I did a chemistry honours thesis. Details. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mineralogy of the Ash Mountain tin (malayaite) skarn, NW BC. MA Thesis. (, basis for evaluating the written Oral Part: Here is the schedule of talks for This aspect of the course is intended to enhance your Tel: 250.807.9569 Our first meeting will on Th, Sept. 12 thesis                                 40%. Chris Hearty (hearty@physics.ubc.ca)   Searching for axion-like – Preparation of data for presentation (graphs, tables, etc.) Here are a few UBC Science Requirements for Honours. For the Final Examination, students are required to submit a written thesis. are a few example written proposals. I was wondering whether or not anyone here has done an honours thesis before. BIOL 449 – Registration Form (DOC) or (PDF). distribution and bearing on terrane interactions. 4. given here which  you need to compile the latex  input  file. Orage” (*), Walsh, Matthew Davy “Motivations, Influences and Influence: Richard Hakluyt's Editing of the Two Editions of Principal Navigations” (*), Ambrosone, Aimee “Food Ads in Canadian and American Magazines in 1943: The Products of Patriots” (*), Chalmers, Megan “Heroines, Heroes and Hours: Concepts of Time in British Children's Fiction” (*), Dominici, Aurora “The Politics of Identity and Hollywood Images of Italian-Americans in Public and Private Spaces since 1970” (*), Gill, Deepak “Racism and Citizenship: The History of the Indo-Canadian Franchise” (*), Gorman, Laurie “Testament to a Lost Generation: Finding Peace after the First World War” (*), McInnes, Genevieve “Gender Identity and Intemperance in Fin-de-sièle London” (*), Richdale, Ryan “Dilemmas of Security: The Development of Canadian Foreign Policy vis-à-vis the League of Nations, 1919–1939” (*), Richmond, Jesse “Evolved Inequality: Science, Race and the Politics of Historical Consciousness” (*), Sim, Kristy “Negotiating Victoria: The African-American Challenge to Public Spaces in Colonial British Columbia” (*), Andrews, Carley “A New Dalit Identity: The Dalit Pather Manifesto and the Dalit Sahitya” (*), Askew, Hannah “Creating Impulsia: Victorian-Era Discourse in Britain on Women Travellers to Africa” (*), Bick, Oren “Canadian-Cuban Relations in the Shadow of the United States, 1959–1963” (*), Jackson, Matthew “Religion and Populism in the British Columbia Social Credit Party” (*), Krieger, Nina “Cold War Kid Culture: Growing Up with the Mass Media in Postwar America” (*), Mosca, Matthew “"Prestige" and Policy: American Diplomacy toward Korea, 1865–1882”, Prowse, Clifton “Burying the Hatchet: Prestige, Partnership and Profit in the Early French Fur Trade, 1600–1650” (*), Sarbit, Lara “Culture and International Relations: A Case Study of Canad and the People's Republic of China” (*), Trumper, Camilo “World's Fairs and the Making of Modernity” (*), Vancaillie, Mayna “To Build a 'Better' City: Urban Renewal and the Culture of Modernity in Post-War Vancouver”, Clarke, Richard “The Bachelor, the Forger, the Priest and His Chapel: Sir Aurel Stein and His Expeditions to Central Asia”, Nickel, Peter “The Workers' Republic: An Analysis of the Ideas and Policies of the Paris Commune of 1871” (*), Racic, Mark “Revolution, Counter-Revolution and British Fascism” (*), Schmidt, Jeremy “Writing the Passions into Moral Conduct: The Physiological Study of the Soul and the Naturalization of the Passions in Seventeenth-Century Thought” (*), Silber, Michael “Right-Wing Nationalism and Counterrevolution in Early Weimar Germany, 1919–1923” (*), Teodoro, Carla “"A house on Anloague Street": The Philippines in the 19th-Century and the Development of the Creolo-Mestizo Elite Identity” (*), Waters, Sott “Chain Reactions: Creative Responses to the Bomb, 1945–1963” (*), Wong, Wing Chee “Understanding Mao-Tse Tung's Cult of Personality” (*), Cohn, Daniel “The Role of Misconceptions in French Colonial Policymaking: Jean Sainteny and the Path to War in Indochina, 1945–1956” (*), Fawcett, Anthony “"The greatest man since Milton": Shelley and the Legacy of Rousseau” (*), Kassay, Krisztina “Abnormalities and Maladjustments: The Perception and Response to Juvenile Delinquency, Vancouver, 1940–1955” (*), Kyne, Simon “A Study of Edmund Burke and Religion” (*), Maschmann, Sean “Facing the Beast: Left-Wing Responses to National Socialist Labour Policies” (*), Schallie, Charlotte “From Light to Dark: The Evolution of Popular Humour in the Third Reich” (*), Sewell, Kathleen “The Collapse of the Orphanage System and the Formal Implementation of Foster Care: The Connection to the British Columbia Suffrage Campaign and Women's Institutions” (*), Sim, Melissa “Black Women in Apartheid South Africa: Response and Resistance” (*), Stevenson, Carrie “The Assembly of Captive European Nations: The Dynamics of an Exile Organization” (*), Black, Rachel Eden “Post-Colonial Identity: The Evolution of the Pièds-Noirs” (*), Duckworth, Kelly “Father Knows Best? Would making it 5 courses on top of the thesis be completely insane, or would it be manageable? It is anticipated that students will emerge from the program with basic skills in formulating and testing