Download the iQIYI app to enjoy smooth playback. Add the first question. At 15 minutes, you’ll be watching the clock. special effects sculptor: KNB EFX Group Inc. mold supervisor: K.N.B. [9] John Noble called it "grotesque" and "possibly one of the more gruesome ones we've done. Written by Each denture appliance took about a day to create. (uncredited), Pentagon Ops Officer (as Lt. Frederic Doss), USAF Staff Sergeant "[21] SFScope columnist Sarah Stegall had difficulty "suspend[ing her] disbelief" with the science behind Bowman's rapid transformation. A plane goes down after a man transforms into a creature similar to a hedgehog. According to Set Dresser Russ Griffin, the set included approximately 15,000 pounds' worth of plane parts. She finally learns John wasn't really a traitor. When I saw this, it was like falling into the middle of a movie, I didn't understand the Scott character's involvement, but as I saw this I was able to Infer, he was in her mind somehow.And in this episode, also unlike the Former X-Designation, Olivia and Peter actually Solve a Case. Conrad makes his appearance and realizes Olivia and Peter are lying; just before he orders them killed, the FBI moves in and arrests the sellers. Murray wrote, "I wouldn't say that 'The Transformation' broke any new ground. (uncredited), Car Lot Security Guard With Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Kirk Acevedo. "[5] During filming, the cast[6] and crew referred to the monster as a "were-upine" or "porcuman". Effects Group (as Jason Pinksker), special effects coordinator (as Jim Schwalm), special effects technician (as George C. Stevens), special effects shop supervisor: animatronic effects, K.N.B. Looking for something to watch? EFX Group, Inc. special effects technician (as Dana Woznick), lighting technical director: look development, lighting & shading, visual effects: digital models and simulations, ILM (as Ken Bailey), digital artist: digital models and simulations, ILM, on-set survey and data integration: Digital Domain, visual effects production coordinator: ILM, visual effects grip/electrician: Kerner Optical, character setup / character technical director, scanning and recording operator: Digital Domain, dustbuster: Digital Domain (as Janice Barlow), model maker: Kerner Optical (as Tom Ehline), digital paint & rotoscope artist: Digital Domain, digital effects artist: digital models and simulations, ILM (as Bridget Goodman), visual effects concept artist: Digital Domain, miniature special effects supervisor: Kerner Optical, miniature special effects: Kerner Optical, miniature special effects: Kerner Optical (as Phil Heron), computer graphics supervisor: Digital Domain, visual effects producer: Digital Domain (as David James), digital artist: ILM (as Michael Jamieson), digital paint/rotoscope artist: Digital Domain, digital paint/roto supervisor: Digital Domain, lead character setup artist: Digital Domain, digital artist: ILM / technical director: ILM, visual effects executive (as Kimberly K. Nelson), dustbuster / scanning and recording operator: Digital Domain, lead 3D integration artist: Digital Domain, digital artist: digital models and simulations, ILM (as Douglas Moore), digital artist supervisor: Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, supervising digital artist: ILM (as Tim Naylor), digital artist: ILM / lighting and compositing: ILM, lighting technical director: Digital Domain, visual effects supervisor: Digital Domain, senior technical director: Digital Domain, visual effects editor: Asylum Visual Effects, visual effects production assistant: Digital Domain (as Jarom S. Sidwell), digital matte artist: ILM (as Dan Slavin), inferno artist: Asylum (as Hilary Sperling), layout artist: Industrial Light & Magic (as Joe Stevenson), miniature special effects: Kerner Optical (as Frank Tarantino), animaton supervisor: Digital Domain (as Dan Taylor), digital lighting artist: Digital Domain (as Richard Thompson), second assistant DMR editor (IMAX version), previsualization artist (as Chris Williams), pre-visualization supervisor (as Steven F. Yamamoto), digital matte painter: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects senior staff: Digital Domain (uncredited), production assistant: Digital Domain (uncredited), modeler: asylum visual effects (uncredited), digital artist: Digital Domain (uncredited), senior digital coordinator: Digital Domain (uncredited), creature technical director: ILM (uncredited), visual effects production manager: Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore (uncredited), stunt double: Josh Duhamel (as Shawn Lane), lighting technician / rigging electrician, special photographer / still photographer, original negative preparation: digital intermediate, post-production assistant (as Matt Willard), digital intermediate assistant (uncredited), assistant location manager (as