Yun Si is one of Yixue’s army general. First Impressions: The Fox’s Summer (2017), To Be With You (2019): Episode 58-60 Recap. This helps cover my site costs! Later, Li Qian goes to pay homage to his late mother at the temple. Ming Yue feels annoyed for being taken for a ride and goes to bake in the kitchen to let off steam. Li Xun’s soldiers tie Ming Yue up in a rebels’ hideout and steals her hairpin. Although there is no love in her heart, Hui Xin is willing to bear the responsibility of being his wife and work as a team. So, Hui Xin is freed after Li Qian requests the Emperor to do so. Ming Yue is playful and spirited, in opposition to Li Qian’s calm and serious demeanor and their interactions are so fun to watch. When it is time to shoot a few arrows to complete the wedding ceremony, Li Qian is unable to do so. That is if you can get over Ming Yue’s immaturity as mentioned above and the possible annoyance over Hui Xin and Yun Si’s inability to take no for an answer. She reminds him that she gave a lantern to him once when they were young to comfort him from being bullied. However, Li Xun realizes his brother is not dead when he sees that the corpse does not match his height. Jin Yu is a happy-go-lucky man and often seen as a playboy. However, Li Qian deflects the accusation by creating the impression that Ming Yue was with Princess Kang Le on that day. In fact, Hui Xin’s father pleaded with Li Qian to spare his daughter to which Li Qian agreed. Princess Kang Le then suggested to Ming Yue that she should spend more time with Li Qian instead. Pei Shu Tang is then forced to reveal to Li Qian that she is sent by Li Xun as a spy and there is another one lurking around. Ling Mei Shi as Li Ming Yue / Princess Ai Mai La. The Emperor entrusts Li Xun to organize a royal hunting event. Li Xun wakes up to find himself weakened and injured. If you’re looking for a fun romance-centered historical drama, definitely give The Love by Hypnotic a try! Li Xun is plotting a countermeasure as the Emperor is planning to appoint Li Qian as the crown prince. Li Xun suggests that they should kill both Li Qian and Ming Yue then but Hui Xin quickly objects as she just wants Ming Yue dead. Li Qian goes home and tries the same thing on Ming Yue. The head will get to decide what can and cannot be done on that day. That night, Ming Yue asks Li Qian to stay with her and share her bed. Si Kong Zhen advises Li Qian to admit his feelings and not to let Ming Yue down. Li Qian continues to take care of her. I love this type of romantic comedy drama.. some scenes are fantastically hilarious, belly laughing humour. This causes Li Qian to have a sore shoulder and gives his friends, Si Kong Zhen and Song Jin Yu, a good laugh. Hui Xin reveals her suspicion to Li Xun about Ming Yue. Alen Fang also did well as the prince. Hui Xin says there is no turning back. Required fields are marked *. She is disappointed that Li Qian didn’t turn up. The drama ends with a kiss as Li Qian tries to hypnotize Ming Yue into loving and kissing him. He gets angry with Ming Yue when he learns what she has done. I am working to restore those images as soon as possible! Li Qian suspects Hui Xin is helping Yun Si with the kidnapping as the words Yun Si has uttered are similar to what Hui Xin has said previously. Due to recent site issues, some images are not loading in posts. When they arrive at the inn, Li Qian and Ming Yue hide in the secret room that they have discovered earlier. Li Ming Yue has the ability of hypnosis, and after using it on Li Qian, he discovers that he is able to recover lost memories from his childhood. She is also a good friend of Ming Yue. Neither is it like Love And Destiny whereby you have a lot more characters to remember and you need to figure out who is who in the initial stages.

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