NO, it's limited to Spotify only!I have recently opened an Apple music account and i don't see these issues here, so, if nothing changes i think i will not continue using Spotify. No 2 factor auth, they say they're considering this? Check out Spotify Answers for solutions to a wide range of topics. I just kicked 2 unknown folks off my family plan, but I'm sure they'll be back. I've noticed that the link you provide to give access to the family plan is static with no option to change. People buy a software pack to crack spotify, which gives info on free family slots2. A lot of my friends have been kicked out of their family plan lately and we have some 13 year old kid running around in school bragging he can sell Spotify for 1$.I also had problems with my account, i was locked out, music was being played which i never started and messed up my playlists etc.I did some research and found a website blatantly selling hacked accounts and "spotify upgrades"The forum is, they offer hundreds of and links to hacked accounts and even host an upgrade service themselves search for "Spotify" and you will find 25 pages with each about 1000 hacked accounts, for free.Or go to the seller section to see the first page filled with spotify references.You can also buy software to crack Spotify, upgrades, every single way spotify can be exploited is being exploited. It feels to me Spotify doesn't even care, cause it's not happening at apple music, deezer, tidal or Napster. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I doubt Spotify is not aware of these issues since 13 year old kids are making bank on this just shows how easy it is and what size the exploit has become. If you think it’s all over then the joke is on you” Spencer’s in-your-face pranks in this episode of iCarly have inspired a TikTok meme hashtag : #JokeIsOnYou. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. And for the sake of your bank, CC or Paypal information, i would suggest anyone reading this to do the same. then they host an "upgrade service" either on a website, or chat app like discord3. In these videos, TikTokers act out literal pranks or instances where something so unfortunate and absurd happens that it feels like it must be a joke. Spotify can't seem to provide even the most basic security: I think it's time to move to a different service with basic security tools in place. What country are you having this issue in? We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Need help? criminal has a script (upgrade service), inviting them to the family plan* when they run out of free slots they will simply delete original family members to keep selling.Noticing anything strange on your account? buyer wants Spotify premium for 1$, gives his email to criminal4. this is what's happening. It feels to me Spotify doesn't even care, cause it's not happening at apple music, deezer, tidal or Napster. Static links for family plan that can't be changed, No notifications if someone adds to the family plan, They once sent me an email with an embedded URL instructing me to validate my zip code instead of instructing me to log into my account to do so. Seems to be getting to a rather big issue. NO, it's limited to Spotify only! Cancelling my paid account as a result. Not only do they get the spotify login, but also other data like DoB, paypal info, and anything other which is stored on Spotify.I doubt Spotify is not aware of these issues since 13 year old kids are making bank on this just shows how easy it is and what size the exploit has become. to all people having problems with their family plan, here's how it works:1. This would explain the repeated account hacks I've been experiencing. Just head over to to see how bad Spotify security has become.

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