That quality, like it always has, complements him well. According to disputed records of history, the celebration of Valentine’s Day, as a time for romance and extravagant gestures, is centuries old. 96) Courtney Marie Andrews | May Your Kindness Remain Charly Bliss | Guppy Joey Bada$$ | All-AmeriKKKan Badass 100) Kanye West | “I Love It” (feat. From the boldly half-shaven to man buns to coloring it pink and everything in between, hair is one of the first things we think of when we visualize people. That’s when I went to the police, but they told me they couldn’t do anything unless he threatened me or our property. He got Justin Bieber to sing on one of his songs — and essentially had the Biebs sing background vocals for fucking Towkio. I take it as this: a love song, but one step further. He would also show up places to see me, and he started asking my friends about me. He wasn’t there when I got to the polling place, but he just happened to be leaving at the same time I was. Instead, if we really wanted to get down to exactly why people wanted to re-open, I think you’d find that it was, hmm, I don’t know, perhaps some of the 36 million people who were unemployed? He pulls me all the way to the door. On my Top 50 Singles of 2016, I had this to say about the young rapper: “Lil Yachty is a fucking godsend.” In a year of everybody taking everything far too seriously, young Miles McCollum had the gall to release a sugary sweet trap confection in his debut mixtape, Lil Boat. 94) Tyler, The Creator | “OKRA” When Sampha cries “Father, father, father,” on the hook, there’s not an ounce of pretense. 21. “FloriDada”, the lead single off 2016’s Painting With, is an unbelievable ball of whimsy and fun. Where did you get the ingenious idea to mention Boulder, CO and Tucson, AZ — which just so happen to have two of the 10 largest college campuses in the United States? [Verse 2] 49. 53) Leon Bridges | Good Thing The track is terrifying. After the school bus dropped me off, I had to walk a few blocks to get home. 43. It’s Kanye at his most transparent. I’ve long maintained that SOPHIE is the best producer in contemporary pop, and he’s only solidified that thought with “Vroom Vroom”, the lead single off Charli XCX’s EP of the same name. It’s not that he think it looks bad, it’s that the change is so drastic. “I got broads in Atlanta.” Those five words have catapulted Desiigner into pop superstardom. XXXTentacion / Keith Ape / Rich Chigga | “Gospel” I'm gonna play Diablo either way 41) Grouper | Grid of Points And as someone who’s never been a huge Future fan, that’s really disappointing, especially with Future’s over-saturation in the last couple years. ): “You cut your hair/ But you used to live a blinded life.” The bangs are gone, and the subject can see again. Mount Eerie | A Crow Looked At Me 1. 42) Summer Walker | Last Day of Summer I met him at the end of 9th grade. “Sometimes Accidentally” and “Telephone” prove that teen angst and sadness, even if it’s melodramatic, is still legitimate. ANOHNI’s Hopelessness, her first release separate from her Antony & The Johnsons moniker, is a seething look at hypocrisy and social regression that we’re seeing on a daily basis. 16) Carnage | “Block You” (feat. I think that’s a toxic outlook, but it’s an unavoidable one. Part of what is fueling the fire in the anti-Amy campaign is the recent internet meme “Karen”, which is a stereotypical name for a suburban white woman with kids who frequently asks to “speak to the manager” and doesn’t have any sort of political ideology. From the simple plink of the staccato piano chords, to the deep sub-bass, to their singsong delivery, everything about this track screams “banger” — but only in the most 2016 way possible. Hineni!” on the title track, nodding to his Jewish origins. Essential tracks: “What’s Up” | “I Was Terrible” | “Anxious”. Passion Pit | “Hey K” 35) SOPHIE | “Faceshopping” We don’t want no devils in the house, we want the Lord!”), which sets the tone for the rest of the track. Where did you get the idea to make ruminations on capitalism (Range Rovers that we can’t afford, casual theft) that bite hard as income inequality expands exponentially? The protests will almost certainly lead to dozens more dead than had everyone just stayed home, but because the protests are ostensibly for a good and “necessary” (hate the usage of that word lately) cause, bringing up this point is heresy. 55. Example 4: If you question one aspect of something, you must be against the entire thing; there is no room for nuance. Then he asked me if I was free to hang out that night. Joey Bada$$ | “For My People” Daniel Caesar | “We Find Love” But this year, and over the last month especially, it has become apparent to me that Twitter, and social media at large, are absolutely terrible places where minds rot and political activism becomes part of one’s personal brand, rather than a set of firmly-held beliefs. 