. . Its sound III. (D) growth within a limited geographical area. The words "Even now" (line 12) and "Nearly always" (line 15) serve to. . Several sections of the passage appear in capital letters and with almost no punctuation. In line 10, the phase "being alone" is stucturally parallel to the phrase, With respect to the entire passage, the statement in the first sentence is, B. (lines 9-11)? In line 15 the word "scriptures" is best interpreted to mean, The end of the first paragraph (lines 22-30) rhetorical features EXCEPT. The primary rhetorical function of the last sentence in paragraph 2 ("What is it like . In its context, the phrase "vital forces" (line 14) refers to, (C) new laws and regulations passed to deal with changing social and economic conditions, It can be inferred from the passage that a distinguishing feature of an industrial society is. Its connotation II. The speaker in the passage can best be described as a person who, A. . fol- low virtue and knowledge" (lines 10-15)? Introduce a persona that constrasts with the one introducted in the first sentence, In Line 9, the author argues that the difference between "writing" and "writers" is primarily that the, C. Person doing the writing is percieved as less than real that the writing produced, Which best describes the syntax of lines 17-18 (JCO...Texts), B. A. Which of the following best captures the main theme of the passage? A principal purpose of the use of “shadow” (line 12) is to (A) foreshadow the departure of the speaker (B) emphasize the disintegration of the picture (C) serve as a balance for the use of “presence” (lines 9- 10) (D) compensate for the negative connotation of In line 1, the phrase "to that other" primarily does which of the following? . A. (E) the mistakes of civilizations now fallen into ruin. In context, the author places the term "book club" in quotation makes in lines 3 and 9 in order to. I. In the paragraph that begins with line 66, devices is most evident? Makes use of the power of personal experiences, In context, the phrase "sleepless vigilance" (Line 27) suggests, E. The determined enforcement of a system, The speaker uses lines 30-40 (I could not....largely excluded) primarily to, A. Which best describes the first sentence of paragraph 4? In context, the word "chase" (line 50) is best interpreted to mean. . Which of the following best describes the rhetorical function of the 2nd sentence of the passage? (A) to fulfill their destinies as humans. Lines 81-84 contain which of the following grammatical structures? I. Introduce readers to an ongoing dicussion, In the second line of the footnote, the number 31 most probably indicates the, A. page of the weekly standard on which the reference appears, In lines 7-8 of the footnote, the author uses the phrase "somewhat ironically" primarily to, E. Comment on the apparent disparity between the author's views and his social rank, In the last sentence of the footnote, the word "it" refers to, Which of the following is an accurate reading of the source for the quotation in the last sentence of the footnote: "social order that follows the principal of careers open to talent?". Which of the following best captures the author's attitude toward the events and people described in the passage? A. In context, which of the following changes to the sentence in lines 5-8, reproduced below, would make it more parallel to the preceding sentences? . Which of the following best describes the first sentence of paragraph 4 (lines 34-35)? . Convey the limitation of Bentham's perception, The author's attitude toward Bentham's abilities as a writer might best be described as, A. Dismissive because of the narrowness of Bentham's experience and understanding, The author characterizes Bentham primarily as an individual who, The area of experience of which Bentham is said be most ignorant is the, The passage as a whole is best characterized as, The speaker's primary purpose in the passage is to, D. Convey the psychological impact of a system of segregation, Line 7 (Continually knocking his head, heart, and hands ) provides an example of, The series of phrases in lines 12-14 (in muscles became divine) suggests the, C. Many ways that class structure was maintained, In relation to the rest of the passage, the first paragraph provides, A. The point of view expressed in "They . It can be inferred that the speaker and drunk were fellow victims because... both were tormented by the noisy disturbances. Which of the following is an accurate reading of footnote 2? A. (B) conventions and individual preferences. a little") include all of the following EXCEPT. This can be explained by all of the following reasons EXCEPT. (D) the seventh sentence of paragraph 4 (lines 30-32).. (C) a "pro" and "con" kind of discussion. The speaker's reference to Hernando de Soto's visit to the springs in 1541 (lines 10-12) serves primarily to. D. A change in the aesthetics of machine design. (He had neither....saiety", In lines 35-48 ("He had neither in him" ) The author suggests that Bentham, C. Cannot understand strong human feelings, In the context of lines 43-48 "self-consciousness" means, The author most likely includes the clause "He saw accordingly in man little but what the vulgarest eye can see" (Lines 59-60) in order to, A. In the fourth stanza (lines 13-16), the speaker's explanation is best described as one of, In context, "but cannot do thee wrong" (line 16) is best understood to express the speaker's, D) belief that no future love will supplant the former one, In line 17, "later light" most likely refers to a, The fifth stanza (lines 17-20) makes use of all of the following EXCEPT, In context, "check" (line 25) most nearly means, The last three stanzas (lines 21-32) are best understood to suggest that remembering the loved one is, The speaker's "burning wish" (line 27) is for a, The pronoun "if" (line 29) refers to the speaker's, The concept of "divinest anguish" (line 31) is most like that of.

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