A VEGA Artillery Detachment designed to destroy Revelation Cruisers via their Gladius Driver Slugs and NET Torpedoes. Builds are an integral part of hull construction in VEGA Conflict. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

ARTILLERY-CLASS supply runs drop strongboxes for the Longbow Destroyer, Broadsword Destroyer, Trident Destroyer, Scythe Destroyer, Lance Destroyer, Machete Destroyer, and Damocles Destroyer. Their superior range, coupled with their heavy damage bonus to cruisers when marked up, makes them lethal against these fleets. https://vegaconflict.gamepedia.com/Category:Hulls.

I had to take it offline for 10 min but it is back online now.

Meta Tags of vegashipcalc.co.uk. There are many tactics that can be used, depending on the situation.

If you have recharging shields, long fights are your strenght, and thus low DPS fleets. It is highly recommended that you first read about Combat Strength, then Range, in order to get a rough idea on what makes a good ship build. The essential things to know about your ships are their turning speeds, strafing speeds, forward speeds, and turning radius. You need fleets to engage combat in map view with NPC Targets or other players. RECOMMENDED STRATEGY: A fleet of 6 Harrier Frigates armed with Disruptor Rays, Rail Drivers, or Scatter Missiles will be sufficient to defeat this fleet.

For Pvp guides, go to thePvP Strategies page. One can utilize the Tier 2 Broadsword Destroyers and even Tier 1 Rancor Battleships to destroy this fleet.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. VEGA Apocrypha Cruisers keep a ragnarok under heavy guard as it transports their cruiser materials.

When damaged, the current build or refit is paused until the Ship Factory is repaired to full health. This maneuver is a personal favorite, and rather funny.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Your first option is to use Exodus Cruisers with shockwave shielding and powerful energy weapons to simply outlast the damage.
A dangerous platoon of Lance Destroyers obliterate all in their path to defend a Valkyrie Carrier.

Repair costs are usually rather level dependent than fleet type dependent. Six mark V Dread Battleships armed with the Gladius Driver make up the majority of this fleet. HOW TO COUNTER: Broadsword Destroyers are arguably the best counter here. RECOMMENDED STRATEGIES: 6 Mark III Broadsword Destroyers utilizing Thermal Beams or Gladius Drivers are more then capable of taking out this fleet. The VEGA Conflict Wiki has been migrated to Gamepedia, effective from January 27th, 2018.

He who turns and runs away lives to fight another day. One should never forget however that if all 6 slugs DO connect, that the damage inflicted will be fairly decent for a ship of this tier. While there is a limited amount of stuff to research, there is virtually no limit on how many ships you can build (99 per ship). Do not bring longbow destroyers, they don't have the strength or durability to defeat this fleet.

If they are destroyers, micro-manage your ships by strafing to the sites in order to avoid the projectiles. Their firepower and durability are rather pathetic for their tier, making them easy to destroy with most fleets.

A large fleet of Scythe Destroyers defend a Ragnarok Carrier from the clutches of the rebels. However, you can still scrap ships during another ship's build or refit.

A fleet of Revelation Cruisers escorting a Valhalla Carrier through planetary orbit. Change their plans and 'receive' the rancor materials instead! A long-range bombardment fleet consisting primarily of Trident Destroyers. A fleet of Zeal Battleships keep a tight formation with their Valkyrie Carrier, obliterating all in their path. Regeneration shields are a nice thing, but not the best idea for this setup because you will encounter burst DMG and not distributed DMG over a long time. This is because of the high durability of the cruisers within.

Six Scythe Destroyers armed with the fast and deadly Gladius Drivers are capable of dishing out heavy damage onto a single target, and will outright tear cruisers to shreds. Projectiles aren't the best choice due to the low DPS,rather go on Plasma Torpedo , Gladius Driver, HEX Missile or the broadly used Hydra Missile.

A large fleet of Fury Battleships threaten to destroy any cruisers unfortunate enough to find themselves on the broadsides. The Iron Stars Vigilante Battalions boast some insane durability, as well as massive firepower via their Gladius Driver Arrays. When only one enemy is left, turn by and bring the short (auto-aim/scatter) weapon in attack range.

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