You might also like: Hip Hop Groups Rap Groups Rappers. June 2017 (Slots are already filling up fast!) Afterparty Tulsa Podcast #OWNIT July 2017 January 2019 Artist consulting services, and promotion. #Yukmouth You and your friends can’t throw that epic party you’ve been planning forever if you don’t find some good music! #FamilyFeud Love And Hip Hop Miami Events You'll get your free drink ticket(s) when you sign in at the front desk on the day of the event! Please note that these Hip Hop Artists may also travel to Oakhurst, Jenks, Sperry, Glenpool, Kiefer, Catoosa, Skiatook, Prue, Mounds, Collinsville, Bixby, Leonard, Kellyville, and Coweta. #Upside St. Domonick Bonnie AlbumReview 1st Verse See No Hip-Hop #ICantFWJunkiez June 2018 D Koolin #RestrictedCalls Norega #KanyeWest #KeemHome I STAYED UP TIL 3 AM BUYING CRYPTOCURRENCY Fem-Jay January 2020 #PartTwo October 2019 #OneNight #99ProblemsChallenge Track2Track #Grow Jay MBA 2WCMF Demand that Living Arts of Tulsa gets added to the next tour! #Floating #DialTone Hip-Hop Poets vs. Rappers on Jul 13, 2019 in Tulsa, OK at Living Arts of Tulsa. Tulsa Cypher: The Vets Cutty Forever Black Teens Are Breaking The Internet And Seeing None Of The Profits, DAMN. #InMyMind Think again. Earl Hazard Jacobi Ryan Dolemite January 2017 107th most popular. #Rap4 Drugz In The Party And learkin in somebody's comments is an argument I've heard too much. Jarry Manna This category features vendors providing virtual services, 1. #Drake Black Friday Pade Tokyo Jetz With their catchy hooks and sick beats, the dance floor won’t be cleared until early the next morning! #LetGo Ray June “If you ever get the opportunity to meet Gospel and his sweet wife, consider yourself blessed. February 2018 Deezy Bambi Ang Co-founders of Invisible Gorilla. IT AIN'T ABOUT WHO DID IT FIRST. Cry Baby Hill Tulsa Rappers All Sound The Same #Caillou Contact Eric, Ultra PRAIZY! #Lane Performing Arts. And that’s what these talented hip hop artists do best. December 2016 Using data from quotes sent through GigSalad, we’ve gathered average pricing for hiring Hip Hop Artists in your region. Bezel365 Part of the RADIO.COM Network. Do the Poets or the Rappers have the most masterful wordplay; the cleverest wit; and the sweetest delivery? Quick facts Hip Hop Artists in Tulsa, OK. 1,379 quotes sent. April 2017 Mikey Beatz Tulsa World Culture #Jay Z #GetOnUp World Culture Keys #BeCareful #SomeoneNew Covert Run Lee Littles Tulsa, OK Rapper / Hip Hop Artist Preform any songs or Preform any of my songs and get the crowd LIT!! February 2019 September 2018 Hip-Hop Evolution King Spencer Instagram Hamilton Facebook Ads Hansons ***Buy a ticket to get in; get a ticket to get turnt! #PotOfGold #NotLikeMe OmaleyB In "Poets vs Rappers 5", Rappers and Poets are battling head-to-head for $350 in CA$H prizes!1st place winner: $200 and the title of "The Tightest! Heezy Made Yungin If you and/or someone you know has what it takes to take the top prize and the title, you can inbox (via Facebook) the curator/host Phetote Mshairi by July 1, 2019 to enter. #LoseYourLove © 2020 Entercom Communications Corp. All rights reserved. You Should Run Facebook Ads During The Superbowl #BOBWS #ImPlugged It’s not about me, it’s Him. But nobody talks about the job these people are doing. December 2018 #sotulsachallenge #PitStop MeekMill 307 East Mathew B. Brady Street In the past year, Hip Hop Artists have sent 1,379 quotes to event planners . #LoveAffair With success comes jealousy as the Tulsa’s Greenwood District brought in much … Visions From The Cinema The event is hosted by the curator, Phetote Mshairi. #2020 DAMN. Ruby G World Culture Music Festival #Smile #GoAskEm Young DV #MoorFlex But I will rock the…. Ghost writing. September 2019 #Frozen *** DING, DING, DING...round 5 of Poets vs Rappers is on! April 2018 #KingSpencer #DownIntheDM Anointed and appointed. Book them through GigSalad and be covered by our 100% awesome guarantee! Hip hop innovators. Fassler Hall Bezel When you buy a ticket for Poets vs Rappers 5 via Eventbrite from Thursday, June 13 to Sunday, June 23, get ONE free drink ticket for every ticket purchased at that time. #Fantasy Zack Thra$h "2nd place: $1003rd place: $50 *Doors open at 7pm (to peruse and enjoy the fabulous multi-media artwork); the verbal battle begins at 7:30pm. Adam The God Tulsa Lines Show 2ndAnnualWCMF SHOOFF5400 Making music, looking forward to networking came along way to go along way. New Page Alert June 2019 #530 com mobil ödeme. Dolemite Is My Name There are only 20 slots available (10 Poets, 10 Rappers). Hip hop, model, producer, talent agent, new orleans entertainment, oklahoma entertainment! HOW SWAY? And the sad part is that most of these people that say this are from Tulsa. #FeelGood Demetrius "Juice" Deason Show More Hip Hop Artists Near You. Verse Browse Hip Hop Artists in Tulsa and contact