Despite his serious and sometimes overworked demeanour, Yamato is known for being somewhat playful, such as his tendency play pranks on Naruto during their downtime on missions. Up!99.3 Station Manager Kurt Leavins says: “We are absolutely committed to delivering to our valuable clients and loyal listeners the very best product. After long chase, Karin revealed herself before escaping in a smokescreen. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ami… Previously he has worked for CHFI-FM in Toronto, Ontario.He co-hosted The Cory Kimm and Ami A Show on Z103.5FM in Toronto, and before that on Rawlco Radio's 102.3 NOW! As they began gathering the corpses, Danzō told them that the culprit was their former comrade Itachi. His model was renaissance man Sacha Guitry, who had been writer/producer/director/star of dozens of films in France but who had kept working during the Occupation (ultimately tarnishing his reputation). Ironically, in the current video era he has been almost completely forgotten, a victim of "falling between the cracks". She thinks she’s hot sh’t because she’s a radio “on air personality”. Yamato can use Wood Release for both offensive and defensive purposes: he can surround himself with extremely durable wooden domes, which he can also use to trap foes within,[30] and in the anime, create a wooden shield that can rebuild itself, and a wall of tangled branches. Yamato is one of the Konoha ninja sent to an isolated island in the Land of Lightning as Naruto's bodyguard. Because every child who had been subjected to the experiment had died after a certain amount of time, Orochimaru believed all remaining test subjects would perish as well. Gotta, the clan's leader, overheard this while spying and quickly ordered for both Konoha-nin to be killed, though Yukimi refused to let Kinoe die, saving them both. He also battled Kihō, to stop him from interfering with the second sealing attempt and ultimately killed him. He then proceeded to finished off Fudō by crushing him with a wood ninjutsu. Be the first to comment - leave one below. It was then agreed that the Anbu would release Hotaru and not pursue Utakata until the Konoha-nin's mission was complete, as long as the Konoha-nin agreed not to interfere with their pursuing of Utakata afterwards. Team Two formed to capture the Three Tails. [25] Due to his abilities and potential, Danzō took him on as his personal apprentice and trained Yamato himself. Main article: Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison Before Orochimaru could finalise the results of the experiments, he was caught by Hiruzen for his other experiments and had to flee the village. ~ Marilyn Jones, Media Moves at Edmonton Radio & TV Stations According to Marty. The Eight Man Squad formed to pursue Itachi and Sasuke. Having previously worked at a radio station in Vernon, British Columbia, he moved to KISS 92 in Toronto after that station's change from country to pop music in 1999. Yamato took action and destroyed several of Sasori's puppets. 99.3 in Edmonton, with his wife and on-air partner, Ami Amato. As such, he followed the Sannin on his journey back to Konohagakure to discussing matters with Naruto about his research on Danzō's old experiments. Main article: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki. He is then sent twenty years back to the past. Cory & Ami are super-talented with infectious personalities. [34] Yamato can even turn a wood clone into a seed in order to track anyone he plants it on. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! [4], KISS 92, Toronto - Evening Show and other duties: ca. Deciding to speak with Orochimaru since he seemingly had ties to Shin Uchiha, they went to one of his bases. Cautious, Yamato asks Sasuke if he's doing this on Konoha's behalf, to which Sasuke confirms. After failing to find Itachi or Sasuke, the group was forced to abandon the mission and return to Konoha. While trying to locate Itachi they are stopped by Tobi. After Madara Uchiha activated his Infinite Tsukuyomi, Yamato was freed from within Tobi's body in an unconscious state, as he had no further use for Tobi. Cory Kimm Ami Amato Vol. 99.3 in Edmonton, with his wife and on-air partner, Ami Amato. Yamato being notified that Naruto manifested six tails. Fearing that Naruto may grow suspicious about their reasons for being on the island given his dominance over the Nine-Tails and the incident with Kisame, Yamato and the others convince him to take a survey of the island's native animal population to keep him busy. As an answer to this, Yamato declared that he had no intention of getting too rough on him in front of Naruto and Sakura, but had no choice. While searching for her, they discovered Utakata had returned and was being attacked by Kirigakure Anbu hunter-nin who were holding Hotaru hostage. Profoundly disheartened and depressed by the current state of affairs in his country, the homesick actor, who also suffered from an asthmatic condition, died shortly after of heart failure. up!99.3 Edmonton Yamato instead used his wood technique to protect his allies from Sora's attacks. As ninja classes began preparing for the graduation exams, Yamato continued his assignment of watching Orochimaru's movements. Yamato is later seen saving Minato and Naruto by using his Wood Release. Later, the shocking truth is revealed that Hotaru has the clan's forbidden technique embedded in her back. [9], Quickly catching up to them, Kakashi explained that Yukimi's blood could temporarily bestow Orochimaru with the Iburi clan's smoke transformation, allowing him to slip across the border. Yamato assists Konoha in the investigation regarding rumours about Sasuke joining a terrorist group that is plotting to destroy the village. [17] Later, after Team 10 completed the initial phase of their plan, capturing Shū, the nation was suddenly attacked by Akatsuki.

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