I will never understand why they thought it was necessary to slap California with a 34-second when it wasn't even that great with a 30-second reload. USS Pennsylvania | Wargamings strict adherence to "historical" accuracy concerning the speed of American standard BB's is silly. My guess is WG didn’t use it to avoid confusion with the 1939 USS Indiana, even though I doubt she will ever be in the game, given we already have two of her sisters and South Dakota herself is still absent (and likely to remain so, I’m afraid). , the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Out of the four BBs show today this one at least looks playable. AP initial velocity - 823 m/s. The keel of the SSBN 728 was laid on the occasion of the nation's Bicentennial, July 4, 1976, at General Dynamics' Electric Boat Division.The ship was unnamed at the keel-laying ceremony and remained that way until January 19, 1981, when the Secretary of the Navy officially assigned it the name Florida. Firing range - 18.6 km. The characteristics of this ship are currently in the preliminary balancing stage and will be published when they are ready. USS Georgia, SSBN-726-Klasse ST 0.9.10, Hybrids: Tone, Ise and CV Werner Voss S... ST 0.9.10 Buffs n Nerfs to Italian Battleships, Ve... Clan Battles 11: "Northern Waters" Mercenaries, Win a Premium Ship West Virginia or Mutsu - NA Only. Florida Tier VII American Battleship 1936 One of the preliminary versions of a battleship (Project XVI) designed to meet Washington Naval Treaty limitations, that preceded the North Carolina-class ships. Plating - 25 mm. Uncategorized Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Disliking a ship because it is not modeled after a ship that existed is silly. Wir greifen nur auf Deinen Spielernamen und die ID Deines Accounts zu. Save my name, email, … The combination of long (40s) reload, low speed, and “relatively light” armor described in the dev blog has me worried. NC and Washington were built from a modified version of Scheme XVI, with more belt armor at an increased slope angle, replaced single 5in with duals, and 16in main battery when the London Treaty escalator clause was invoked in 1937. Even if they have good armor, I’m extremely skeptical about the viability of a ship that sees tier X battles that can’t go at least 25 knots. USS Nevada (BB36) can occupy T6 USS Tennessee (BB43) can occupy T7. I think they'd have to play with a bias towards control of the center of the map - they can't allow themselves to get pushed to the edge so they'll have to contest center so they'd need everything to go along with it. I’m only mildly disappointed that neither the tier VIII or IX is a hypothetical refit of Indiana, the only one of the 1920 South Dakota’s (which were actually laid down, btw) whose name wasn’t used for a subsequent battleship, either built or planned. missile742, July 4 in American Battleships. They would all either play very similar to the ships currently in the tech tree, or they would have to be so altered that it would defeat the point of including them. Zwei ehemalige Senkrechtstartanlagen für Flugkörper wurden durch Schleusen ersetzt, durch die Spezialeinheiten unter Wasser zu ihren Einsätzen starten können. Florida is based on one of the preliminary designs for the North Carolina class. Fare enough at least you owned up to the down vote plus 1 for that since then I have got 4 more oh well such is life. Florida will have 25mm plating (vs California’s 26mm) which will make her more vulnerable to 152mm HE, but in regards to BB AP there is no difference in regards to overmatch (both are overmatched by 15” but not 14” AP). WoWS Liste der U-Boote der United States Navy, Liste der U-Boot-Klassen der United States Navy, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=USS_Florida_(SSGN-728)&oldid=194051167, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Pay for it. But based on LWM's comments on the California, WG seems to want to make them slow snipers instead of brawling capable. I just have a feeling that this ship need something more, more hitpoints would be suffice (at least 60k). I don’t understand why WG decided to go this route. Unfortunately these are about the only things it has to recommend it, as it is diabolically bad in terms of actual gameplay. California and Florida are almost the same ship save Florida's better RoF, HP, Speed, AA. This design also had a 11.2 inch belt, about 2 inches less than NC and Washington, so when Hapa says she is squishy, there you go. None of that matters if the thing can be set ablaze and eaten alive with HE, though. With a period, it comes off as a statement or even accusation. I’d rather have the 6.5 knots of extra speed, as this will allow her dictate her enagements. I didn't I'm asking a question not quoting you, so no need to get upset either since I assume that's your down vote you gave me for my post. World of Warships USS Florida Review. Since most T4 ships have 10 guns anyway. USS Michigan | Florida is a representative of the same battleships sub-class as Champagne and Slava: she has good accuracy, but weak armor and a relatively high-sitting citadel ... From iJoby @ WoWs ... Hizen Japanese Tier IX Battleship 1935. Bonus Codes Naval Legends All Regions 31st July 20... German CV Container Codes 9th -31st July Updates, AL Littorio Tier VIII Azur Lane Italian Battleship, AL Sov. Exactly. Given the utter "historical" inaccuracy of a majority of recent fare and any number of buffs/nerfs that have been handed down in the couple of years I've been playing one has to wonder.

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