When this series first came out years ago, I remember thinking about how I wish I could be her voice—so it's unreal to think it actually came true a long time later! WAKFU season 3 is released worldwide on April 6. The adventurers arrive at the Trool Fair theme park on Ga Ga Island, where they encounter the larva races, the GladiaTrool Arena and more. Yugo and Adamai finally come to the secret sanctuary where Grougaloragran keeps his Dofus hidden. It seems to have plenty of food, but can the natives be trusted? When their holiday party doesn’t go as planned, the Wonderoos learn there are many different ways to celebrate as long as family and friends are around. Wakfu: The Animated Series is a anime-influenced French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation, based on the video game Wakfu. Each class of the World of the Twelve sends a delegate to the kingdom of Sadida, where they plan to discuss what will become of the Eliatropes. A warrior kitten must defeat all the monsters on Battle Island in order to be crowned a champion. Login not allowed: your IP address is hidden. Yugo and the team meet the governor of Breta, who's so outrageously self-centered that he's bringing the whole place down. The adventurers' journey takes them to the city of Brakmar, home to the Gobbowl -- but also to thieves, con artists and other nefarious types. The Brotherhood of the Tofu undertakes an all-new mission, and Yugo the Eliatrope hopes to discover the truth about his people along the way. The complete guide by MSN. © Ankama Animations / Pictanovo / Frakas Production - 2017 Avec la participation de francetélévisions et du CNC, © 2020 Ankama. But the Brotherhood of the Tofu, now reunited, shall prevail. Wakfu Season 3 - the new adventures of the Brotherhood of the Tofu - WAKFU, The strategic MMORPG with a real environmental and political system. When a storm shipwrecks our heroes on an island, they are taken hostage to be sacrificed by the Kanniballs. Once again in the kingdom of Sadida, Yugo and Adamai use the Eliacube to discover the truth about their origins, but their curiosity comes at a price. You will have 30 seconds to retype your account information. This may be because you're logging in on a public network and/or you're using a proxy/VPN. Spurred on by Elely, the group heads to Oropo's tower, only to find that the door won't budge. Your parent or legal guardian refused your registration. To that end, he is using the weaknesses and doubts in the characters to try to bring them to his side. Yugo visits Amalia to deliver the news about Percedal. To link this account, please deactivate Ankama Shield in your Ankama Account Management center. Yugo and Qilby find themselves pulled into a dimension where reality isn't what it seems, and Percedal and Goultard continue the battle against Rushu. WAKFU Season 3: Win a Netflix subscription on Twitter or Facebook! This bilingual French-English artbook gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of Wakfu Season 3. However, later episodes reveal that not everyone in The Siblings fully trusts their leader and some begin to move on their own. They threw down the gauntlet against the Brotherhood of Tofu in Season 3 because their leader, Oropo, desires both the Percedal family children and Ruel to join their new pantheon. An older Ruel takes the field against the young team of Lamechester United, convinced he can win. While seeking her true love, Evangelyne is lured from her path by specters that may be the work of the diabolical Rogues. This Ankama account is already linked to a Steam account. These cookies are only placed if you allow it. The twists will surprise many and captivate you. A successful Kickstarter campaign to produce an English-language dub of the series was launched in January 2014. We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. The release was originally planned for April 1, but was delayed to avoid conflicts with the Easter holiday weekend and the respective holiday event in the Wakfu game. Wakfu Season 3 I just started watching season 3 on Netflix today, and I'm a little taken back by the different voice actors and different pronunciations. The group arrives at the cat-filled temple of the demigod Ush, where a special device blocks Yugo from using his powers. Young Yugo's life is forever changed when he discovers that he can create teleportation portals. Yugo and his friends decide to defend the weak Puddlies, who are being bullied by the strong but stupid Taures. Yugo and his fellow heroes reach Crimson Claws Island, which is under siege by bombs made with advanced technology. When 12-year-old Yugo discovers that he has mysterious powers, he journeys into a wondrous new world to find his real family. This week season 3 of #wakfu releases and I am proud to say that I provide the voice for Flopin! It was a dream to be a part of this series as I grew up watching it. Percedal and Eva's quiet life takes a sudden turn when a surprise visitor shows up at their door seeking shelter from a storm. [15] The dub for Season 3 uses an entirely new voice cast based in Los Angeles.