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Ka awobi owero (ber) Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Kardeş Türküler, She takes a sip of tea to soothe her throat and begins to sing, clear piercing notes in Mongolian. I’ve been thinking about both water and music lately, about how they are both so vital and unifying. The water will never run as pure again. But not today…. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Rezension aus Deutschland vom 11. The storm sings the dirge of death. Thou rain, I adjure thee fall. An overflowing in the granary. Shivering, he strips off his wet clothes and makes his way towards the wreckage. Fishing bats dance across shadows cast by overhanging trees. "Iza Ngomso" commissioned by Waterford Union High School, and first performed January 5, 2014 at Waterford Union High School, Waterford, WI by the WUHS Choirs, conducted by Derek Machan. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ihre zuletzt angesehenen Artikel und besonderen Empfehlungen. Diese ist anders. (Inspired by rain). Kwakʼwala (/ k w ɑː ˈ k w ɑː l ə /), or Kwak̓wala, previously known as Kwakiutl (/ ˈ k w ɑː k j ʊ t əl /), is the indigenous language spoken by the Kwakwakaʼwakw (which means "those who speak Kwakʼwala") in Western Canada. That might sound a little odd, but it's actually a great setup. Is well. Image by Annick Monnier from Wikimedia Commons. I sought to capture these shifts, and in the end the creative exercise proved both fun and rewarding. Ich habe mir die MP3 Version gekauft und bin echt etwas enttäuscht. Soweto Gospel Choir), Tsas Narand Uyarna - "The Heart of Snow" (feat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich, Rezension aus Deutschland vom 24. Waloyo Yamoni - "We Overcome the Wind" Song. Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Anzeige von Werbung durch uns. Ragnorok is nigh, and all shall fall…. One can never truly come home…. (There are others that have done a good job on that already) But as a writer, I wanted to take the opportunity to create something that connects with this unique work, to do it honour. While humming the tune and falling into the timesink that is Wikipedia, I learned that the song is a Swahili translation of the Lord’s Prayer, that it was the only videogame song in history to win a Grammy, and that the composer Christopher Tin‘s latest creation was a classical crossover album around the theme of water called “The Drop That Contained the Sea“. Wählen Sie ein Land/eine Region für Ihren Einkauf. The scent of rain mingles with the scent of life. The Drop That Contained The Sea is available for purchase on Christopher Tin’s page. April 2015. Quickly. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Regards, Muriel Kauffmann. (Waloyo.) That might sound a little odd, but it's actually a great setup. Also die Musik gefällt mir sehr.... Was mich dezent stört ist die Qualität. Come morning everything will be white and the mountain roads will be impassable. Um die Gesamtbewertung der Sterne und die prozentuale Aufschlüsselung nach Sternen zu berechnen, verwenden wir keinen einfachen Durchschnitt. Dulce Pontes), Devipravaha - "Goddess River" (feat. Ka monwa olelo (ber) Ka atino oleo (ber) Ka awobi owero (ber) Ka adwong olelo (ber) Eryamita ka jigi jigi. Hi Isaac: There is nothing as important or worth writing about as water. May our grain fill the granaries. Stattdessen betrachtet unser System Faktoren wie die Aktualität einer Rezension und ob der Rezensent den Artikel bei Amazon gekauft hat. The pieces were too uniform, too neatly stacked. ( Log Out /  Ich höre es gerne im Hintergrund. Local Business. Some are short reaction pieces, while others veer off into unexpected directions. A gentle and warm introduction. Die zwölf Stücke werden in zwölf Sprachen gesungen, darunter Swahili, Polnisch, Persisch und Maori. The following won’t be a standard Ekostory because I’m not a musician and am unqualified to do a critical analysis of each song. Dulce Pontes, Nominjin, Roopa Mahadevan, Christopher Tin's erste CD, "Calling all Dawns", gehört zu meinen liebsten überhaupt: Nicht nur (und noch nicht einmal in erster Linie) "Baba yetu", sondern auch viele andere Stücke darauf sind einfach großartig. … The rains have arrived. If the rain veers to the south (We overcome.) Christopher Tin did it again. Wan wamito kot ochwe, oony akirok chutok In the afternoon she goes out snowshoeing and finishes a novel she had been reading on and off for years. Too white. “What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?”, The Drop That Contained the Sea comprises ten songs, each sung in a different language and performed in a specific vocal tradition. Soweto Gospel Choir), Ist der Verkauf dieses Produkts für Sie nicht akzeptabel, Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch, Lieferung verfolgen oder Bestellung anzeigen, Recycling (einschließlich Entsorgung von Elektro- & Elektronikaltgeräten). Walozi … One drop leads the charge towards the earth. "We Overcome the Wind" I immediately purchased the vocal score and a month later I'm still studying it every day with fascination. Lyrics powered by Ka i chwe, beber. ... Waloyo Yamoni (We Overcome the Wind) Image by Hannes Grobe from Wikimedia Commons. No darkness lasts forever. Aber sehr viel gute und interessante Musik. Voices break out, each sounding to disrupt the flow, branching off into their own directions, channels, rivulets. "Seirenes" commissioned by the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, and first performed January 19, 2014 at the Collins Center for the Arts, Bangor, ME by Anonymous 4 and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Richman. Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares), Iza Ngomso - "Come Tomorrow" (feat. März 2016. He picks up a shard of bone to find it covered with gnaw marks made by little teeth. "Haf Gengr Hridum" commissioned by Stanford University, and first performed May 18, 2013 at Memorial Church, Stanford, CA by the Stanford Chamber Chorale and Stanford Taiko, conducted by Steve Sano. In, kot, alami ichwe. Kardeş Türküler), Temen Oblak - "Dark Clouds" (feat. Orchestra and Vocal combination. Leider ist ein Problem beim Speichern Ihrer Cookie-Einstellungen aufgetreten. You can read them as accompaniments to a sampling of Tin’s work below or to the entire album available on his personal page. Another gap opens above the borderlands by the forest, closes. 2 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich, Rezension aus den Vereinigten Staaten vom 4. Change ). Cars. ‘The Drop that Contained the Sea’ is well worth reading. ••• We overcome this wind. Keep writing. The work is a powerful tribute to one of earth’s elements, which streams through the centuries and which cycles and recycles while humans do everything they can to spoil. Then, silence. As water droplets smash against rock and dirt, releasing the oils in the plants and soils. März 2015. Regards, Muriel Kauffmann, Hi Isaac: Neat work. All that will remain is the Ginnunggap, the void from which all arose and shall endure after all nine realms have perished. In the evening she eats the leftover roast from the night before while rewatching a favourite 90’s teen comedy for the seventh time. … For a while. I’m passing it on. In between notched feathers spread like lean fingers I spy the blue-green glimmer of river water. Titled “Baba Yetu“, it was the feature song for Civilization 4, an entry in a popular strategy game series that came out in 2004. But sitting in the darkness she could still feel the sphere of heat, hear the light faint sound, the susurrus of whirling snow from the first autumn blizzard. The lyrics, sourced from a sonnet and sung in Portuguese, paints a landscape that lingers with residual warmth, but will soon grow grey and chill.

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