Watch "Roy's Wedding" here. Dwight, who has been ordered by Michael to order a stripper, asks Jim whether he should order a Redhead or a Brunette (the hair colors of Pam and Karen) to which Jim hesitantly replies "...blond". ——- If anyone had the Same question I found the deleted scene! The big proposal happens in this two-parter. Jim and Pam realize they've never been intimate at the office, get drunk and try to change that. Both Karen and Pam look at Jim concernedly and then make eye contact before awkwardly looking away. Jim was also upset when Pam received the Dundie the previous year, even when her fiancée Roy did not notice. "Fun Run" also includes a rare moment where the camera crew gets involved, in this case by showing Jim and Pam the footage of them secretly meeting up after work. Well, Pam feels like he’s not telling her something. Pam, not knowing that Jim has admitted his feelings for her to Karen, approaches Jim when he is at the vending machine and tries to flirt with him, but Jim appears somewhat distant. This event puts a strain on her relationship with Jim and they become ever more distant. While Jim and Pam had originally decided that it would be impractical for Jim to take part in the business, Jim eventually decides to do so anyway without telling Pam ("New Guys"). Nothing to tell. Fun Run (S4E1/2) Not only does this episode show us what Jim and Pam look like when they're finally, happily in a relationship, we also get a bit of the aftermath of Jim's breakup with Karen. While Pam processes just how much her old flame has changed since their relationship, Jim is sitting on a pretty major secret about his career. Watch "The Job" here. The closest she gets is when she tells Jim she misses "spending time with him" after the coal walk. Watch "Crime Aid" here. Me ja kumppanimme säilytämme ja/tai käytämme tietoja laitteeltasi evästeiden ja vastaavien tekniikoiden avulla henkilökohtaisten mainosten ja sisällön näyttämiseen, mainosten ja sisällön mittaamiseen, yleisön näkemyksiin ja tuotekehitykseen. Watch "After Hours" here. Watch "Cocktails" here. The corporate job in New York would certainly be a step up for him, but there's a whole other future awaiting him back home. Although there is no audio, their expressions and Jim's subsequent call to Dwight strongly suggest that the doctor revealed that Pam was pregnant ("Company Picnic"). When Andy asks for tips about how to get close to Pam, Jim pranks her by giving him all the wrong information. Watch "Goodbye Toby" here. After a quick exchange in which Jim says that a proposal is on the way, he reveals to the documentary crew the engagement ring he had purchased one week into dating Pam and states that he was not kidding about wanting to marry her ("Chair Model"). On their wedding day, Pam is upset because her pregnancy had prevented her from wearing the outfit she had chosen and because her mother couldn't stop talking about her failed marriage, and nearly reaches a breaking point when her veil gets caught in a doorway and rips. Jim and Pam's impending wedding seems like the next big thing to come for the couple, which is probably why we never saw the surprise pregnancy coming. While Jim is in Philadelphia, Pam messes up the recording of CeCe's recital. Pam decides to get back with Roy for a little bit, but it doesn’t take long before they have split up again. The answer: DunderMifflinfinity, obviously. They are portrayed by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, respectively. Jim is devastated by the rejection and asked to be transferred to a new branch so that he doesn’t have to see Pam anymore. Pam is not the same old Pammy she used to be. Why waste time watch many show when one show do trick? Remember when Jim told Pam how he felt? He flirts, gets her to participate in pranks,… And Pam is determined not to move to Philadelphia. Jim and Pam's relationship apparently caught the attention of the documentary crew from the very first moments, as their constant joking and quick exchanges hinted that they both had deeper feelings for each other. Well, now it's Pam's turn. Toward the end of the season, Pam delivers a healthy baby boy that she and Jim decide to name Phillip Halpert. In a talking head, Jim reveals that after Toby's party he and Pam talked and decided they would rather not get engaged yet since Pam would be spending the summer in New York studying graphic design at the Pratt Institute and they both didn't want to spend the first few months of their engagement apart. Nope. Watch "Employee Transfer" here. After Pam's speech on Beach Day ("Beach Games"), Karen says that "Pam is... kind of a bitch." This episode playlist is not meant for someone who's new to the series. Watch "Stairmageddon" here. Still, it's a significant (and hilarious) little moment, if only to watch a flustered Jim quickly attempt to act casual afterward. While Toby is at the center of this episode, Jim steals the show when he reveals to Pam that he bought his parents' house for them.The sweetness of the moment mixed with the anxiety of waiting for Pam's reaction is a great bullet point in where they're at in their relationship at this point. Later that night, Jim opens up to Pam about how he feels as if he had never really come back from Stamford because of how many unresolved issues they have. I just thought. Jim has to tell Pam about his crush on her… kind of. ("The Delivery"). Pam apologizes for Roy attacking Jim, and tells him that she and Roy are completely done, but Jim seems not to believe her. Watch The Office Pilot here. Michael (and other coworkers) have a strange lack of faith in their relationship. Watch "Stress Relief Part 1" here and "Part 2" here. During a rare heart-to-heart between Jim and Michael, Jim admits he used to have a thing for Pam. Before the season began, Jim's old college friend started a sports marketing business in Philadelphia based on a concept Jim had while they were in college, Athlead. In Niagara Falls, during the rehearsal dinner, Jim gives a touching speech about how, even though he had to wait so long for Pam, he always knew it would be worth it. They still enjoy it, however, having already had their own private moment on the boat. On the episode where Jim and Pam are talking about how they know everything about each other. Moving on... Watch "Phyllis' Wedding" here. Episode Karen is clearly insecure about their relationship, and when Jim leaves to go shoot hoops with David Wallace, it is unclear from his facial expression whether he actually thought her prank was funny, or is annoyed by it. That one night when Michael and Jan exposed Jim and Pam to their complicated relationship (to put it mildly). When the corporate office announces that Jim’s new branch is being shut down and all of the employees are being transferred to Scranton, things become extremely awkward between Jim, Pam, and Karen. Later, Pam asks Ryan to set her up with one of his business school friends in front of Jim. Jim, understanding this, chose to apologize and it was forgotten ("The Fight"). Disappointed and broken-hearted, Jim accepts a position at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin. Watch "Christmas Party" here. (Niagara), Over the course of the season, Pam's pregnancy advances and, after a moment of panic in which she admits to being scared of childbirth, she gives birth to their first child, Cecelia Halpert. Jim and Pam For Netflix subscribers, we've linked out to where you can view each episode. Jim buys Pam a lampDunder Mifflin Infinity- Toby reveals Jim and Pam's relationship to rest of officeWeight Loss - EngagementCompany Picnic - Pam finds out she’s pregnant with Cecelia HalpertNiagara - MarriedThe Delivery - Pam has Cecelia HalpertJury Duty Pam brings both of her kids (Phillip Halpert and Cecelia Halpert) to the officeThroughout Season 9 Pam and Jim have problemsPaper Airplane- Pam and Jim confess their love again Pam breaks down in tears and is consoled by Brian, the boom mic operator from the documentary crew ("Customer Loyalty"). Honestly, the Jim/Pam moment in this episode is small, but significant nonetheless. And Brangelina is with Frangelina. They're so close to hitting the road, but a bit of dancing makes them realize what they'd be missing out on if they were to forgo an actual wedding.

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