join mailing list, links & e-mail me), Play an There is some subjectivity in the current process, but this should end up fairly close. 4, No. Bowl Bound Solitaire Game. Though the games were a success, they were not central to Sports Illustrated's wider business plans, and so they sold the rights in 1978 to the largest hobby boardgame publisher of the era, Avalon Hill. The game has been tested and will run in both XP and Vista. 2017 Washington State VIRGINIA TECH 2005 MARSHALL 1999 1998 Kansas State Looking for your best call on third and 2? HOUSTON 2015 Sheets were designed for a solitaire game. 2016 West Virginia I’ve already bought all the others. Here's a short explanation of the most complex charts on SNAFL, and how you can use them. All sheets are sold as PDFs only, and will be emailed to you within 24 hours after a purchase is completed through Paypal. Bowl Bound season sets available 3, No. Avalon Hill also employed a new person to make the charts: Dr. Thomas R. Nicely, a mathmetician. 1982 Michigan Select to 2017 Penn State 1988 Southern Miss Please advise. Most orders are fulfilled immediately, but please allow 24 hours for processing. Select this if you wanted to 2016 Western Michigan 1981 Pitt 1995 Northwestern Good box score 1982 Michigan Want to find the West Coast offense of the 1980s 49ers and compare it to the Steel Curtain defenses of the 1970s Steelers? 2014 Baylor Earlier football board games were either very simple affairs with no differentiation between teams, such as Johnny Unitas' Pro Football or Football Strategy, or much more detailed affairs that took several hours to play, like Strat-O-Matic Football and APBA Pro Football. TENNESSEE 1970 REMAKE 2 - Spring 1977, Table Top Sports Vol. individual game only, just like before, Save a game in MISSOURI 1969 REMAKE 2013 Bowling Green Over the last seven years, I’ve been making my own college football charts to use with the old Paydirt/Bowl-Bound/Sports Illustrated football board game. 2009 Cincinnati DUKE 2013 How about any Alabama team or two? These charts are as follows. Over the last seven years, I've been making my own college football charts to use with the old Paydirt/Bowl-Bound/Sports Illustrated football board game. I was born in Tuscaloosa… Life long, Bama fan! available in PDF format, Other stuff (free downloads, 2011 South Carolina VANDERBILT 2012 Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Create current standings and stat report. For those fans who enjoy face-to-face tabletop competition, we offer the board game version of Data-Driven Football, which includes. VIRGINIA 2004 In 1998, the toy giant Hasbro acquired Avalon Hill and the rights to their entire game catalog. 2 - April 1975, Table Top Sports Vol. 2014 Oregon This is useful to view standings, Hello, are the news teams available yet? Then grab your playbook and prepare to challenge your football knowledge in Bowl Bound College Football. personally play games only with LSU, In order to play the However, you don’t need to own my charts to use the quickplay feature in the game. 3, No. 2013 Washington AIR FORCE 1985 Play selector chart for Bowl Bound/Paydirt: 04/09/2019: DaveP--314: 0--Full-color PDF charts for offense, defense, special teams. The computer version of BOWLBOUND contains all 78 SI/AH charts, including the 6 unpublished but official teams. OHIO STATE 1969 1982 Penn State a round-robin schedule. If you would like to help by adding teamsheets or by giving me other teamsheets that you would like to see on this site, please contact me. charts for the Avalon Hill Game Company from 1977 to 1995. If so, I am interested in buying all of them. 2017 Wisconsin. If you like this site, please consider making a donation using the button on this page. This is where you can find those teamsheets. Bowl Bound was a board game originally marketed in 1973 by Time Inc., owner of Sports Illustrated Magazine.It was part of a line of sports games sold under the SI umbrella. The CPU will Thanks! 1 - January 1975, Table Top Sports Vol. 1993 Notre Dame Our community of Bowl Bound players wouldn’t mind paying more for this service. These charts are as follows: 1973 NFL Season: Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Colts, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Houston Oilers and Miami Dolphins. 1978 USC ( Log Out /  2014 Ohio State 1980 Oklahoma The games were revolutionary. difficult financial circumstances in the 1990s, a copy of the Paydirt rules on BoardGameGeek. 1973 and 1974 Unpublished chart set (12 Teams) - $18 These charts are sold in PDF format. 