The Bard is a cynical, opportunistic musician who roams the country for carnal pleasures. Privacy Policy. This is an archive of video game artwork, which may include screenshots, videos, concept art, and wallpapers. From birth this troublemaker was stealing and conning his way through the world. The shock stunned and paralyzed him. The full retail price is perhaps more than the duration is worth, but now that the game has settled into the discount bin, it's cost is nearer to it's value. one of three choices; Kill Finnoch and free Caleigh (whos turns out to really be a demon from hell), Listen to Finnoch and battle Caleigh in her demon form, or choose neither and run off to the nearest bar to party with zombies. At the end of the game, however, it is revealed that "Princess Caleigh" is really the Queen of Darkness, a giant demon queen ruling the underworld and trying to enter the human world to conquer it with her monster army, and the supposed bad guys have been really trying to stop her all along (for a thousand years, actually). You've done it, you've set me free. The Bard is the kind of a genre-savvy snarker that could only be created with the cynical insight of a brilliant games industry and gaming veteran. After peeping through a dancers window at the local bar he noticed the band and immediately took a liking to music. After being given a magic pendant, The Bard soon becomes The Bard's Tale - good ending - Caleigh defeated.avi, Bard's Tale - Choose Caleigh (Evil) Ending 02. If he chooses to fight as her champion, she genuinely falls in love with him, resulting with a happy ending for them both (and a bad ending for most else) as they rule the world together. "If you decide Fionnaoch: I … The Bard, after getting burned by and subsequently slaying a giant, fire-breathing rat, ends up being recruited by an old man to help free a princess named Caleigh. The Bard is a cynical, opportunistic musician who roams the country for carnal pleasures.

Looking for some great streaming picks? This cutscene features dialogue from the Houton blacksmith concerning hi... Titan Quest - Alternate Hero Skins (AllSkins Mod), Awakening: The Skyward Castle - Epilogue - Parting the Veil, The Bard's Tale - Dun Ailinne Treasure Map, Titan Quest - Hunter's Armor, Serpent Whisper, Titan Quest - The Sphinx, Thutmose's Buckler, Megalos, Titan Quest - Firewalker's Suit, Glowing Rod. An art book, The Art of Titan Quest , is also available. The Bard is the games main/playable character. The Bard would have to pick his target wisely. Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn, Tales of the Unknown: Volume I - The Bard's Tale. Caleigh is a supporting character, secret true antagonist, and optional end boss in the 2004 parody fantasy video game The Bard's Tale. It is up to you to assemble a party of adventurers to save Skara Brae. Games with hidden / unlockable full games.

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