No. However, there are also some abandoned places that have been left for nature to slowly reclaim. Graffiti located inside the tunnel at the entrance on the left side. You walk a short distance to the tunnel, go through the tunnel (it's actually longer than it seems and Dark so bring a flashlight), then out of the tunnel, another short walk to the end. I am an asthmatic, but my chest has never tightened before, only my bronchial tubes. The people of Bryson City were finally paid, and they still get to have family reunions in cemeteries like everyone does, and is perfectly normal. read more. (9/28/2019), Posts that block cars from entering the tunnel, small parking lot not pictured to the right. Cherokee alphabet, proof of ancient North American Jews, or just a hoax? Spend the afternoon browsing the shops and galleries of Everett, Main and Depot streets. What your accent says about you, 6 authentic sayings that will make you sound like a true Southerner. But you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, and the eggs the TVA cracked included family farms, cemeteries and even whole communities up and down the multi-state river system. But I feel and see spirits many places so go figure. more. The Road to Nowhere is a quick drive outside Bryson City. Kinda. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. Suddenly the road just ends when it meets up with the tunnel. Again, my friends didn't hear anything at all. A new road was constructed along the southern border of the lake. One day in mid June, around three or four in the afternoon, two friends (Pam and Mary) and I went up there to see what all of the fuss was about. Learn more about these eery abandoned places in North Carolina. So maybe next summer we will swing by it and walk through. The Juney Whank and Indian Creek trails have moderate slopes, while Tom Branch is the closest to the trailhead. After we got done seeing the sights, we turned around and went back towards the tunnel, the only thing between us and the car. You can find more of her work on If the DOI didn’t request the appropriation and congress never pushed the issue, so the promise was unbroken and the Road to Nowhere would remain unfinished. It is a long, beautiful, yet eerie drive. In the name of progress, people were pushed from the homes – with “fair” compensation – and the entire face of the region changed. If you want to venture farther, you have to do it by foot. Many of them are music related. Our group is called L.I.G.H.T.S. I channeled my aunts spirit to protect me and once the hands I could feel were gone I fainted just inside the tunnel. Our story starts in 1943. Once on the other side, the road just ends. It was fun, beautiful, and we saw turkeys on the drive down!

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