Perri Fichtner), assistant location manager (as Kate Chase), assistant location manager (as Rob Swenson), additional assistant location manager (uncredited), location scout: Washington D.C. (uncredited), location manager: Washington D.C. (uncredited), assistant location manager: Washington D.C. (uncredited), site representative: Big Sky Ranch (uncredited), assistant location manager: Detroit (uncredited), location assistant: Washington D.C. (uncredited), assistant location manager: Hoover Dam (uncredited), additional score recordist (as Jeff Biggers), musician: trumpet / orchestrator (as Walter Fowler), musician: french horn / orchestrator (as Suzette Moriarty), technical score engineer (as Pieter A. Schlosser), percussion/choir orchestration (uncredited), transportation office coordinator: Detroit, transportation captain: second unit (uncredited), office production assistant (as Ricky Andres), additional set production assistant (as Eric Cockhill), helicopter pilot (as David Calvert Jones), additional assistant location manager: Los Angeles, additional set production assistant (as Ramses Del Hierro Ericstam), additional assistant location manager: Downtown Los Angeles, assistant: Mr. Kurtzman and Mr. Orci (as Alex Katnelson), production assistant (as Brandy Pollard) / set production assistant, aerial coordinator (as Alan Purwin) / pilot (as Alan Purwin), technical supervisor: dailies (uncredited), additional production assistant (uncredited), regional creative supervisor (uncredited), production coordinator: Las Vegas (uncredited). Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 19:50. The season's sixteenth episode, "Nothing As It Seems", centers around the "designer virus" that had caused Marshall Bowman to transform, but this time he does so in the airport after his plane has safely landed. It was first screened at PaleyFest in November 2008. These "Soldiers" of Robert David Jones have no trouble doing each other in, in horrible ways-Why would anyone want to be a member of ZFT knowing that at any time you could be turned into a Batupine by your friends or family member?But here ZFT is a real and present danger, and it's Broyle's purview, with the Fringe team to flush out what is really happening.As much as I've compared FRINGE to "The Former X-Designation," there is one thing Mulder and Skully never had - And THAT my fiends is Walter Bishop.Olivia and Peter could never solve a Fringe case if not for Walter, and Walter could not do anything unless he has Astrid getting him food all the time.Over the last four FRINGE years, this is the one constant in the Blue, Red, and "Bridge" universes - Walter's real deep seated need for Culinary inspiration.This is the last Episode that settles the John Scott arc, which is too bad as I liked the Scott character, he could have been a "Visiting Shade" for Olivia in S1. The Fringe team arrives on the scene and discover the beast's body. "[2] Co-creator Roberto Orci called Scott's final scene a "truly satisfactory conclusion to his story. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Media outlets speculated that because Valley and Torv married over the holiday break, his departure "would eliminate any chances of the marriage conflicting with the show. Though she thought it was "sweet" that Scott's proposal "echo[ed] the real-life recent marriage between Anna Torv and Mark Valley," Stegall was pleased that the series could now move onto another storyline. Her demand to see Scott's body leads her and Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) to Massive Dynamic, where Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) tells her that the information gleaned from Scott's body implicates him in a bioterrorist cell with the other two. This FAQ is empty. They created molds of guest actor Neal Huff's head and back, giving him "creature eye" contact lenses and covering the back foam mold with "backbarbs". Meanwhile, Nina Sharp and Broyles reveal more information about John Scott to Olivia. (+44) 0114 2647 449. Olivia must explore her mind for remaining memories of her former partner and lover, John Scott (Mark Valley), in order to prevent the sale of the virus. Filming & Production Whedon had last co-written the season's ninth episode, "The Dreamscape", while Orci helped write "The Equation", the season's eighth episode. (as Josh Feinman), AWACS Controller A man undergoes a painful and ultimately fatal transformation aboard a plane. We stock major brands including Hornby Bachmann, ESU, Heljan & Dapol. Meanwhile, Nina Sharp and Broyles reveal more information about John Scott to Olivia. Back at the lab at Harvard, Walter finds a small crystalline disc implanted in the beast's hand similar to one seen inside the woman killed in "The Ghost Network", and thinks Marshall was dosed with a "designer virus".

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