Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. 0000004692 00000 n Have you done any testing with a braid to fluorocarbon connections that are the same size? I’ll gladly take that part out once I see a knot that doesn’t break when put under tension before the line does. This style is referred to as a “Double Palomar” in some YouTube videos. Having an FG knot or a barrel swivel? While chasing topwater yesterday I was telling my friend about the FG knot from your testing. It seems to me like one could get by in many situations with just the easy-to-tie Palomar and surgeon’s knot/loop and not sacrifice much knot strength. Supposedly it’s the ultimate connection. So only use a leader that is a thicker diameter then the braid correct? Once the knot forms up nicely, pull the tag and main line together and cinch down against the swivel. It would be hard and given how small the knots are in 10lb, it is probably not needed. I just saw your pics… looks like a great setup! With a tool (yes, a con is having to use a tool) it’s incredibly easy and quick to tie, so I’m curious how it is I’m the strength department. 2. I appreciate the way you promptly answer every question people have here. The nail knot is known to be one of the strongest knots of them all. Will be sure to check it out next chance I get. Thanks for posting the knot recommendation. They must be kidding. Sometimes the hook/lure eye has a small diameter and doubling over the mono won’t go through the eye easily. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. That’s what it was being called when I first saw it at a boat/fishing show back in the mid 1970s. Typically I use a splice to add a heavier (say 80lb) braid to a 30 or 40lb mainline to avoid donating tackle to the ocean when casting with a ‘bionic finger’. The true “GT knot” is supposed to be slightly stronger than the FG knot, but I haven’t bothered with testing it because it’s MUCH more difficult to tie (requires a bimini twist and then more wraps than the FG knot). Curious to see what the test would show. The best fishin' community on > Forums. FYI – I just did a test on the “GT Knot” from the most popular video showing how it’s tied, and it’s avg. Rivers inlet knot almost as strong as the palamar and you can use it on both ends of your swivel without passing your leader threw the loop, Total: 134 (members: 0, guests: 119, robots: 15), Let's Talk Fishin'! ����zo��-�J��W�ɋ:!�A(ȀH6=o�����W��,r�u�j >eU�؞Y�,|� This fish is reowned as the ultimate freshwater fish. Thread your line through the eye of the hook or lure. Thanks for the helpful suggestion Richard! ��7��8}Y�������?7 h�Pꡳ|b����.S�{2e���1z�@�wE�ۼa���>�D��ˬ`H*�F�5Q�l,���Q ���]�G7x�]Mz�^�w1|��(@�ܭ@�s�V"N����yd�Êꙸ+�[Hhl��VV #�)���k@Q1���#��6�����{�K�L�2c|�)��2d��l�����\���1pb�p��fI�P�@�B���j(y���*Gb}��i%�T��#���Ƶҳ;��t��1���p=%�*����c\1e}��P���C���Zٴ�pVN��c�cN�)�.�P|[�A��ڀ�aG Have you done any testing of it? Although both knots are very secure (neither of the knots pulled out during the test), they do have different breaking strengths, which essentially means that one is stronger (and can handle a bigger fish) than the other. Good article, but as strong as the uni knot is, the “double uni” is even better, especially with braid-to-mono /floro leader splices!! After the tests above, I believe that the best way to tie the Palomar knot is to feed the doubled tag end through the hook eye twice, and then doing a double overhand knot before feeding the hook through the tag loop… see video below: Note: Although this Improved Palomar Knot for braid is stronger than the traditional Palomar Knot, it still isn’t as strong as the Improved Uni Knot for Braid. A quick comment. When fishing with artificial lures, using a loop knot is an advantage because it allows the lure to have more motion in the water which most often leads to more strikes. I sometimes use a T knot which I form from a modified Albright and dropper loop combo. Not for the reasons you said , which are good points ( I hadn’t thought of the negative scent trail before), but more because I just didn’t want to be bothered. But it’s worth testing directly to know for sure. Yes, the double uni is a very good knot for braid to mono/fluoro. Thanks. I generally use the knot, but if the clip is just as good, it would be simpler and quicker to change surface plugs/plastic baits on jigheads. After using 50# and 65#, I settled on 80# because the breaking strength of braid is much more inconsistent than mono. Fish On! Thanks. I haven’t tested that one yet, but it’s undoubtedly not going to be stronger than the uni knot or the palomar because it doesn’t do a very good job at spreading the tension load evenly. I have not yet tested the Seaguar knot for tying leader to braid. Before you tighten the knot, you take the loop over the swivel, hook, etc as in a palomar. It depends on what I was using for bait… if a lure or live bait that needs freedom of movement, then I’d use a loop knot (which is what I use most of the time). All other versions of it (without using a doubled line of the bimini) should not be trusted as being a super-strong knot. I have often wondered how it’Compares. If you were fishing for snook from beach,would you use a snug or loop knot on lures? This next category is focused for anglers who use braided line and like to use swivels.,,, How To Make Your Own Kayak Truck Rack (For Easy Loading), How to Skip a Lure Under Mangroves and Docks [Video], 130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL, 33880.

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