Runeburst]. Increase Skill Damage of Runeburst by 10%, 1 mark if target has at least 1 mark embedded.

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