Damage, Damage and Crit. This was updated because of the wave of nerfs for rivens. The best stance for any other weapon is brutal tide. This is detailed on the wiki page for each stance. What melee stances are the best?

In most cases, the following improvements can be applied to any given Stance Mod equipped to a weapon (not just individual weapon types! Blind justice for nikanas Cleaving whirlwind for heavy blades Crushing ruin for hammers Swirling tiger for dual swords. The best combination would be Plague Keewar, Seekalla, Vargeet II Jai. Iron Phoenix: Crimson Dervish: Vengeful Revenant: Swooping Falcon: Rising Steel (Conclave only) Sword Weapons. Warframe's first community-powered tier list, just click to cast your vote! What does the majority do for each weapon type? It just reads like a long wall of text. Sword Stance Mods.

Sword Stance Mods. i am like 300-400 hours into the game still no sword stance, i checked google it says i should play vs Grineer and i played endless rounds vs Grineer they dropped no sword stance just the usual red and blue mods, http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Broken_War. Their crit.damage and chance also scale with combo counter like any other melee. Melee while jumping or Back + Melee while jumping or Melee while, Combo performed while mid-air without sacrificing movement. You can use a website like Warframe Market to find someone who is selling a Stance you want, but you will normally need to part with some Platinum to get it. Melee Combos are only available when a melee weapon is drawn, and cannot be performed via Quick Melee attacks when using a Primary or Secondary weapon. I feel a bit awkward comparing melee weapons based on some calculated DPS. On a tangent, is there a place to farm stances in particular? An equipped Stance's Melee Combo list can be seen on the "Melee Combo" button underneath the weapon's Stance Slot in the Arsenal, or in "Melee Combos" under Options while in a mission. Similar to Aura mods, Stances can be slotted into a special Stance slot on melee weapons, and they increase a weapon's mod capacity. This will include one-handed and two-handed swords/Rapiers/Tonfas/one-handed and dual daggers/ One-handed and 2 handed Nikanas/Fists/Claws/Polearms/Staves/Scythes/Nunchakus/Blade and whips/gunblades/Sword and Shields/Machetes/war fans/Hammers/Dual Swords/Whips/Sparrings/Glaives/Crit. Most stance cards have portraits set within a, Among stance mods equipable on weapons, the longest stance combos belong to. Tonfas: Kronen Prime (1.05/1.55 riven disposition, best with the riven and without the riven). One-handed swords: Skana Prime (1.20/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without the riven , however, can only be found in founders pack) Dakra Prime, 1.10/1.55 riven disposition, is the second-best sword with and without a riven. Sign in. No more waiting for a combo attack animation to end before you can start spamming the attack button again! Particularly the lower section (top 10) with all the dashes, it's really awkward. The best stance for any other weapon is brutal tide. The dashes run multiple lines, and I'm not sure if there's any line breaks at all. Feel free to disagree, and some are about equal, but this is just what I think, not counting quick attacks. I cant afford shit so I trade IGN:oshunter124. When I compare a weapon, I compare it at maximum conditions. Stats used: Heat damage ( for extra status proc and it could be any element really for the sake of the calculations, if the weapon isn't going to get an extra status to proc from this stat, I change it to attack speed), crit.

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