Marine Mattress: A female who likes to "socialize" with the Marines. George: The juniormost officer onboard a surface ship. May also be used to describe a blowjob. As in: “BM2 keeps parting lines on the capstan. The wrestling team at the United States Naval Academy have competed beginning since 1920 and have been competing for the NCAA Championships starting in the 1931 season. on Jan 14 2003. Google has been lying about the penalty against this site for years. Scuttlebutt: (1) A drinking fountain. Cinderella Liberty: Liberty that expires at midnight. Whitney(LCC-20), as it rarely goes to sea. So called because it is the 5th branch of the armed forces, yet falls under the control of the Department of Homeland Security. Similar to the code for "bulkhead remover." Ricky Rocket: A boot camp "energy drink" made from an assorted mix of sodas, sports drinks, coffee, sugar and artificial sweetners used to help keep the recruit awake. Today- taking an afternoon off to take care of 'personal matters'. Golden rivet: The rivet, made of gold, which according to folklore every ship is built containing one of. Brain Fart: A condition when, under stress, one cannot recall or perform something that would normally be easy or second nature. Also the haircut worn by truly motivated sailors. See also ASWOC. Lifer: A name given to both officers and enlisted men who love the Navy and make it clear they want to be in for 20 or more years; lifers will try to convince others to re-enlist. [85], Navy has won 5 NCAA team national championships.[86]. FOAD: Acronym, Fuck Off And Die, traditional response to MARF see below. So named due to the different colored jerseys they wear. We just grew up wearing bare Nike. 4MC: Emergency communications circuit that overrides sound powered phone communications to alert controlling stations to a casualty. More Affectionately "Tiny Little Dick." word, it was pissing me off. Airedale: A sailor who works on or around aircraft. Ready Room: Large space aboard a carrier that is the focal point for each of the squadrons in the airwing. Pollywog: An individual who has not crossed the, Poopsick: Anything undesirable, specifically feeling seasick. Veal Wheels: Veal Parmesan. JORP: Junior Officer Rest Period. Head: Bathroom (the term comes from the days of sail, because wind would blow from the rear of the ship forward the bathroom would be located at the front “head” of the ship to carry the foul smell of excrement away from the crew). I wouldn’t say dream but someone I’d like to work with, Jenna Agwell. Last edited on Jul 17 2016. Can be "simulated" for a non-hazing by equal connotation. This is accomplished by spending all day meat gazing, or looking at dicks while guys are pissing. The act of solving a problem by applying numbers and units and various known and assumed quantities to calculate an approximate answer. Also stands for "Fun Time Navy" around higher chain of command to save face in front of said chain of command, yet "secretly" means "Fuck the Navy." Used to address a friend or associate. Love Cookie: A deposit of semen left on a sailor's pillow. Hall of Fame Companies are also given precedence above Color Company, and are given the honor to be the first recruit company to Pass in Review. Chit: The document a sailor fills out to make various types of special request (i.e. Shit Locker: An ass, or rear-end. Monkey cum: White scrubbing liquid used to clean grease pencil from status boards. Port Orca: A husky (large) female. Sometimes referred to as "Tango Uniform". The closest civilian equivalent is BMOC (Big Man On Campus). There’s a lot of slang and acronyms. By definition a technical manager. Sand Crab: Civil servant working for the Navy. Port and Starboard: A rotation of two duty sections or watch teams, one designated port, and the other starboard.

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