This will lower the volume of the announcer when your teammates are speaking in the game but since the announcer can definitely give you crucial information (especially if you’re new to competitive shooters and find it a bit difficult to track everything) this isn’t a black or white setting according to us. No matter the discipline, one of the best ways to improve at something is to look at what the best people in that field are doing. As the game goes on we’ll naturally update our database on what types of crosshairs the pros are using, so do check back to see our up to date lists!
That second one usually isn’t an issue for most gamers, but what we’ve noticed over the years is that most newer/casual PC FPS gamers tend to use a very high overall sensitivity setting. However: Your post has been removed because submissions must be relevant to VALORANT. Interesting examples to look at include: We could only fit so much info on this one table. bc 1000 is 13 cm/360 which is extremely high, Eh, I'm kinda close then with 300eDPI (3k dpi - 0.1 sens), I'm sitting right at the brax edpi. We've already gathered Valorant settings for many of the most popular streamers, including Ninja, Myth, Shroud, summit1g, and many more. The table below demonstrates this: eDPI is a subjective setting and can be influenced by external factors such as desk space, mouse pad size or the players mobility.

If you click on any player's name in the table, you can see more settings, crosshair info, keybinds, gear, and more! Practice with extremely low edpi and then switch to something between the super low and the super high. When comparing several players with these 2 values separately, it can be difficult to quickly decipher which player has a higher/lower sensitivity. Another thing that’s worth taking a look at is ‘VOIP Ducks Music.’ This will mute ingame music and all of that when your teammates are speaking so if you almost exclusively communicate via the game (instead of something like Discord or TeamSpeak) and you don’t want to turn off the music and banter this could be an ideal solution. Meanwhile my eDPi is 1000 and It feels slow as hell.

Mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity are both variables that affect your overall sensitivity. around 300 is a good place to be, keep in mind this depends on your mouse pad size too. Valorant is a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter. Do players favor lower or higher mouse DPI?

Valorant will have data centers around the world, offering the majority of players 35 MS or less ping.

Quick tip: some pros like to use different highlight colors for enemy players.

It has 128-tick servers, something CS:GO lacks (64-tickrate) without using ESEA or FACEIT.

I think a good starting point is 0,6 sens x 400dpis. Medium Sens. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up.

The settings we’ve gathered here should provide an ideal starting point for you to start crafting your own personal best configuration. I personally run 800 dpi .68 sense... it’s all personal and depends on what type of equipment you have. Hello /u/mjitylandv2. In addition to making the "pure" modern shooter many of us have been craving, Riot is also committed to maintaining the integrity of the games and making Valorant as competitive as possible.

He uses 1600 dpi and .36 sens which is 576 eDPI. As a frame of reference, most pro Valorant players tend to use an eDPI between 180 and 380. To work out your Valorant eDPI simply enter your mouse DPI (found in your mouse software) followed by your Valorant sensitivity in to the calculator below.

Join. Thank you for reading, and have fun with the game! We’ve gone for ‘medium’ for most of these settings since these seem to offer the best balance between performance and visual clarity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Bruh I used to use 0.6 800dpi, for like a year, and I changed it to 0.35 a few days ago and I got a 40 bomb, You should play on what your comfortable with regardless of what others use.

If it doesn’t really help you then you can always switch back. In VALORANT you’ve got plenty of options to create and tweak your own crosshair, so some players will naturally be wondering what ‘the perfect crosshair’ is.

I've played with a really low sens for years and I've never had any trouble with it, and I know some of my friends play on really really high senses too. 0. We are extremely committed to keeping our Valorant pro settings database as accurate and up-to-date as possible. many good players use a wide span of different sensitivities, so your sensitivity doesn't have to be exactly the average of the pros.

(You can also use our Valorant Sensitivity Converter to convert your sensitivity from another game.) the average edpi of valorant pros is currently. I use a mousepad to cover my desk as well but just wondering if it's that big of a deal that I'm under the average of people saying between 250-300.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Because VALORANT is made to run smoothly even on low end hardware it’s perhaps no surprise that our analyzed professionals (who generally have very powerful rigs) choose to run this game at 1080×1920. VALORANT is a free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter.

We have found that streamer's chat commands quickly get out of date, so we won't consider these valid forms of proof unless they include links to video evidence. 0. the median eDPI of valorant pros is currently. Mine is 1000 dpi and 1.32 in-game sens, and I think that's a bit high but I'm not too sure. but honestly if you feel comfortable with your sens and u think youre good with it, theres no need to lower it. Are players using fullscreen resolutions (16:9) or black bar resolutions (4:3)? Vignette in games just adds a darker/less saturated area around the edges of your screen in order to make the game look a bit more cinematic. We recommend setting this to medium for now. For what it’s worth: most pros do not have a dynamic crosshair because they’re so used to how the movement in the game works the added movement of the crosshair only acts as a distraction.

Kind of. maybe that’s why i’m shit at this game, Also pros have mouse pads the size of their desk in fact they custom order their desk for built in mouse pad on all surface area, not all.

What's your eDPI? Lower the sens by 0.5 everyday, you will be at 300 in no time.

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many good players use a wide span of different sensitivities, so your sensitivity doesn't have to be exactly the average of the pros. Going with ‘low’ for everything can improve FPS a bit, but it can make things look a bit messy in the game and since there’s not a huge difference in framerate between medium and low for most of these quality settings we feel like this is the best compromise. In this list we’ve gathered the settings and gear of the top VALORANT players so that you can get an idea of how the pros are playing. In a similar vein you’ll find the the ‘VOIP Ducks Flavor VO’ setting under the Voice-Over tab. You should be able to do a 180 in a half mouse swipe give or take. plus you can hit insane 180o flicks B) .

PROSETTINGS.NET As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Monitor size also is taken into account. We'll continue to add players to the list as the game picks up steam. This basically means that your crosshair will be dynamic, telling you when you’re not 100% accurate due to your character being on the move or being hit by enemy players. He is somewhere at 400 DPI and 0.7 sense, which would equal to an eDPI of 280.I myself play at a eDPI of 251. With VALORANT (formerly known as ‘Project A’) they’re gunning straight for the competitive shooter market, and they definitely know how to do that.

After reading a previous post about eDPI, mine suddenly feels insanely high. As far as your scoped sensitivity multiplier goes we’d recommend setting yours to ‘1’ as that means that your scoped sensitivity matches your ADS sensitivity which is better for consistency’s sake. Upon verifying the changes, we'll update our database and website to reflect the changes.

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