Volae. Volae Club. Volae Expedition Anthony Wood. Our Expedition arrived in Volae’s usual nearly complete state. The seat pad breathed well and with the second layer for stiffer, closed-cell foam it didn’t leave any of the seat edges exposed like some single layer open-cell pads can. if (forms) { automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel. } Cycling | BicycleMan | Bike Hub | The Bike Rack | Catrike | Connecticut Yankee Pedaller | Cruzbike | Charlotte Cycles |  Draftmaster & Topper Racks | Fairfield All of Volae’s bikes are built by the world-renown Waterford factory in Wisconsin. Several highracers can be ordered with more than one style of seat but I’ve never seen a bike so completely changed by a simple seat swap.

// FILE ARCHIVED ON 20051201015404 AND RETRIEVED FROM THE It’s comfortable, but aerodynamic and the handling at low speed is good but it’s obvious that the bike still wants to run. The only real qualm I have with the design is that I would like to see a flexible riser on this bike. 0000122480 00000 n if(typeof(f.method) == "string") { // JAVASCRIPT APPENDED BY WAYBACK MACHINE, COPYRIGHT INTERNET ARCHIVE. return image.src; Leave it with the stock wheels and the mesh seat for a great every day commuter and switch to the hardshell and some light 650C wheels for the occasional fast century. // SECTION 108(a)(3)).

} 1��EOع�4���2{�ӳ��_��OH��i"��x�c4�1�z����+�q�5�h"s�@�;GӠ7�v�e'Ū�5�F2�0����G�{���C�CF����+����*#�q��s4�;�[�G��ɵ���ʽ]o�fɛ��ڸ���#G�v�����I��{ 0-G�{�鵟���6��,E�[��/k1Vda�a���d�P���-x�GAb7溯�^�.r3�nu�$�2� For its intended purpose, you certainly can’t argue with Volae’s choice of colors. One of these new-breed highracers is the Volae Expedition. The drivetrain is mostly SRAM X.9 with Truvativ Elita cranks, Avid BB7 disc brakes and Velocity Thracian Disc wheels. if (typeof(f.action) == "string") { This did cause me some minor knee pain on longer rides. Volae Sport. V�N,Z��?.ܿ��R��b����n��`�\|���>� ��`xPz�pNh��'���"��?�3�hǸ�!-��T�<0p�ڇԓh‹��&�"�-�_]�jd�:2x)�E�*�[S�S�.�;��B۲�)$�1YF�Y�f˔���-cg7�98_>F��⅊/4�MuC�Cyb���K��=ZW]ƻ&��q�`�)1��V�K9.LLJ��Ym�c����&�v�)�����]Uƭ%V�%��u��92�����WzX��5�vq]������E�Sn0�ڋ�F�Fi�� �M�3�~A���(n�3�z��% g�r��H2��]�X4Q���i��Rg�� �3�R���~��(��,*89" ��Q�"D�ɿ���8�1H�Kq��3!l�b�L�c��OX�2MDO�轔�.����q%��=���"��8�I�(M:ʤVd^��ĝA�)�2��� 7='+3�(RĨ=�d��1�S$sl�C?�V�7}�Y�Ɍ����kyH��G}��c�^���Zħk�����?��ɏ��ԗ��K�(7>����\�����������|a�bp���ʵ�6�f�|��Q+>��>'����,�vCv��͑�f=�I��~���[$�C-'�y���w�"� #+b8G���F�W���2^R�D�����Njˇ�m�D��N��`ۂQC� E#�J��%��ZK8��u����i��F`�H0-J�)t�d�f�`K+�Z�k4�%3U�O�=�yr�6,�.y�Z��cu�ܱ~��k�mS߯�u\���?�� �^r��Bu�L�̖�(1Աa,�Xp�0h^o��m,L�9/��z]5G���T�T�����m�}� 9�����Ҷ�����)��M�g� ���� I also towed a loaded Burley Nomad with the Expedition and found that it handled this task very well.

xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("IMG"),"src"); 0000070880 00000 n It’s a bit more than that of other bikes in this category but it’s the only one with a hand built made-in-the-USA frame.

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