About 20 psi of boost and almost no turbo lag help the car get to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds and through the quarter-mile in 14.2 seconds at 99.0 mph. ... rear-drive Saturn Sky from the North American market. It takes huge amounts of space and huge amounts of money for the production of any Automobile. It's reflected in the Sky Red Line's speed of 67.4 mph in the slalom, which is outpaced by the Mazda's 70.0 mph. General Saturn Sky Discussion. A forum community dedicated to Saturn Sky owners and enthusiasts. 0 0. Get your answers by asking now. Can't understand they'd cut off the <6 foot people and women market...Omni: Bah, sort of thing I was sort of afraid of hearing... Miata has lot less power though, S2000 costs quite a bit more.

So three 4 cars are exactly the same. It won't be a surprise to learn that the Opel Speedster and its Vauxhall and Daewoo twins were great cars. Maybe it's just the way I was sitting, but I found it hard to get a good view out the rear window. GM owns Pontiac, Saturn, Opel, and Vauxhall. The VX220 Turbo does 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds, the Saturn sky does it in 7.3 seconds, and even the Red Line edition is only 5.5 seconds. Tiny, useless trunk is the main drawback-- not that you'd expect anything less in a convertible-- but they make the Miata trunk look like the epitome of space...That said they are fun cars. check here for the Saturn Sky Saturn Sky and here for the Vauxhall Vauxhall VX220 The Saturn Sky Hell, no one wants one.

What could be the main cause of a Cylinder 1 misfire on a Pontiac g6 gt?

Look a bit meh in silver mind.

But you never know when a deal might pop up...I've always somewhat been tempted since I first learned about it, but the problem is, it's really a toy I don't need... Also in this wonderful Canada, we have something called winter, so the car would be usable less than 1/2 of the year... My summer transportation is this, and since I work right in the middle of downtown, a car wouldn't even be an interesting option as opposed to BMW (Bus Metro Walk, well train actually, which door to door is actually faster than a car would be...), and I'd rather bike during the summer anyhow, instead of being in the traffic, burning gas, wasting money on a ridiculously high parking rates, etc...But anyhow, this isn't about the me, it's about the Saturn Red Line -- View image here: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif -- Anybody else thinks it looks like a fantastic car?

First, the frames use similar technologies (meaning that similar handling is achievable).

2007 Sky Red-Line, Midnight Blue, Opel GT Antenna, JPM console, visors & elbow pads, GMPP PUpgrade, T-Bolt Clamps, DDM ProBeam/Backbone, 1st DDM Under-Hood LED on a Sky! They are stopping production so there are deals to be had. the vauxhall & opel have mid-engine layouts. The Vauxhall VX220 Turbo is no twin of the Sky as I can tell although some say the Solstice and Sky basic design originated here. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As an S2000 owner, I think you know what I would suggest, but I really had no idea that there was that price difference between US and CA pricing, at least at the moment.I got my '06 used in Aug of '07 with 10K on the odometer, for about $24K US, and it has been my only car since. No offense to some random link I haven't clicked, but I have serious doubts about the driving skills of anyone who can't beat a Miata around the orange cones. The Miata was a bit small for me as a driver. I think they are a handsome car. Many American shoppers won't even look at a foreign model, but they would consider it since it's made by GM. Bought 09 Pontiac G5, is it considered a muscle car or sports car?

Also it was the inspiration for the Saturn Sky. The 2.4L World Engine in this puppy is quite impressive as well as the 6-speed Getrag.

The Saturn and Solstice are both great looking cars, with decent engines paired with transmissions badly geared for a sports car, and so-so handling. Abraham Lincoln. The Sky and Solstice are indeed based on the Opel Speedster, but they are not exactly the same. 1 decade ago. I was following my friend who owned the Solstice, and he was driving my Evo. JavaScript is disabled.

I think it will definitely give the Miata a run for it's money. The Saturn RL was around 35k last time I checked, the S2000 starts at 50k, which is quite a large gap.

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