You are ready for a new possibility to open in your life. I had a dream that I was trying to protect a pure white baby goose, I carried it around with me in the palm of my hand (bringing it on my journey to I’m not sure where) but at one point it was dead or very close to death, but I still carried it ………believing I could save it………..what does this mean? Remember your roots, and don’t forget to thank the people who have helped you since the beginning. I felt I’d lost my way and found it hard to be ‘awake’. The other day, I dreamt a Canada goose was in my face chasing me around the yard. This morning they left the bay and I could hear them but not see them they came around an old house we we walking by and flew low over the dogs and myself . This same thing has happened to me last few nights around 11 pm. Occasionally, to see a pair of geese is a symbol of the imminent arrival of a soul mate. These people can come to you as family, friends or as a lifelong mate. Cross the boundaries of the Goose and your are quite in danger of getting bit. Moreover, family and friends are a high priority for them. Here is why the Goose Spirit animal is Lucky for some…, Goose spirit animals as messengers of change, Positive Traits of the Goose Spirit Animal, Negative Traits of the Goose Spirit Animal, My final thoughts on the Goose Spirit Animal and its Symbolism. through partnerships with advertisers via display and text link ads, and affiliates I was dreaming that i had to save this white goose at all cost, what does it mean and it was pooping on me, i was keeping it warm,milk was in my dream also, weird , i was really crying and upset…my heart was breaking, You represent the little white goose. You are so set on completing your goals and making your dreams a reality that everything else in your life feels like a distraction! . Every morning as I am walking three shizsues for a neighbour two Canadian geese leave a bay and fly in the same direction. . Heart was breaking as you know you are a bright light, yet you’re afraid of shining. to find his treasure, he had to climb the beanstalk, encounter and battle the In flight  goose has to Well I been implementing the characteristics of this animal etc.each tine u embrace them the signs get stronger in this case the geese get closer to me. The goose spirit animal wants you to create beauty in every aspect of your life. You need to learn how to get direction in your life. Then out of the clouds I seen white geese, then one that seemed golden, he flew down and landed right in front of me. This morning, I heard them on the pond. In other words, like the Shepherd, the Goose dream is letting you know that you are you never alone. In flight goose has to synchronize itself with the communal mind of the entire flock to survive. If need be, do some inner work to clear out any fears and self-sabotage that may be present. His spiritual path has been a blend of a young boy’s early years alone in deep woods along water and a wonder of the life of Jesus and an initiation into Sat Sang at the age of 22 upon his return from Vietnam and the extreme trauma experienced there. These people can come to you as family, friends, or as a lifelong mate. Sitting all alone was a single goose facing the street as we drove by. we were on a cabin porch I believe. it was so moving, as I still kept crying. It was the goose Stop pooping on yourself or your journey…Take great care of this little part of you… Nurture… Simply Be… Breathe… Play…meditate…pray…Forgive…love…. synchronize itself with the communal mind of the entire flock to Elaine Finlayson Make sure that you visit. Also, the goose has a peace about it that is also something you should try to bring into your life as anything that can remove the stress that you are experiencing will certainly make a difference to how you view problems compared to the past. is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. through partnerships with advertisers via display and text link ads, and affiliates It made my heart feel really warm. During migration season and a goose becomes injured, another goose will break free from the flock to stay behind and be with the injured or fallen goose. The most amazing thing is I live in the UK!!!! Thank you. more you listen to your heart, and the message will become stronger. just scroll down! ❤. Because of this, you end up taking life’s joys for granted. Their focus is always on the district and family as a whole unit. I had a very similar dream. ahhhhh haaa! Have been on a 25 year seeking legal justice. Worthiness. It is from this power of synchronicity that they draw their strength and … product/service ideas, I'm always open to something new ;)  Other great sources of traditional symbolism:  National Geo,  Wikipedia To support the welfare of animals : World Wildlife Fund, HOME  |:|  SPIRIT ANIMAL QUIZ  |:|  ALL ANIMALS:   LAND ~:~ WATER-AMPHIBIAN ~:~ BIRDS BUGS & INSECTS  |:| TOTEM ANIMAL MEDITATIONS  |:|  FLOWERS / TREES |:| COLORS |:|  NUMBERS   |:|  ANGELS   |:|    BEAUTIFUL SOUL, copyright Â©  2020 Universe of Symbolism All Rights Reserved, Perception... Golden Egg. Amazing …….. Blessings to you wife, Pete, on the anniversary of her father’s crossing. You can learn from the goose spirit animal’s bravery and loyalty. As you grow older, you will realize that your circle of friends will narrow down to a few trusted ones who will stick with you no matter what. In other words, you have sent yourself off in the wrong direction. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Something new is coming in, and you should prepare for it. synchronization of the mind is one of Gooses greatest powers. Similar to the Moose’s calf, when you see Geese in flight, it is a precognitive omen or indication that something important is about to happen. Your email address will not be published. The goose spirit animal has the power of coexistence. My son passed away in Nov. 2016.

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