26. Essential tracks: “It’s All In Vain” | “Deadwater” | “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. Pinegrove’s Cardinal — the best emo album of 2016 — is pure, concentrated earnest lyrics and relaxed instrumentals. At that point, I was just trying to create a paper trail. Tom Krell says the word “care” dozens of times on his album of the same name. When Vernon mumbles “I’m underneath your tongue,” I took it as a reference to the psychedelic drug LSD. Leave it to Beyoncé to make cops look like complete wimps. The Avalanches | “Bad Day” (feat. Even if his debut mixtape New English didn’t quite live up to the greatness of “Panda”, it’s a testament to the power of the track that it gave us such high expectations for what else Desiigner had in store. Tons of bands try to emulate youthful feelings, but the members of the Goon Sax don’t have to try: they’re all teenagers. 77. “Instead of teaching men to respect women’s boundaries, however painful rejection may be, the media teach us that our feelings, our sense of entitlement, matter more,” Moosa wrote. And yet after King’s assassination, without his leadership and foresight, public opinion moved in the direction of social control. Halsey, you too? I made my employer hire a threat assessor. It’s a place I’ve definitely been more often than not. He’s a self-made man, the most successful independent artist of our generation. Freddie Gibbs | “20 Karat Jesus” 2016 was the year that I moved away from singles and finally became an album listener. When I was home alone, I’d sometimes keep the lights off. “They don’t listen to women’s words, and they ignore all signals of disinterest or rejection. Essential tracks: “22 (Over Soon)” | “29 #Strafford APTS” | “8 (circle)”. 28. A line like “I made ‘Sunday Candy’/ I’m never going to hell,” (a reference to a line on Kanye’s “Otis”) would be blasphemous for just about any other artist, but if you’re familiar with that track (and you know I am — it was my favorite song of 2015), you might just believe him. The assessment came back that yes, he was a threat, but the way to deal with him was to not deal with him, in hopes that he would just go away. On Malibu, .Paak was hilarious (“Silicon Valley,” “Come Down”), sexy (“Waterfall,” “Room In Here”), and heartbreakingly personal (“The Season / Carry Me,” “The Dreamer”). Ending relationships sucks. Any reasonable person would understand the nuances of the arguments that I try to make; even if they don’t agree with them, the fact that I have nuance in the first place shouldn’t mean that I reject the entire premise of the original argument. The sappy sweetness almost boils over on the hilariously clever hook: “There’s no ‘oui’ without ‘u’ and ‘i’.”. However, wanting to do the very best job to eradicate COVID-19 from the United States does not invalidate people’s genuine concerns about job loss, about not being able to afford rent or put food on the table for their children. Finally, Christian himself is stunned by the widespread vindictiveness against one woman’s poor decision. Kendrick Lamar | DAMN. It ties up the themes of the albums so succinctly and so eloquently — had it been on the original release, I have no doubt that most publications would have highlighted “Saint Pablo” as a standout track. Should there be a review to make sure her dog is truly safe living with her? Anyway, I stopped walking home, and had my dad pick me up after school. Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s last album, 2013’s Old, presented EDM-rap bangers with a sinister edge to them that exhilarated me and had me chomping at the bit to find out what he might do next. 13. Rostam | “Gwan” Suddenly, the previously braggadocious .Paak has reversed roles to somebody who is getting a reality check after flying to close to the sun. | 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time For every 100 people who adore “Midnight City”, there are 20 who weep to “Wait”, 5 who groove to “Do It, Try It”, and 1 who chuckles at “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire”. 42) Lil Wayne | “Mona Lisa” (feat. The features list is absolutely bonkers: Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, YG, Future, Jay-Z(! But on “Sometimes Accidentally”, the best song from Australian teenagers The Goon Sax, that vulnerability is front-and-center. In short, they refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer.”, The South African writer Tauriq Moosa went even further in a 2017 op-ed for The Guardian. N.E.R.D. Heavenly synths and layered vocals make Ocean more center-stage than he’s ever been. It was creepy and scary, but she insisted that she refuses to live in fear. 58) Rae Morris | “Do It” He elaborates on the second verse: it’s not that she isn’t a bad bitch, it’s that she’s so much more on top of that 27. It’s a moment of pure elation. From the anti-establishment braggadocio of “No Problem” (complete with fantastic, relatable verses from 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne) to his various proclamations of love for his God (“Angels”, “How Great”, “Blessings”), Chance carves out a truly singular place for himself in modern hip-hop. Friendzone. The desire to tear down opposition, rather than uplift the people and things you care about, leads to nothing but temporary self-satisfaction. Objectively. “An Island”, a true highlight from Owen’s return to form The King of Whys, is a concentrated picture of what makes his’s music so great. It manages to keep up a ridiculously cute Wendy/Peter Pan metaphor, and the chorus of “We don’t do the same drugs no more,” clearly isn’t literal, but there’s one line on the song that stands out as particularly evocative: “What did you do to your hair?”.

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