For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. So that's a stottie cake on the way to the gallery and one on the way back ! The word "stottie" comes from the term "to stott," which in the local Geordie vernacular means "to bounce." Stotties sold by supermarkets tend to resemble stotties only in shape; the bread is lighter and more crumbly, resembling a bread roll more faithfully than a baker's stottie. Get answers to your questions about Newcastle upon Tyne, Last Minute Hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne, Holiday Inns Express in Newcastle upon Tyne, Travelodge Hotels Ltd in Newcastle upon Tyne, InterContinental (IHG) Hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne, Pet Friendly Hotels in Newcastle upon Tyne, Hotels with Kitchenette in Newcastle upon Tyne, Hotels with Room Service in Newcastle upon Tyne, Hotels with Shuttle in Newcastle upon Tyne, Browse all 2,407 Newcastle upon Tyne topics ». They are a soft, but quite heavy bread, which makes for a very satisfying mouthful. Good Hotel for Christmas Lunch and New Years Eve, Holiday Inn Express Newcastle Metro Centre. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. Ooooh, we buy stottie cake in our local Asda. more. guy in Greggs had never heard of them?? My old man suggests trying stottie with corned beef and beetroot, which he claims is “reet canny, like” (see the translations below). Tufty buns are smaller versions of stotties, also sold in bakeries across the North East. I’m moving home. Can someone recommend where I can get the best ones in the city centre. Popular fillings include pease pudding and thick ham, breakfast items (eg the classic bacon and egg combo) and they’re also very good simply spread with butter. That's fitting, given that stotties were most popular among working-class Brits. Even the name can show variations within the region, in most places it’s just a stottie, but travel around and you’ll hear stottie bread or even stottie cake being mentioned. The item that, for me, really epitomises the food of the North East is the stottie. Thanks. Stottie may be the name for such cakes in Newcastle, but similar bread cakes are made in other parts of the United Kingdom. Katherine Chambers But you'll have to up north to try them as they're only in stores in the North East and in Scotland. Foods like stotties can be found all over the world. freshly made Common fillings include ham and pease pudding,[5] but also bacon, egg and sausage. during these trying times. However, their stores don’t make them elsewhere in the country. Rather than stotties, they are typically referred to as oven cakes, oven bottom cakes or bread cakes. Though it’s disappointing to hear this from Greggs, stotties are actually fairly simple to make at home, though they do require a couple of hours to be ready for baking. ", #Greggs Peach Melbas a delicacy they hide in the North. Should be sold everywhere!!! This is why, if you visit Joseph Herron’s Bakery in our 1900s Town, you won’t find us making stotties instead of our usual cob loaves, we are far too posh and middle class for that! Sometimes, stotties are as large as 30 centimeters, or 11 New codes for airport parking at Newcastle??? [3] Anecdotal evidence also suggests that some stotties were made with the offcuts of dough when all of the required loaves had been baked.[4]. Went to Greggs in Manc and asked for a stottie, got told they’ve never heard of it and must only be sold in the north east". But you can only get them in the south of England. Here lovefood's Matt shows us how to make one. They must receive a lot of queries about the lack of stotties from North East natives, as they even list the question, “Why can’t I buy stotties outside of the North East?” in the FAQ section of their website – to which they respond: “We’ve tried before to sell stotties in other parts of the UK but found that customers elsewhere prefer regional breads from that area… unfortunately demand outside of the North East is not high enough to make this viable.”. You can follow our step-by-step recipe here. Hev yee got any pease pudding te gan wi this? I’m moving home. Egg and bacon are particularly popular fillings for stotties. These short-crust pastry Scotch Pies can only be found in Scotland - the name was a bit of a giveaway! ", just found out empire biscuits are only a thing in Scotland?? Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Greggs' has a secret menu of treats but you can only get them in certain parts of the country, This apple Danish looks like a tasty treat, You can get a slice of bread and butter pudding in some areas of the country, Cheese scones are only available in the North East, Corned beef pasties can be found around the UK - but not in the South or Scotland, You can only get your hands on an empire biscuit in Scotland and the North East, Greggs sells French Fancies - but only in Scotland, You can only get London cheesecakes in the south of England, You can only get a peach melba in the north east, The yummy-looking pies can only be found in Greggs in Scotland, One Twitter user snapped a picture of his stottie filled with ham and pease pudding, Tottenham cake is available in the South East, This vanilla doughnut topped with cream looks like a tasty treat, Piers Morgan in new rant about calories in a Greggs vegan sausage roll as Susanna Reid screams, '​Do you not​ get it​? We like to make things individual up here! A stottie cake or stotty (Northumbrian: stottie kyek) is a type of bread that originated in North East England. The cake originated in the part of England just outside of Newcastle. Stotties tend to be eaten split and filled. Answer 1 of 18: I'm breaking my journey north by train to visit the Laing Art Gallery, so it's basically off train, gallery, on train.

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