------------------ Soul Mate Love Calculator. Rahu is amplifier of present future karma to made and Ketu (South Node) is attenuator of past karma to be resolved. Yod, February 2018 In Vedic Astrology, Rahu shows where we are weak and Ketu indicates our power developed from multiple past lives. Valentine/Sun – A light shining in the life of the native with the asteroid. September 2016 Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. It might feel like a dream come true and Valentine might do anything to preserve them. You are the person for whom I write. Can you give me an insight into our synastry? If Rahu or Ketu are conjunct another karmic planet like Saturn in both charts, then surely there is a karmic bond between them. It's not just the conjunction, but also the DW or close orb geometry as mentioned in the list :). And all that is just the beginning of the synastry! Ascendant in virgo. Interesting enough, Valentine will project the energy the Sun is emitting. The Basic House Rulers–23 Simple Steps for Beginners. In the synastry we have Ten Asteroids That Conjunct the Ascendent. Not someone you want to bring home to Mama. That is Sappho–high brow Eros. Sharing aspects between the same planets but with different aspect names i.e. Hi Virgo :) I recommend this report: http://www.leeloosesotericorner.com/store/p159/ESSENTIAL_RELATIONSHIP_-_A_Comprehensive_Relationship_Report.html. The man also helps women in many ways. We have more beautiful aspect in between. I am very forgiving toward him too... if we argue it never lasts and the disagreement has no effect on our bond. This would not be a binding connection by itself but it can help both parties slowly grow to care and potentially love each other. Lara, can you tell me how this connection "feels" to you, with you being the Valentine person conjunct his Karma? I would think he would. By the way, Paul McCartney has Quoar conjunct Mercury( the planet of the mind). This person may be a player. Valentine would be sacrificial to the ASC person in my opinion, thats bad for the Valentine especially if the ASC person is severly unworthy, Ami i meant, first off this is not a romantic relationship by far, just synatrically looking at 2 peoples charts… i meant valentine person would unknowingly be put in a sacrificial role because of their Valentine nature to the ASC person, if that makes sense … in that case Valentine is not that great. I have 2 yods with someone in composite chart. It seems to be a person who is at the whim of forces he can’t control. Vertex conjunct the ascendant is a frequent synastry aspect in the charts of romantic partners. imo there's some kind of pattern here.. her dr valentine conjunct his n karma (0) his dr valentine trine her n karma (0) his n valentine trine her dr karma (1) IP: Logged. With time their relationship with kids grow and they enjoying time with each other. It is not brilliance that can be taught. The other is venus conjunct Júpiter in apex and mid heaven and kiron in basis. This is essentially the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make. Soulmates, Twin Flames do exist and all of us are capable of attracting the right kind of love into our lives. Also his Karma in Pisces (2°) is conjunct my Juno(2°)/Amor(2°)/MC ( 29°)… My Mercury is ( 27°) Too wide orb to Karma but how to think when I have this conjunction MC/ Mercury myself?

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