We caught more of Emma and her son when Henry was seen leaving Regina and his home, which Emma told Hook she was worried about.

Regina comes out and she tells her that Rumplestiltskin's manifestation is playing with her, telling her she can't light it because she's not ready to give up the darkness since she is still lured by it, even though she knows that it's wrong. Hook says Emma told them this was about him, but Regina says that Emma is manipulating him as all the Dark Ones do. By

Written by She says that even though he doesn't know if he can trust her, he has no choice now. After proposing marriage to David, Darlene tells him that she is pregnant. Throughout the seasons, they've discovered they are each other's happy ending, and despite what they've experienced, "Captain Swan" has always survived... until now. Regina responds by telling them that she wasn't being cruel; she was trying to help her find the truth, even it is painful. Don’t worry, Emma won’t be the only familiar face from seasons past showing up in season 7. At the rehabilitation cell, Zelena reads "Hansel and Gretel" to her unborn child, before going into pain, screaming and banging on the door. Find Out in Netflix Docu-Series “Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?”. The emerging new Dark One from the vault appears in the forest. Back at Granny's, Hook recounts the adventure to Henry, who is excited. Is it really a "one-time thing"?|Emma and Hook share a passionate kiss. Hook tells Zelena to do it and she shows him. This was Ross's's second child and Rachel's first. Want scoop on Once, or for any other show? Lorelai has a dream that she is pregnant with Luke's twins. With Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert. As Arthur greets David cordially, David demands to know why Arthur lied and tried to burn the Crimson Crown, and tells him about they message they received from Merlin, which detailed that only Nimue could destroy that Darkness. Regina says that's not the truth, that it's only "a wall," and uses the dagger to continue probing her, trying to get her to admit the truth. Hook goes outside and calls for Emma and asks what happened between them and what she wants. Emma says she's giving her dark magic to Zelena. October 13 2017, 6:03 PM PDT. In the Season 8 finale, Rachel gave birth to her and Ross's daughter, Emma. From Once Upon a Time season 3, episode 5, "Good Form. Rumple's manifestation says that she can only light it when she's ready to give up the darkness.

Mr. Gold says he had some squid ink set aside, but the new Dark One took it. Zelena and Hook are both chained to the wall in Emma's basement, as Zelena thinks Emma is preparing a spell to take her magic. In the woods, David, Hook and Robin are ready to confront Arthur at his tent, and they brought weapons along, just in case. He tells Hook to find out what Emma is trying to atone for. Hook searches Emma's house and takes a painting off the wall, but then Emma comes in, saying that she was trying to help Hook. Emma says she wanted to make up for this, and says that her plan was the only way to get rid of the darkness in both of them. Hook asks her why she kept it a secret, and she says that she did this because she knew he would want to stop her.

Arthur is in a cell in the town prison, and Hook wants to know who Nimue is and what he's hiding, but Arthur says that Emma took his memories so he doesn't know anything. For as revealed on Friday night in the second episode of Season 7, Seattle police detective Rogers is not a cursed version of the Captain Hook we know but instead is actually the Wish Realm’s version of the infamous pirate. “Very Cavallari” Star Introduces Her New Man, FACT CHECK: Chick-Fil-A Is Giving Out Gift Baskets to Everyone. She tries to give it back but he tells her to keep it. He says he wore rings as trophies and now they're just reminders. "[4], Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Walmart’s Black Friday Sale Is Already Live — Here’s the Lowdown on All of the Deals, The Masked Singer: Find Out Which of the Latest Castoff's Sitcom Co-Stars Were In On His Big Secret, Bernie Sanders and More Politicians Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’, Katie Holmes Joins the Leather Trench Trend But Keeps It Casual With Velcro White Sneakers. Becky Conner-Healy Emma says that it's not enough for her. Emma thanks Hook and heals a cut on his neck from Excalibur. In Hyperion Heights, he doesn’t know he has a missing daughter or who he is, but this missing girl case is the analog for the missing daughter in the fairy tale realm. Plus, does the swashbuckler switcheroo mean that Roni and Weaver aren’t who we think they are either? Emma hands Zelena the spark but when she opens it Zelena discovers that it's a fake, containing a spell that binds her to a tree. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. Is it really a "one-time thing"? As the manifestation tries to goad Emma into lighting the flame, Emma loses her temper and yells at him to stop. As Dr. Whale continues to joke about Zelena, Regina mutters that they "really need a new doctor in this town." Hook was an obvious choice, but the part about him also becoming a Dark One was an unexpected move and a smart way to twist the story. Upon hearing this, fake Hook feels guilty and goes off to find the real Hook, who stabs him in the gut. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "The Apprentice. After proposing marriage to David, Darlene tells him that she is pregnant. But Hook tells Zelena that first, they have to take care of Emma. They started off as being just close friends, although Emma is in love with Will while he is still married to Terri. Captain Swan finally tied the knot on the May 7 episode of ‘Once Upon A Time,’ which also happened to be the highly-anticipated musical episode. When Emma asks if Hook wants to know the truth, no matter how terrible, Hook says he loves her no matter what. What they don’t know is that the Wish Realm’s Hook also gets called on by mistake, and he knocks out the real Hook, taking his place. She told Henry this after returning to Once Upon A Time for her final episode ever! Hook goes calling for Emma and stands on a rooftop to get attention.

Arthur is stunned but continues trying to force Merlin to kill Mary Margaret, pushing Merlin to the limit, but the distraction gives Hook time to free himself and come at Arthur. Is the baby Hook’s or his clone’s? In the days leading up to Emma’s final episode, Jennifer has been posting a number of amazing throwback photos on Instagram.

In this episode Emma saves her parents, Regina, Hook, and Robin from King Arthur and Zelena. This is a chapter of her life that is coming to a close, but she’ll always be a part of the Once Upon A Time family! By Episode 4, Weaver being Rumple and all that becomes clear — Regina/Roni and Weaver/Rumple are who they are — and you’re going to find out the whole Belle and Rumple story, as well. (as Lecy Goranson) (credit only). Emma goes to the woods and sees Arthur, Merlin, and Zelena, with Emma's family tied to trees. Hook says he has magic in his hook but says that the last time he helped her, she betrayed him. Once Upon a Love Story: Emma and Hook|Emma Swan and Captain Hook share an epic love story.|Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) share an epic love story. [In this episode] she is seeing Henry right around the time when he’s first met Cinderella. Arthur runs off and releases Zelena, who teleports both of them away. TVLINE | Talk about the decision to reveal Emma as pregnant. The episode received positive reviews from critics, Andrea Towers of Entertainment Weekly notes in her assessment of the review, "While the two back-to-back episodes didn’t make too much sense meshed together, we still learned a lot of important things. After Arthur trips, he sees Hook and kicks him down and draws his sword on him, but just before he can kill Hook, Emma suddenly shows up and uses the now-reunited Excalibur stop Arthur's attack, telling a stunned Arthur that the sword no longer controls anyone, before sending him flying into a tree. Regina and Robin show up and they look at her pregnant body, which has accelerated by seven months (from two months), a result of Emma's dark magic. In Emma’s mind, Henry will be back sooner or later.KITSIS | It’s like someone who moves from New York to Milwaukee and comes home for Thanksgiving.HOROWITZ | The other thing to realize — and this is a tricky thing to get your head around, but if you think about it, it makes sense — is that in the timeline where Once Upon a Time exists this season, it’s not like Emma has been away from Henry for 10 years and Lucy has completely grown up. Her son on the show, played by Jared Gilmore, also appeared as his 18-year-old self in another flashback, where he was seen leaving Storybrooke to find his own stories.

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