hypotheses, experimental design, data analysis and presentation, critical evaluation of published work and scientific writing; all of the skills required of a good graduate student. Complete a substantive research project over the course of an academic year under the supervision of a faculty member. “Student Unrest as an Aspect of Burmese Nationalism”, Antenbring, Joan “The Institution of Marriage in the Twelfth Century”, Chisick, Harvey “The Transition of Scientific Ideas in the Enlightenment: The Social Uses of Newtonianism”, Diehl, Carl “Anarchist Views of Art at the End of the Nineteenth Century in France”, Francis, Mark “Changes in the Idea of Progress in the Twentieth Century”, Heap, P.C. oral A Study in Metanarrative and History”, Good, Mathew “Discursive Change and Interpretive Structure: The Case of "Benito Cereno"”, Hardjasa, Christina “Chinese Hellebore” (*), Melling, Nick “Views of a Waning City: English Writing about the Disasters of Antwerp during the Dutch Revolt” (*), Myers, Adrian “A Matter of Survival: Social Hierarchies and Underground Economies in the Concentration Camps of the Third Reich” (*), Nanton, Danielle “A Racial Identity at the Edge of Empire: The Emergence and Dissolution of the White Settler Community in Kenya” (*), Quail, Susanna “Diversity, Consensus and Discourses of the Future in the 1930s Youth Movement in Vancouver” (*), Reimer, Jonathan “A Light in the Ever Growing Darkness: The History, Historiography and Historical Forgetting of the World Alliance in Germany”, Rocheleau, Natalie-Anne “Indelible Memories: Historical Memory and the 1937 Haitian Massacre in the Dominican Republic” (*), Sandford, Peter “Sherritt International and Canadian-Cuban Economic Relations, 1966–1989”, Sullivan, Alastair “The Zoot Suit Riots: Media, Violence and Masculinities” (*), Taylor, Heidi “Un-Framing the Cold War: Photographic Representation of the Soviet Union in Life Magazine, 1953–62”, Bargain-Villeger, Alban “A Political Pardox: Reaction and Dogmatism in the French Communist Party, 1954–1958” (*), Bottomer, Timothy “Marching a Navy across a Plain: The Efficacy of British Policy towards the Baltic States, 1918–1920” (*), Carroll, Judith “Spirituality, Desire and Divine Love: British Feminist Culture and the Trajectory to 'Lesbian' Consciousness” (*), Chan, Stephanie “Telling Positions: SKY Lee, Denise Chong and Wayson Choy in Tusheng Identity, and Being Chinese in a Multicultural Age” (*), Chernoff, Graham “Retransformation: Changing Orthodox Doukhobor Identity, 1930–1959” (*), Dingwall, Christopher “Memoir, Memory, Nation: The Production and Reception of U.S. Grant's Personal Memoirs” (*), Fenger, Maija “The Modern Family Meal: Transitions in Canadian Family Dining in the 1950s” (*), Lai, Mai-En (Lisa) “A Historiographical Survey of the Significance of John Wycliffe and the Lollards in Relation to the English Reformation” (*), Lee, Elizabeth “American Exceptionalism: Ideas of American Exceptionalism in the Congressional Debate over the Retention of the Philippine Islands, December 1898 to February 1899”, Mercer, Laura “International Health Policy and Social Capital: The World Health Organization, 1948–1978” (*), Oldfield, Karine “Was Seattle Different? 14. “Governor Douglas and the Miners, 1858–1859” (*), Chem-Langhee, Bongfen “British Administration of Cameroon: A Critique” (*), Ferguson, Barry “Aspects of Liberal Thought in Canada, 1896–1912” (*), Moore, K. “George Eliot: Interpreter and Mirror of Mid-Victorian England”, Patrias, Carmela “Socialist Anti-Semitism in Nineteenth-Century France” (*), Rajsic, Donna “Soviet Policy in Southeast Asia in the 1960s” (*), Shaw, R. “Organized Labour and the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in British Columbia, 1932–37” (*), Zillich, M. “The Emancipation of the Jews of Württemberg” (*), Adams, John D. “The Rise and Maturation of Effective Anti-Chinese Argument in BC”, Ball, Kenn “Nova Scotia and the American Communication: A Study of Public Opinion from Newspaper Sources, 1861–1871”, Creasy, Patricia “Canadian Policy with Respect to the Seating of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations Organization”, Eby, Robert “The Importance of Artillery to Political Power, 1540–1640”, Greer, Allan “The Ideology of Science in Seventeenth-Century England”, Irvine, Frederick “The Social Role of Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain”, Martin, Peter “Tudor Revolution in the Marches”, McDonald, Dorothy “Nuclear Gaullism: French Defence Policy, 1958–71”, Dubensky, WA “Russian Gentry in Transition (1855–1880)”, Greville, Elizabeth “Economic Warfare versus Neutrality”, Lenaghan, John “The US and the Reconstruction of Germany, 1941–47”, Moore, Christopher “Canadian Policies on Foreign Trade and Attitudes to Foreign Investment, 1945–1950”, Newbury, Mary V. “Great Powers, Small Powers and Neutrality: A Study in Independence”, Pulleyblank, Barbara “The Development of Institutions for Juvenile Offenders in Early 19th-Century England” (*), Wertschek, Rosemarie “Credit and Municipal Finances in Bruges during the Nineteenth Century”, Almstrom, John A.

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