2013 Buffalo 2015 Clemson The ones currently listed in the “Coming soon pending editing” section. Though the games are no longer officially in print, there's still a community of dedicated fans. 1996 North Carolina 2014 Arkansas 3 - Summer 1975, Table Top Sports Vol. progress and finish it later. I also updated the select logic to mimic the current process. 2000 Virginia Tech If you want a bit more detail on how the charts were created, check out the statistical assumptions page. Lots of people still play the game, and some fans have even taken it on themselves to create and publish new pro and college team charts. If you want to know more, check out the How to Read the Charts page. 3 on the menu. 5. UCLA 1997 We'll contact you in the event that further shipping costs are necessary. available for order, Bowl Bound individual teams Second, the site provides analytical tools to help figure out how to make optimal playcalls. 1987 UCLA 1981 Michigan personally play games only with LSU. OHIO STATE 2012 Select when you are finished in PDF format, Printed Bowl Bound season sets No Downloads have been added to this Category, BASKETBALL - Mythical Basketball Championship, BASKETBALL - Player of the Game Basketball, FOOTBALL - National Championship Football, RACING - Downey Games Championship Drag Racing. NEBRASKA 1971 REMAKE solitaire game, you have to have my charts, since the game doesn’t do chart It's designed as a resource for players of those games, and includes a library of analytical tools and of team charts for the two games. File dated 2003. ( Log Out /  Help keep it running and fund further development! 2010 Auburn Professionally printed color charts for all 32 NFL teams of the 2019 season. The games are best known now by these titles. 1980 BYU In order to play the Pro Soccer, Brazilian Championship 2004 for Goal Pro Soccer, 2004 Champions League for Goal Pro Soccer, Italy's Serie A 2004-2005 for Goal Pro Soccer, MLS 2007 & 2002 2nd & 3rd divisions for Goal Pro Soccer, Aston Villa for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Blackburn Rovers for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Bolton Wanderers for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Excel Helper for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Hull City FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Instructions for World Cup 2010 Simulator, Liverpool FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Manchester City FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Manchester United for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Mean Mark's Quick and Dirty WC 2010 Sim V2 Excel 2003, Middlesbrough FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Newcastle United for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Portsmouth FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, Sunderland FC for Mean Mark's EPL Challenge, 1967 National Professional Soccer League Assists Chart, 1971 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1972 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1973 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1974 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1975 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1976 North American Soccer League Assists Chart, 1954, 1966, 1970, and 1990 World Cup teams, Abdulla and Andre - Legends of Wrestling, Bob Backlund and Bam Bam Bigelow - Legends of Wrestling, Bret Hart and Cactus Jack - Legends of Wrestling, Fritz and Kerry Von Erich - Legends of Wrestling, Goldberg-Hurricane - Legends of Wrestling, Ivan and Nikita Koloff - Legends of Wrestling, Princess Victoria - Legends of Wrestling, Ric Flair and Bruiser Brody - Legends of Wrestling, Savage and Warrior - Legends of Wrestling, Slaughter and The Baron - Legends of Wrestling, The Rock and Stone Cold - Legends of Wrestling, Wrestler Creations guidelines - Legends of Wrestling, Tag-Team Match Rules Main Event Wrestling, 3 sets of wrestlers for Main Event Wrestling, Retro Wrestling Games Rulebook - MACW Edition, Pro Wrestling game chart, additional cards, Pro Superstar Wrestling Ranking excel sheet, Current (2007) Monday Night Wrestlers for SPW, Random Wrestler Generator for UQ Wrestling, The Rock and Stone Cold for World Wrestling, Fabulous Moolah & Freddie Blassie - World Wrestling, Steve Williams & Terry Gordy - World Wrestling, Baron Von Raschke and Mr. Fuji - World Wrestling, Andre the Giant and Bundy - World Wrestling, The Lobsterman and Bundy Jr. - World Wrestling, Dos Caras & Mils Mascaras - World Wrestling, The Fabulous Freebirds - World Wrestling, Vern Gagne & Nick Bockwinkel - World Wrestling, Updated Template for World Wrestling Game.

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