As it turns out, our slide-out isn’t completely square which didn’t help the situation. Decisions, decisions. It is void if installed in an rv. I think as long as you write down what projects you want to get accomplished before you leave and stick to those first, you can get more focused on what matters most. It is literally a matter of 6-8 screws, depending on if you use 4 or 6 at the base. But would love to hear your comments on the tv sizes you ended up with. At this point, I turned my attention to the front wall of the custom media cabinet. To visit Tiffin RV's official site, please visit This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tiffin RV. Can’t wait to see the finished RV! Even better — rent one like it on Campanda and find out if it’s a good fit for you. It takes only pennies to operate them every year versus conventional methods. Thanks a lot John!! Anyway I hope this helps, though I may be too late in responding. I made sure my drawing was the same size as the finished product would be. This reno is AMAZING. They are beautiful and I’m wondering if I can implement something similar. First less than year using this rv occasionally, What Has Not Broken. This Tiffin Wayfarer and Mercedes is THE BEST Combination Class C. Excellent warranties and customer support,, You can read about my husband’s first time driving the coach here. I couldn’t find it. Attention to the word Run is the only relevancy. Adding one of these prized pieces of equipment to your RV will set you apart from the rest of the pack while you’re out in the camping wilderness. Sure, one of us could sit in the passenger seat and use the pull-out shelf, but it’s not as comfortable. This looks so great in the RV! If you haven’t heard of the Kreg Jig you should definitely check it out. Installing the lift and fireplace is a fairly easy job so anyone can do this. Sure we plan to spend a decent amount of time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to cozy up in front of the tv for a good movie, or an episode of Game of Thrones. Hey Marc and Nancy, that is a great question :), and to be honest I haven’t completely handled it as of yet. It is obvious that comes from the top down. Hey Rich, that’s awesome you’re going to take on this project I think you’ll love it when it’s finished up We actually had cabinets above the window but decided to remove them in order to accommodate the tv coming up on the lift. The layout, quality and features make for a comfortable and enjoyable RV experience. And the Rv that you get for the money is taking you into a higher class for short money! Then the panic sets in because it’s really happening. I can't remember if the fan also works only After much research I chose a Tiffin class A. I was sadly mistaken with the enchanted theory that Tiffin is a GOOD quality rv. You won't be sorry owning a Tiffin Motorhome. Simply turn on your fireplace and relax. Very easy to travel in. Broken radio, gps, camera due to improper wiring to this day 3rd harness still not working more than 1 min. Thanks Jillian and congrats on your new RV! With the amount you need, just for upkeep on your RV, it behooves you to install appliances that will keep your costs at a minimum. Think of them as a hotel room, but on wheels. I am doing the same thing where my desk was in my Tropi-Cal but I am not sure where to put my Dish Receiver. You can heat up your home while the front glass stays cool. This is our 27 th Motorhome. This RV has been excellent for the past 5 years. They even took care of some things beyond the stated warranty that they felt should not have happened to me. While you’re traveling, bringing those familiar creature comforts, just like these, from home, is what it’s all about. Wrong, their warranty with dealer concurring warranties this for 90day beyond that it is maintenance. You might wonder well the warranty at the dealer whom we bought this rig from prides themselves on Tiffin sales and service.

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