[16]. [3] The campaign had a target of $80,000 Canadian Dollars to dub the first season, with stretch goals to produce dubs of the second season and various original video animation episodes. A cable car provides the first leg of a quest to find Qilby's Dofus, which is intended to rescue the Eliatrope children. Prepare your Dofus! The Brotherhood of the Forgotten/The Siblings, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, "AX 2011: The Introduction to the World of WAKFU Panel", "Kickstarter announced some voiceactors had been selected - WAKFU FORUM: Discussion forum for the WAKFU MMORPG, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game", "I have no announcement to make. The adventurers wash up on the shores of a strange island. Young Yugo's life is forever changed when he discovers that he can create teleportation portals. Sarandos added that Netflix expected "to further strengthen our relationship with Ankama and other French animation studios." Thirsty and exhausted, the heroes make their way through a barren wasteland to a fountain, only to find it cursed and guarded by a fearsome warrior. APRIL FOOLS!! [5], The third season of the series premiered in France on September 2, 2017. [2][3] There were two prior English dub attempts. Learn more and set cookie preferences{"target":".ak-modal-privacy-cookies"} Nox arrives on the island and attacks its target: the Wakfu of the Tree of Life. When they land on the island of the Wabbits, the heroes meet Wa Wabbit, the former ruler, who's on a personal quest to return to the throne. While Eva and Flopin adjust to their new surroundings, Yugo and the others stumble into a time trap that ages them quickly. On June 8, 2020, Ankama launched yet another Kickstarter campaign for the production of the fourth and final season of the series, with an initial target of €100,000; the target was reached within an hour after the campaign was started.[18]. The heroes head for the kingdom of Sadida to relax after their battle with Nox, but find their vacation cut short by new dangers. In order to save Kriss, the heroes must play a legendary match against the brutal Brak'n'Black team and their leader, the Masked Gobbowler. Vowing revenge for the attack on her family, Elely charges into her first solo battle. On their way to the Island of Oma, Yugo and his friends stop in the gloomy village of Forfut and encounter the terrible Count Vampyro. It's an all new English cast! The series is directed by Anthony "Tot" Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kim "Tcho" Etinoff. [15] The series started airing on Netflix in September 2014. These features use cookies that notably allow these sites to track your navigation. Voiced by: Erik Colin (Season 2), Laurent Morteau (Season 3) (French); Arthur Bostrom (Season 2), Joe Ochman (Season 3) (English) Qilby is the main antagonist of season two. Yeah the english dub is pretty bad. The Shushus are an species of demons that appear to have originated from an mysterious purgatory-like dimension, they have magical powers that can possess inside of people & inanimate objects. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Some of this website's features (content sharing on social media, direct viewing of videos) rely on services provided by third-party sites. I assume a different production studio was behind this season, hence the differences, so I'm willing to look past that... if the story is good? Honored to provide the new voice of Nox and the voice of Black Bump! pbs.twimg.com/media/DZqx1SIX0AEVT1S.jpg pbs.twimg.com/media/DZqx1xxXcAIlITW.jpg", "Netflix Acquires Ankama's French Toon Series 'Wakfu, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wakfu_(TV_series)&oldid=986957061, French children's animated fantasy television series, Anime-influenced Western animated television series, Articles with imported Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 00:03. Yugo and his team stop for the night in Mashville, where Ruel's old friend, the innkeeper Phil Harmonic, is busy preparing for a popular talent show. Yugo and Adamai arrive on the island where Grougaloragran hides his Dofus, but Igol, Nox's vicious bloodhound, is also there. Yugo must keep a backstabbing Eliatrope from activating the Zinith ship amid the raging battle on Crimson Claws Island. In a room laid out like a pinball game, the gang encounters the diabolical Black Bump, who offers to let them pass straight through -- for a price. Eva and the children arrive just in time for a dramatic showdown. [7], On May 7, 2020, Ankama announced that season 4, intended as the final chapter of the story, is currently in development and a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production was launched on June 8, 2020.[8][9]. A secret Guild where all the members are demigods or children of Dragons, thus they are semi-immortal. Wakfu Final Fight - Yugo Vs. Oropo - Season 3 [AMV] - YouTube

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