She’s not someone to be told what to do because of her gender. So it stands within reason that Toph should respect Aang … N hes used it on two occasions.. Only wen he needs to. He's great with Earth, but outclassed by Toph, who is a counter to earthbenders anyway. Seismic Sense Aang isn't at Toph's level. Many of the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender have a great sense of humor. He can't win against her with earthbending. Which Classic Charmed Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? She is a professional writer and storyteller who loves TV, activism, and fandom. So it stands within reason that Toph should respect Aang the moment they met.

Toph, low-diff. I never said Aang wasn't good with water. he's the avatar. Together, these two have accomplished a lot especially considering they're just kids. RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10 Characters That Deserve Much More Screen Time.

considering their last showdown, i would have to go with toph here. And she won't lose it often. He can learn all of the bending, Going just by feats, Toph's still a superior earthbender to Aang. That age gap during that period of puberty is significant. Aang is a child who was given a huge responsibility and understands his destiny as the Avatar. Proof that Aang's firebending can hurt Toph please? So, Toph didn’t want to be mothered by Katara while Katara was frustrated by Toph’s lack of responsibility.

Aang's earthbending is worthless against Toph, if you remember in the show, Toph takes on 6 earthbenders because of how accurately she can sense earth (even when it is not connected to the ground), her style is a really hard counter to any earthbending Aang might use. She liked to tell everyone what to do, and this often annoyed them. While characters like Aang and Toph understandably get a lot of attention for being amazing benders, Katara is just as good as they are. Just because he doesn't use water doesn't mean he isnt good at it though. Toph had spent her whole life controlled by her strict parents. Toph. She begins to learn her bending from the badgermoles that lived near her, … Funny. Toph gets mad at some earthbenders for not giving Aang so she has a fight. Aang and Toph were very young and immature, and Sokka could also be overly relaxed and not take things seriously enough.

Toph has a reputation in both The Last Airbender and even in The Legend of Korra for being undefeated or nigh-invincible on solid ground. Both have bonded through thick and thin already and accepted each others' strengths and weaknesses when they didn't need to out of duty. He can also do more. And anything he does with earthbending gets countered in double.

I honestly can't think of any non AS water or fire bending feats for Aang that he could use here to secure a majority over Toph. Katara is a strong girl who took over the matriarchal role of her family and her tribe when her parents died. Almost non-factor. Toph lives with it. Sounds like something Azula might say but as the old saying goes, opposites attract. It has been more than twelve years since the final episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender aired (no pun intended). She can predict waterbending and firebending attacks by reading her opponent's stances, it's airbending that gives her problems, Toph for both rounds.. I'm not sure I'd go quite that far in terms of just earthbending, Why not? She was prone to bossing others around and judging them when they didn’t do things right.

While Katara’s tendency to want to be in charge and parent the others in the group could be annoying, it also makes a lot of sense and could be a good thing. Aang is good in all sectors but he's no expert except for airbending. And aang now has fire and water. Everyone on Toph's league beat Aang with no airbending.

That's why it's more plausible for Aang to end up with Toph compared to Katara. Unless Aang is a poison intoxicated korra. Toph and Katara are often at odds, and the reasons for this make total sense. @arcus: Aang has quite powerful earth and water bending, but Toph has the power to rip through any earth shields or projectiles and block any water waves and projectiles and can make earth suits to take the fire blasts. 2 Toph Vs Earth Rumble Six Fighters. Toph's style just counters earthbenders too much, I bet she can beat King Bumi even if the king were a more powerful earthbender simply because of the way she fights. Both of them are on the same wavelength due to their age and enjoy youthful carelessness and conceit. Thankfully, it wasn't that big of a crime to the fanbase compared to poor Zuko and Mai.

Then, when she tries to be trained by Master Pakku, he refuses since she is a woman, even though this seems ludicrous given that half of the Avatars themselves are women. Katara is more strict and rigid compared to Toph in The Last Airbender time period. Give him airbender agility and he could take a solid majority, if not then Toph 6/10. This was especially apparent when Aang was learning firebending and earthbending where she was mostly there to console Aang in his failures. And aang now has fire and water. Toph steamrolls him. She was so powerful that she could blood bend with ease in a way that Hama, who had practiced for years, could not. RELATED: Katara’s 10 Most Inspiring Quotes In Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara was exceptionally strong and fierce in many ways, and her compassion was a big part of her strength of character. Aang and Toph were very young and immature, and Sokka could also be overly relaxed and not take things seriously enough. Of the two, she's the more responsible figure and that also went well with Aang's carefree personality back then. Toph has this after an almost good fight. It's what's canon and everything else is just speculative fanfiction. Also, Aang experienced the loss of almost everyone he had ever met and his entire civilization. 15 Must-Read Manhwa If You Love What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? For that matter, another more obvious pairing choice would be Aang and Toph... and then Sokka and Boomerang, but that's a topic for another time. He only knew the basics in order to shoot a few basic blasts. Or it could be just an age gap thing... Katara is 14 and Aang is technically 112 but psychologically and biologically just 12.

Katara was one of the most important characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Katara is their most mature member and she set Aang in the right path. Amanda is a freelance writer in NYC. Aang's firebending is really weak. The primary reason she struggles against Aang is because his Airbending allows him to bypass her senses. So, while it’s alright that she expressed grief and pain, she could be a bit selfish in assuming she had lost more than anyone. No Avatar State, Fight takes place in the Crystal Catacombs. This is all about Aang, because unlike the more clear-cut "Zutara" pairing, Aang goes well with both Toph and Katara. Katara had to be the one to make sure they were taking care of each other and staying safe, and this shouldn’t be mocked all the time just because it’s a more stereotypical mom trait. Besides, it was practically set up from the beginning of the franchise. Still, a big part of the fanbase is still tossing in their beds every night thinking what could have been had the showrunners decided to pair Zuko and Katara instead. Even with those three elements, i think Toph wins this. Air and water go together like peanut butter and jelly, but anyone would rather have peanut butter with bread than scarf down that legume paste with just jelly. Yes tophs greater in terms of range. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. HBO's The Vow: Where Are The Former & Current NXIVM Cult Members Now? Just like how Toph was an earth bending prodigy who pushed the limits of the art form, Katara did, too. This made her fun to watch because she didn’t just have a one-dimensional personality. Katara might have been one of the more serious, kind, and sometimes emotional members of the group, but she was very multifaceted. Tough fight for Aang since airbending plays a big role in his agility and dodging ability in combat, and while he is not quite to Toph's level in earth bending I think he is good enough to present a very good fight. The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Season 10 Episodes, According To IMDb, Avatar: 5 Reasons Katara Was The Worst Character (& 5 She Was The Best), Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10 Characters That Deserve Much More Screen Time.

-_- (think about it), I'd hardly say Aang is useless without airbending, Aang's got seismic sense too, it doesn't make either of them invincible. The elements they bend also best represent their personality-- earth is tangible and solid, air is invisible and untenable. Oh, and one simply doesn't forget how many times Katara has saved Aang from certain death. He is really proficient with water. I mean he could ice up the ground to make it difficult for Toph to maintain her balance, complete her bending moves to make her bending less effective, and make it very uncomfortable to stand or move with the cold temps (at least until she breaks up the ice with earth). Aang's waterbending is not at Katara level in order to beat Toph. I dnt see how toph is winning this.. Seismic sense they are on the same level.. Maybe with an exception of range. It was she who saved Aang from the iceberg, convinced him to fulfill his duty, and stood by his side through it all.

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