your favorites, 2. Faded artwork in Tulsa’s Greenwood District. #sotulsa #918lien You thought you can just plug your iPod into a stereo and the crowd will be happy? More than 12 million people hopped on Fortnight Thursday for the debut of Travis Scott’s new song. #Kerosene RECIPE Creators of the critically acclaimed Hell's Paradise series. April 2019 #LaserQuest #Medicated Otsutsuki Brothers Chris Richardson IT'S GOING DOWN IN THE QUESTION #Issa Eddie Murphy Why You Should Go To Local Shows August 2017 Roper muzik is a group that provides good music for all type of ages and all genders we as a group have different kind of artists for the show u want. #OnNow #FastCars March 2019 Preform any songs or Preform any of my songs and get the crowd LIT!! AF Quari Live From The Tisdale #Summertime Shootout Would love to show the talent that Tulsa has. May 2016, All Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120. K.O. David Puffin' #MogulMinded Oklahoma Rappers 2020 D&D Beyond. Malik Surron The 7th #Viral Karma Jonez LonelyBands September 2016 Live From Trytan TXR Fast Free Quote. July 2016 5 On It Music Production, Song writing. #BYE @tulsalines TheGRAE #SoFarGoneChallenge October 2018 Ayilla November 2019 Rap vocals, Sing. Learn more. Let's settle this in a lyrical battle on the mic at Living Arts of Tulsa (307 E. Brady, Tulsa, OK) on Saturday, July 13, 2019! #TonesBeach How To Get Paid From A Free Show #BandCamp A.O.T.P, Shelby W. said #Hated We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Poets vs. Rappers right now! Hakeem Eli'juwon #FuckILookLike August 2018 July 2019 #BounceOut Search for Hip Hop Artists in Tulsa, Oklahoma above. Max B #CuttinUp February 2017 GiveAway Peter Kuli, a 19-year-old college student, created a remix of the song , which has seen 4,000 TikToks made. #Hustle&Flow #Wavy(HiddenTrack) Cryptocurrency March 2018 Stay Flavored My Friend #Michelangelo Livin Life In-The Ghetto Categories: June 2016 Please consider enabling JavaScript in your browser to take full KendrickLamar May 2019 #AllOfThePlayers #TKO Drop The Fucking Album Survival Guide: Cry Baby Hill Boss'd Up #LookinGood Using Christian Hip Hop to spread the good news of Christ to age 2-222. #TapIn I STAYED UP TIL 3 AM BUYING CRYPTOCURRENCY, You Should Run Facebook Ads During The Superbowl. October 2016 September 2017 A King's Intuition Oklahoma City 24K Astall #Beforeigo Chubbs Perry Domo #Rockstar #Closure #BlueMagic Flavio Cútatore Rap Or Go To The League #AreYouDown? Johnny Polygon & Redthateller both from Tulsa, OK. Johnny Polygon is went to Booker T. Washington highschool and is now located in Caliornia and is taking a break with music. ***Buy a ticket to get in; get a ticket to get turnt! Showing 33 Hip Hop Artists serving Tulsa, OK. You missed Poets vs. Rappers at Living Arts of Tulsa. Kelly Slater Experince You can rest easy knowing that your payment is secure, and that we’ll have your back in the event of any trouble that may occur. Dial Tone Johnny Polygon Tre Trezzz Poetry #Rollin Save musicians, entertainers, speakers, and services, and they’ll appear here. SuperFriends #AceHood Google Image Search "Tulsa Rappers" and this is what you'll get. May 2017 Visions From The Tisdale Blu Cato Jay Balfour Best Rap Album Of 2018 SYB Slowbucks December 2017 #Traffic Demand that Tulsa gets added to the next tour! Kode Ransom Genius King Spence Tulsa Lines Podcast November 2018 #IDONTFEELLIKERAPPIN Hip Hop January 2018 Chris TheGod MC Cain #Dream 1ForTheShow OKC WCMF Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. This has been an age old argument from the beginning of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just search for it. Hes' a artist who is here to serve the people with the best entertainment he can! #Alkaline Omeli August 2019 TULSA...THE CITY THAT SLEEPS Booking a Tulsa Hip Hop Artist through GigSalad offers you extra protection you can’t get anywhere else. 3. Written Quincey #Jay-Z GxThree They’ll go find a better party to attend. May 2018 You need to have some real, live entertainment to get your guests movin’ on the dance floor. #NotTonight Communicate with the Hip Hop Artist you select to work out the details of your event. Contestants in the competition pay a $5 entry fee. Don't Let Social Media Get You Fucked Up March 2017 #Collect Sorry, you missed Poets vs. Rappers at Living Arts of Tulsa. Jeezmino #BroadDayGang Kneeling In Tulsa July 2018 Valentine Day #Paradise Steph Simon Tulsa Cypher: #FEMALESPITTAZ Jazzy Billy J. Bruner #KeengCut Keeng Cut Ebay MarchMadness #TCTAS As Tulsa, Oklahoma, gears up to commemorate the 1921 race massacre, a new generation of Tulsans are finding ways to make the story of Black … August 2016 We could not have hoped or prayed for a better experience…”. Biggie ALL TULSA RAPPERS SOUND THE SAME. #Fly

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